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News Archive

[January 2003]
  • World yachtsmen arrive in Sibenik for two-day visit by mid-May

  • Shipyard "Solaris" from Trst has built the first racing yacht, whose launching was held on Friday 24th January. Italian shipbuilders want to present this yacht to Croatian market and for this purpose the racing regatta called Alpe-Adria-Sailing Tour has been arranged. Regatta will start on the 1st of May in Venecija and after Trst, Pula, Opatija and Zadar, the regatta-competitors on twelve racing yachts will also arrive in Sibenik on 13th of May where they would stay for two days. So far, BMW team, Sony-Europe team, Microsoft team and the team of town Monfalcone have signed up for regatta. There is also an idea that Sibenik hire one of twelve racing yachts and to offer to donors a possibility of advertising on it.
  • The construction of submarine drainpipe of Sibenik's sewage system of liquid waste

  • The company "Montmontaza" from Split has begun the construction work on a new submarine drainpipe of Sibenik's sewage system of liquid waste. Along with this work, the constructors from Split will also begin to dig a canal for putting in the pipes, dragged last year from Norway. As the best proof of how technically demanding this work is, serves the information that for putting under these pipes 650 weights of reinforced concrete, each of them almost 3 tons heavy, will be constructed and later transported to the construction site situated between Solaris and Zablace where this sewage system ends. According to experts, this is one of the biggest submarine drainpipes in the Mediterranean.
  • This year's investment of Tisno district will surpass the amount of 3 million HRK

  • In terms of the programme of construction, reconstruction and investment in unclassified roads, street lighting and public areas, as well as other objects and municipal infrastructure, Tisno district is ready to spend more than 3,5 million HRK. The most important item of this programme is the improvement of Tisno's municipal court, for which will be spent 800 thousand HRK. It is also planned to improve a newly built part of the coast, the construction of marina and kindergarten in Betina, then the reconstruction of water-supply network in Jezera, Dazline and Puticane.
  • In Vodice's municipal system improvement will be spent 6 million HRK this year

  • The town government of Vodice has carried out a new investment plan of improving municipal infrastructure and purchasing merchandise and services in 2003, for which 6 million HRK will be provided from the budget. The largest part of this money, to the amount of one million HRK will be spent on the reconstruction of the town's main west entrance. It is also planned to improve central Vodice square and to reconstruct old bridge in Tribunj.
  • The European Commission through ASB finances the reconstruction of seven districts

  • As part of the programme CARDS 2001 the European Commission will invest 4,6 millionEUR in war stricken areas, which are also partly in the Sibenik-Knin County. The majority of these reconstruction projects are done by the means of German organization ASB. The ASB's regional project manager David Haines emphasizes that the reconstruction projects go on in seven districts and towns at the moment, several of which are in greater Knin area. The ASB office manager in Knin emphasizes that this organization tries to work throughout whole area and look for new donors, who will support the reconstruction and revitalisation of these war stricken districts.
  • The people of Pirovac improved old town quay by spending 200 thousand HRK

  • Even the people of Pirovac are preparing for the next tourist season and the best proof are the construction works on the old town quay, from the lighthouse to the new part of town. The construction work on the improvement of operative part of the quay was done on time, more precisely in the beginning of this year. The employees of the company "Neptun" from Sibenik did the construction work, while the funds to the amount of 200 thousand HRK were provided from the county budget.
  • The most desirable things in 2003: health, sex and money

  • The first poll question: "What do you want to have more in 2003?" was answered by our 214 visitors. 55 of them want health, 48 want sex and 34 want money. After that 27 answers are for travelling, 23 of them are those who are satisfied (they have all), only few of them want intelect and patience; guess they are righteously distributed. At least we know what to wish for the next New Year.
  • Croatian national basketball team won over Bosnian national team with the score 69:61 in Sibenik

  • As part of the qualifications for European basketball championship, the match between national teams of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina was played in Sibenik, and the host won with the score 69:61 (24:15, 21:10, 17:16, 7:20). Right before the start of the match, the president of town council Vlatko Mrsa gave a Life Achievement Award to Biserka Petrovic. With this award the town of Sibenik honoured posthumously its own basketball Mozart and the greatest sportsman in the history of this town, Drazen Petrovic.
  • Unsatisfied minor shareholders of hotel-and-tourist company Vodicanka

  • On the occasion of the sale of majority share package of 56,30 per cent of hotel-and-tourist company "Vodicanka", the Society of minor shareholders of this company has issued a statement in which they state that the tender offer was released on the 2nd of December 2002 and the initial price of the share package was 21 million kuna. The buyer of the share package will immediately become the major owner of "Vodicanka", while minor shareholders, the same people who created the company, own only 8 per cent of shares, since other shares were taken from them by fraud. "This injustice has to be undone" say minor shareholders, also stating they don't want similar cases like Suncani Hvar, Solaris, hotel-and-tourist company Primosten to happen in Vodice.
  • Mesic's arrival to International Children Festival's opening questionable

  • President of the Republic of Croatia Stjepan Mesic is a patron of this year's International Children Festival, but whether he will come to its opening ceremony depends on the summit conference of 15 in Atena. The Greece still hasn't stated precisely the date of holding the summit conference, but it is believed to be around 20th of June when the Festival begins. President Mesic has promised to Sibenik's representatives to do his best to come to the opening ceremony of International Children Festival.
  • Skradin's utility workers take over ACI marina

  • The company "Rivina Jaruga", founded as a part of Skradin's city government, has decided to tender for taking over Skradin's ACI marina. According to Mr. Nediljko Dujic, Skradin's mayor, along with the services of maintaining city's cemetery and public areas and garbage disposal, the company "Rivina Jaruga" will also become Tourist Service Company which will manage the mooring of yachts to the operative coast and the organization of parking area and its charge.
  • Reconstruction of Sibenik's medical ward will cost 6 million kuna

  • The reconstruction of medical ward in Sibenik General Hospital will begin in the second half of January. It will be the biggest investment in Sibenik's Health Department after the construction of central clinic. The construction work will cost 6 million kuna and will be done on all four floors of the building where medical wards are placed. The medical ward is so called the heart of Sibenik General Hospital and 30 per cent of 296 hospital's beds go to this ward.
  • Film Moja Franka, by members of video club Faust, voted the best

  • After the Internet voting, film "Moja Franka" (My Franka), made by the members of Sibenik's video club "Faust", as a part of the series called "Otokar 2002", has been voted the best film. Of 14 thousand votes counted during the voting, the young members of "Faust" got 7 thousand. There were 9 Croatian video clubs on the set of the series "Otokar 2002", which was created by the Children and the Youth Programme of Croatian television and radio.
  • In only a year and a half several awards to GLOBE school Tisno

  • In only a year and a half of its existence, the GLOBE school Tisno has sent more than 3 thousand data about atmosphere measurements (daily temperature, cloud) to Washington GLOBE Centre and received several awards for its work. That was also one of many reasons why this school, among 116 Croatian GLOBE schools (elementary and high) was the host of a three-day seminar for new GLOBE project managers.
  • Regional IPA (International police association) club founded

  • The regional IPA (International police association) club is founded in Sibenik and Knin's police department. It is an international association, which gathers more than 300 thousand members from all over the world, who are mostly active and retired police employees organized in more than 60 countries. There were 50 employees of the police department at the foundation meeting, who among other things accepted the Standing Orders and the articles of this association.
  • Only 18 sport clubs in Knin, but much more medals

  • There are 18 sport clubs in Knin that gather 1500 competitors of all ages. The last year's biggest surprise was the athletic club "Sveti Ante" which gave new junior state champions in cross. Among the best clubs is also Tae-Kwon-Do club "Knin" which won 71 medals, while Bozica Ilinovic is a new state cadet champion.
  • Essentials tourist plans worth more than million kuna

  • The assembly of the Tourist Bureau of Sibenik-Knin County has introduced a new programme in order to promote tourist offer, which essential items require expanses of more than a million kuna. Its most important items are expanses of 530 thousand kuna for information-and-propaganda activities, while 390 thousand kuna will be spent on the promotion of regional resources.Among a hundred of tourist fairs included in the programme of Croatian Tourist Board, Sibenik-Knin County will be presented on 16 of them, which will cost around 210 thousand kuna.
  • New road surface in Murter until end of April

  • As a part of the scheme of preparation for tourist season 2003., town Murter has made a very ambitious project to asphalt over following local roads: Sibenska, Splitska, Sajska, Ulica Zrtava rata (War Wictims Road), Nerezine, Vlake, Put Slanice (Slanice Road). The expanses of the whole project are 725 thousand kuna and the project is planned to be finished by the end of April. Since the project is financially too expansive for the town, the expanses will be shared fifty-fifty with the tenants of above-mentioned streets. The fact that the project includes both roads leading to the main Murter beach called Slanice will please both local people and their numerous guests.
  • Bank cheque for 15 thousand dollars given to Sibenik's ORL

  • The ward for ear, nose and throat illness of Sibenik General Hospital has been given a valuable donation - a bank cheque for 15 thousand dollars. The amount will help buying a new diagnostic instrument, videostroboscope, that gives a precise diagnosis of vocal cords. The instrument will be bought with the money given by The Croatian Catholic Caritas from Chicago, that came to Sibenik General Hospital with the help of Croatian emigrant from Krapanj island, Mr.Jerko Sumera and on the initiative of the head of ward for ear, nose and throat illness, Dr.Vinko Smolcic.
  • Seminar for GLOBE project managers held

  • The seminar for GLOBE project managers has been held in the primary school Tisno. It has been organized by the Ministry of Education and Sport, precisely by its Board for school system promotion. The seminar gathered more than fifty attendants from all over Croatia. Due to extensiveness of the programme, the seminar has covered only a part of its contents: atmosphere measurements, water measurements and biological measurements.
  • Opening night of Ararat Express

  • Ararat Express is the title of the play, premicred by Sibenik theater company on Wednesday, 8th January. The author of the play is Sergej Mioc, who so far has written 9 farce with different topics taken from everyday life. Ararat Express is a story about human black market, more precisely about transportation of Kurds and Iranians to west countries from a small Croatian village where the post of the organization is placed. The play director Pero Mioc says: "Although in the author's interpretation the play turns out to be ridicoulous and Mediterranean benign, this topic is just a frame for very complex and compact relations among the play's protagonists."
  • Regular annual assembly of Kornatari society held

  • The regular annual assembly of Kornatari society has been held in Murter in presence of 60 members. The society has been formed in order to protect the property rights and preservation of Islands' original values. The President of this do traditional society that mostly gathers property owners on Kornati Islands, Dr. Vladimir Skracic, has asked The National Park Kornati to encourage local people to be involved in more traditional jobs such as sheep-farming and olive growing, without which these Islands would be impoverished.
  • The most distinctive citizens of Sibenik in the research done by Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper

  • According to the recent research done by Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper, the most significant historical person of Sibenik is Faust Vrancic (1551 - 1617), a famous polyhistorian, inventor, philosopher and lexicographer who, in his work "New machines" anticipated several technological inventions among which, the most known is the parachute. The next on this eternal list, is Juraj Dalmatinac the builder of the Cathedral of Sibenik (beginning of the 15th ct. - 1473) and a famous basketball player Drazen Petrovic (1964 - 1993).
  • The successful charity concert: To the second floor singing

  • The humanitarian concert held in the Sibenik theatre, named "To the second floor singing" is worth pointing out among many concerts held at Christmas time in the County of Sibenik and Knin. United in their intention to gather money for building a lift for the pupils with physical disabilities, the participants and the organizers of the concert sent out a messeage to all of us that children with the disabilities need our love badly.
  • Rivijera in the hands of a croato-canadian businessman

  • Though it isn't a formal news yet, the owner of the Importane center in Zagreb, a croato-canadian businessman Ciril Zovko, is most likely to become a new owner of the "Rivijera" hotel complex from Sibenik. 55,92% of the company shares (that counts 1278 beds in hotel Imperial in Vodice, hotel Miran in Pirovac and hotel Jadran in Sibenik), whose nominal value is 58,612 million kunas, were offered by the Jadranska banka, the former owner, to the market in the middle of the last December, offering 30% discount.
  • The main touristic aims of the County of Sibenik and Knin

  • There are four main aims in development of tourism of the County of Sibenik and Knin for the year 2003. They are: 1. making the image of the County of Sibenik and Knin, as a unique touristic destination, recognizable; 2. to prolong the duration of the touristic season; 3. to make all the accommodation capacities available to tourists; 4. to enlarge the capacities from 6-8%, as the Tourist union of the County stated.
  • The wildest New Year's Eve in Vodice

  • Vodice, where in local hotels and private accomodation stayed about 2500 guests from Croatia and abroad, was the wildest and the merriest place to be on New Year's Eve in County of Sibenik and Knin. While the most young people from Croatia celebrated in hotels Olympia and Imperial , the greater number of foreign guests from Slovenia, Italy and Austria stayed in hotel Punta. In Sibenik, however, New Year was not celebrated so spectacularly or glamourously.
  • Boys from Sibenik won third place

  • The third place and the bronze medal were won by the team from Sibenik KK "Drazen Petrovic - Sunce" at the closing tournament of the European club championship for younger juniors by the BAM system, which was organized in Sibenik. The winners were the representatives of Macedonia who beat Italian Bergamo 104:51. Two players from Sibenik: Marko Sandric and Nikola Repac made part of the best five players of the championship.
  • The winners of the Gastronomic competition of Croatia

  • The winners of the traditional Gastronomic competition of Croatia that took place in the hotel "Olympia" in Vodice, for the second year successively organized by the Catering Guild of Croatia of the Chamber of trade of Sibenik and Knin County, is "Zlatna ribica" restaurant owned by Josip and Branko Tudic from Brodarica. The winner of the sixth competition "Our little, big treasure" for the Sibenik and Knin County, is "Antonio" restaurant owned by Ante Radic from Rogoznica. Mr.Radic won the prize for general impression, originality and taste of his dish while the prizes for the look of the dish are split between the "Dalmacija" restaurant owned by Vinko Bolanca from Primosten and the "Peskarija" restaurant owned by Joso Smolic from Sibenik.
  • Very successful tourist season of 2002

  • The tourist season of 2002 in Sibenik and Knin County, according to the tourist workers and statistics of the tourist business, this season was very successful. Till the end of 2002, two and half million 531 thousand nights are planned which is 5% more than 2 million 413 nights in 1990. The success is bigger having in mind that the expected level in the Republic should have reached the results of 1990. Qualitative rise in the preparatory period has been made in all tourist localities. Feeling of safety that attracts most tourist to Croatia plus significant means invested in the next season guarantee another good season.
  • Sibenik will host the second World Globe Conference from June 27 to July 4, 2003

  • Sibenik will host the second World Globe Conference from June 27 to July 4, 2003. According to the confirmation given by the Ministry of Sports and Education there will be about 700 participants from 55 countries and the project leaders are the Americans while Croatia is the partner country. The conference aim is to connect multilateraly and to cooperate among world net of Globe schools, mutual esteem and understanding based on cultural exchange and unofficial meetings of the participants, appliance of the research methods and scientific learning in shaping of ecological issues and research projects done by the pupils.
  • Hrvoje Jukic won the European Championship in kick boxing

  • Hrvoje Jukic a member of the Croatian kick boxing team won the European Championship in Italian city of Jesolo. Other fighter from Sibenik, Ivica Perkovic won a bronze medal. Jukic and Perkovic are the members of the Kick boxing club "Petar Kresimir IV" from Sibenik.
  • Founding of the Union of a capella choirs

  • A Union of a capella choirs has been founded in Sibenik for all such choirs in Sibenik and Knin County. It gathers 13 male and female choirs. The chairman comes from "Fortica" choir - Filian Vuletic and the secretarial duties will be dealt with by a member of "Bile Vile" choir from Rogoznica, Marija Bubica. The Union has already organized the first meeting of the a capella choirs in Sibenik and Knin County. The priorities of this Union in 2003 will be finding of the working premises and founding of the library.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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