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News Archive

[February 2003]
  • The board of managers of hotel complex Solaris will return old names to its hotels

  • Last year managers' board of hotel complex Solaris changed the names of hotels, so Ivan, Niko, Jure and Andrija ("A" and "B") became Meridium, Exelcior, Holiday Beach Club, Mediteran and Meridien. However these days board president Branko Burtina has informed the Council of Sibenik Tourist Information Bureau that from this spring on the hotels will carry their original names.
  • Municipal investments in Bilice worth 800 thousand HRK

  • This year for the construction and maintenance of municipal infrastructure on the area of new local district Bilice will be spent 800 thousand HRK. Resources will be spent on the construction the central stairs an d accessible paths on the local graveyard, the execution of complete project documentation in Stubalj Bay, the improvement of damaged tarmac and branch-cutting along roads in Vrulje Bay, the placement of new lighting fixtures, the renovations of bus stops and on the maintenance of unclassified roads.
  • Number of unemployed persons has decreased at the end of January

  • According to data of Sibenik's service of HZZ (Croatian Central Employment Office), at the end of January in the Sibenik-Knin County there were 13816 unemployed persons or 9.1% less than at the January last year.
  • Water conduit construction on islands Kaprije and Zirje

  • The Minister of public works, reconstruction and construction Radimir Cacic has signed the contract of co financing capital objects' construction on islands. At the moment, the construction of twelve capital objects on islands in five Adriatic Counties is entering upon the final stage. In the Sibenik-Knin County within this campaign, a water conduit has been placed on islands Kaprije and Zirje. The total value of this investment is 6 million HRK and the Ministry of public works, reconstruction and construction, Hrvatske vode (Croatian Water company) and town of Sibenik has participated in it, each giving two million HRK.
  • Postgraduate study starts in Sibenik

  • College of Tourism in Sibenik plans to open a new postgraduate study of tourist economy within four semesters, starting from the next academic year. All postgraduates will be come M.S. in economics (MBA) and their degree will be valid in all countries of European Union. The whole project has been done in the cooperation with the University of Ljubljana.
  • Hot links - a section dedicated to national Web pages

  • Info Adriatic on its web pages has opened a new section called Hot links dedicated to announcement of national Web pages. Inclusion in this section is gratis, and the right to be included only get completed Web pages. Webmaster through e-mail has to be sent on Croatian: a title of the page, a short description from which is obvious what kind of pages are those, what they offer and contain, and one of the category to which they belong. Sprait d.o.o hold the right to change texts and to choose pages.
  • Sea, national parks, beautiful Sibenik girls

  • On the poll question: "Why would you like to spend vacation in the Sibenik-Knin County?" 277 visitors have answered, and the most of them (34%) prefer different contents, 23% come here because of our sea, 18% comes on the count of national parks, and even 16% prefer beautiful Sibenik girls. Strange thing is that cultural monuments and entertainment that this county certainly shouldn't regret having are only casual reasons of arrival. 17.02.2003.
  • Carmina burana on the fortress of Saint Nikola

  • The head of Sibenik-concert Branko Viljac has announced a great possibility of Orff's Carmina burana's performance on the fortress of Saint Nikola this summer. He has discussed this possibility with assistance secretary of culture Zeljka Udovicic during her recent visit in Sibenik. Carmina burana has been preparing for Dubrovnik summer and that would be an ideal occasion for its performance in Sibenik. The agency Sibenik-concert organized a successful concert of Trio Orlando on the fortress of Saint Nikola last summer.
  • Illegal building in Rogoznica reaches alarming proportions

  • The municipal council of Rogoznica has declared that illegal building in Rogoznica have reached alarming proportions and damaged ecological stability and sustainable development. The most attractive areas of Rogoznica have been spent, without any profit given to Rogoznica municipality. Public services overlooking the law plug in these objects into infrastructure and city street wires, while tourist zones have been 100% occupied by this inappropriate and unauthorized building. The municipal council of Rogoznica announces sharp fighting against these law offenders.
  • Benefit concert of Arsen Dedic and Gabi Novak in Sibenik Theatre

  • Well-known artist from Sibenik Arsen Dedic and his wife Gabi Novak, with piano accompanist Karlo Bulic, have performed a benefit concert whose profit was dedicated to Sibenik's kindergarten "Jutro", attended by handicapped children. The concert was organized by the female club "Lyon Luca" from Sibenik. Right before the concert, in Theatre's foyer, Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society and Sibenik Theatre have organized the promotion of Dedic's collected poems "Hladni rat" (Cold war).
  • Expert from Split Jaksa Milicic talks about communal waste disposal

  • Of four Dalmatian Counties, only the Sibenik-Knin County has an industrial zone, which is an ideal location for communal waste disposal, pointed out expert from Split prof. dr. Jaksa Milicic. There is a possibility to construct industrial capacity to the amount of 16 millions EUR for recycling total waste disposal in Dalmatia, which would be an ideal solution. Recycling would provide jobs for at least hundred workers, while Sibenik would collect communal annuity and other forms of profit. Milicic also pointed out that the whole process would be ecologically irreproachable.
  • Defined opening ceremony of International Children Festival

  • The Committee of International Children Festival has decided that the director of this year's opening ceremony will be Kresimir Dolencic, while the stage designer will be Ivica Propadalo. Closing date for application of young musicians to participate in the future orchestra and choir, with whom Bill Conor and Alan Bjelinski will realize children musical, is the beginning of March. The applicants can be students of musical schools and Academies and graduates. The age limit is 27 years.
  • 6 millions HRK go to Sibenik's islands in 2003

  • Of 69,8 millions HRK that The Ministry of public works, reconstruction and construction plans to invest in capital projects of islands' infrastructure, 6 millions HRK will be spent on Sibenik's islands, said assistant secretary Ivo Milatic. Together with county head Duje Stancic and heads of islands' districts and towns, he discussed the preparation of local governments for the elaboration of the programme for sustainable development, as well as the establishment of priorities for financing islands' development in this year.
  • The program of Sibenik's Carnival presented

  • Sibenik's society of masked persons "Arlekin" will take over town keys on the central Carnival event on the 15th of February in front of the town hall. The main masquerade, in other words the great Carnival parade from Vidici to Sibenik's centre, as well as the burning up of Krnjo will be held on the 28th of February. On the same day, the masquerade dance will be held in the hotel "Krka" at 8 p.m.
  • Sibenik Diocese made a donation to Sibenik's maternity ward

  • Transfer order to the amount of 40.000 HRK, profit of benefit concert for maternity ward, which was organized by the diocese ordinariate at the end of the last year, Sibenik bishop Ante Ivas has given to the head of Sibenik General Hospital, dr. Zeljko Buric. On the same occasion, bishop Ante Ivas and chaplain Mate Topic celebrated the Mass. After the Mass, they visited and blessed patients.
  • The Carnival in Tisno starts

  • The cultural club "Hartic" have announced the news about the beginning of this year's Carnival in Tisno. The introduction of the Carnival's committee and the election of Carnival mayor will be organized on 23rd of February and by far known and popular the sixth festival of light music and sharp words "Jurevision" will be held on the Saturday on the eve of Shrove Tuesday, the last day of the Carnival when the traditional great Carnival parade and trial against Jure will be held.
  • Two draw matches of Croatian national football teams

  • On Sibenik's football stadium placed on Subicevac two friendly international football matches were played. Croatian national "A" team has played draw 2:2 with Macedonia (scorers for Croatia Maric and Andric, Sedloski and Toleski for Macedonia), while the young national teams of Croatia and Poland, up to age 21, have played draw without goals.
  • Sibenik will take part in the yachting race from Venecija to Dubrovnik

  • Sibenik is the first town in Dalmatia that will have its own racing yacht in the great regatta that will be held from the 1st till 22nd May on the route from Venecija to Dubrovnik, said Sibenik major Milan Arnautovic on the press conference, held on Wednesday, the 5th February. Sibenik will take one of the 12 promotive racing yachts of the "Solaris 36 one design" and its crew will be members of boating club "Val". Many televisions from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy will follow this regatta. Venecija has already allowed that starting point will be on the coast of Saint Mark Square, and then the yachts and their crew will go to their finish in Trst, Kopar, Piran, Porec, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Makarska and Dubrovnik.
  • Last year 7542 boats visited marina Frapa in Rogoznica

  • According the data of brand harbour office in Rogoznica, in 2002. 7542 boats were either anchored or moored at anchorage and operative coast. Last year the personnel of the branch harbour office have controlled 345 national and foreign boats with 1470 passengers, 986 foreign and 484 national boaters. Inspite the great number of boats and heavy maritime traffic, during the last year's season no serious accident was registered which could put in danger lives of boaters and swimmers.
  • Emergency heliports will be placed on Zirje and Zlarin

  • The Ministry of public works, reconstruction and construction and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of the Republic of Croatia will support the construction of 13 emergency heliports on Adriatic islands. The Ministry of Health has comunited to equip the heliports with portable signal-communication systems for day and night flights. From islands of Sibenik-Knin County, Zirje and Zlarin are included in this programme.
  • Sibenik government supported the initiative in construction of new boat dock

  • Sibenik government has supported the initiative of boating club "Val" to of making prepare a detailed town-planning project and study of on influence environment of a boat dock that will belong to the boating club. It would be placed on the area between the old town and the ex-factory of electrode and ferroalloy. The detailed plan will be based on the idea according to of placing a pontoon system inside 45 square meters of local waters that will allow 190boats to moor in the dock. This idea was warmly accepted, especially because Sibenik and its people will finally get an object so characteristic for places situated on the Adriatic Coast.
  • The project - Early study of foreign languages presented in Sibenik

  • At the beginning of the next school year, the students of inferior classes in Sibenik's elementary schools will be offered to learn for free English, French, German and Italian language, announced Sibenik's vice mayor prof. Zoran Smolic. During the next few days the poll will be conducted among the parents of 1606 schoolchildren who are placed in 76 classes in Sibenik in order to get the number of interested parents and the interest for particular languages. The project will cost 288 thousand HRK and the large part of the money to the amount of 200 thousand HRK will be taken from Sibenik's budget.
  • In the Cathedral of Saint Jacob the cracks in the columns were stopped up with a special pitch

  • The group of Italian experts with their leader Dario Almesberger, the owner of Ser. Co. Tec has reconstructed certain cracks that have extended progressively in the Cathedral for the last few years. That is the first intervention in art-conservation terms since the Sibenik Cathedral, which is also a preserved monument enlisted in the UNESCO's list of world heritage, has been under the constant monitoring. Italian experts have tested the depth and the size of the cracks and then the quality of stone. Later they have put the injections and jointed the wall with a special pitch that ties stone and gives back its monolithic structure. There is also interesting to mention that sensors are put up on 47 different places in the Cathedral.
  • Reconstruction of town quay and old bridge in Tribunj

  • On peninsula around which Tribunj developed, flowerbeds are extended and fenced with decorative stones. The old town quay, eroded by the sea, has also been reconstructed on two places with the financial help to the amount of 57 thousand HRK given by town Vodice. Apart from this, it is also planned to reconstruct the famous Tribunj sight - the old bridge that joins together the old part of Tribunj and the land. The old bridge will be completely removed, the new nucleus of reinforced concrete will be placed and the stone of which the old bridge was made will be placed on it. The project is worth 700 thousand HRK. Since the bridge is on the list of preserved landmarks, the construction work will be done in the presence of conservators.
  • The draw for world championship for young women basketball players done in Vodice

  • The draw for world championship for young women basketball players (until 20 years) was done in Vodice's hotel "Punta". The championship will be held in Sibenik, from 25th July until 3rd August and Croatian team will be among eleven top world teams. Croatian team will play in the same group with the Czech republic, the USA, Brazil, France and Korea, while in the second group are Russia, Australia, Tunis, Argentina, Latvia and China.
  • Sibenik Theatre celebrated its 133rd anniversary

  • The programme of celebrating 29th January, the day when 133 years ago Sibenik Theatre was founded, started with the play "Nosi nas rijeka" by the Croatian National Theatre from Split. Later two plays, "Budala na odredeno vrijeme" and "Ararat Express", by Sibenik theatrical group were presented. On the cemetery of St. Ana the plaque was unveiled in the memory of all deceased people, not only from Sibenik, who worked in the theatre and were somehow connected with it.
  • Vodice Carnival started

  • On the legendary Vodice's Poljana (main square), Vodice's mayor handed over the town budget and keys to Carnival mayor Sime Frzop. Frzop together with his secretaries will rule the town until 4th March, when the Carnival ends. Until that day, as is custom, many ceremonies will be held. The Carnival ends with a big Carnival parade and the charges against Jovan on the 2nd March, and two days later, on the 4th March, his testament will be read and the scapegoat will be burned for all misfortunes in Vodice.
  • Ksenija Grubisic is again at the head of Sibenik's tourist office

  • In a though competition with five candidates who satisfied all conditions of (re)election for the manager of Sibenik's tourist office, last manager Ksenija Grubisic won in her third term for a period of 4 years. Ksenija Grubisic is a graduate economist in tourism management.
  • The County government has ordered the study of environment influence

  • The government of Sibenik-Knin County will reach the conclusion of public tenders for the study of environment influence of the aquaculture objects in the area of the river Krka estuary. This was decided on the meeting presented by Deputy County head Miho Mioc, Chamber of trade secretary Frane Malenica, the president of Mariculture guild Sinisa Pauk and the president of Tradesman Society Mojmir Martin. The report of usage of marine good by shell farmers will be requested from the harbour master's office. If no irregularities show, the County assembly will receive six prepared requests for shell farming concession in four years time.
  • Defeated data of natural population growth in the Sibenik-Knin County

  • The trend of negative population growth has been present in the Sibenik region ever since 1993. Since that time the number of deceased has been increasing, while the number of born has been lessening. Only last year in the Sibenik-Knin County 1351 people died, while only 908 were born. The emigration due to the war has significantly contributed to this depopulation. In 1991. Sibenik had 55.842 inhabitants, while today has only 51.553 inhabitants.
  • The project called Sustainable return of refugees and exiles presented in Knin

  • The project "Sustainable return of refugees and exiles-project for the development of middle class society" was presented in the building of old Knin's high school. The project was financed by the European Commission and was presented by Mirjana Samardzic, a member of international nongovernmental organization Care International. This organization, as the partner of national nongovernmental societies GONG and Zamir-NET, won the tenders invited by the European Commission as a part of the programme CARDS 2001, in May and June last year. Care International entered into an agreement with the EC about the project to be executed until the end of 2003. The intention of this project is to get local groups and governments stronger in order to help the development of democracy in their areas.

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