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About Us

"I keep six honest servants. They taught me all I knew. Their names are: Who, What, Why, When, How and Where."

Who are we, what do we do, how many of us are there, since when have we started working, where is our base and finally - why did we start the site Info Adriatic, are the questions on which we will try to give you answers in several following sentences.
Sprait d.o.o. is a family company based in Sibenik. It was founded in 1993, but the most significant success was made in the April 1995. In that time, doing graphic designs and print preparations we have issued the first number of Info oglasnik - magazine for economical publicity and business information of Sibenik-Knin County. The magazine has still being published and with its quality, numerous reading and advertising publicity, takes the leading role in the marketing of this region.
However, Info oglasnik is restricted only to Sibenik-Knin County and as such is not so interesting to those tourist employers who look for their consumers outside Sibenik-Knin County. That is why hotel owners, camp managers, apartments' renters and restaurant owners needed completely new media, reachable to all their consumers - tourists. It was an opportunity to expand our business on the Internet.
Started in January 2003, Info Adriatic has become the leading Web site in the world in terms of tourism of Sibenik-Knin County. Guests, visitors, tourists and all those interested in vacation in this part of Croatia, that is Dalmatia, can get to know the destinations and accommodation capacities on the pages of Info Adriatic. And also other contents. Since we bring numerous information about the Adriatic, we consider this Web address InfoAdriatic.com to be a good analogy, easy to remember. (Info Adriatic = information about the Adriatic).
However, with all the diversity of content, the accommodation capacities of Sibenik-Knin County make the core of the site Info Adriatic. Numerous native and foreign guests use the rooms of presented hotels and apartments, while realized contacts among the site's visitors and renters, through e-mail or phone is registered in thousands. That is also the purpose of these pages. These are the reasons why our diligent team keeps and complements the pages on five different languages. Trying to keep the quality and precision, to the satisfaction of both guests and renters. Taking into consideration that all the contents are original, whether it is a photo, description of destination and accommodation or their translations, which is more precisely described in the column Copyright.
With the goal to make you get more complete picture about us, and also with the goal to make your trip, travel or vacation more pleasant, we direct you to the extra contents in the columns Search Box, Did you know, FAQ/Help and numerous links in the left and right column. From these columns you will know pedantry with which we approach the work and from the next list you will get to know how many people participate in the maintaining of the site Info Adriatic. Although on this list we are all assembled, some of us are hundreds and thousands of kilometres apart. But we function well :-)

Editor: Davor Juranic
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