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News Archive

[March 2003]
  • Island Developmental Center founded in Murter

  • Municipal Council of Murter has passed the decision of founding a society with a limited responsibility for the enterprise development, in short Island Developmental Center Murter d.o.o. The society will be founded by the municipality Murter, following the instructions of the Ministry of Trades, Small and Medium-sized enterprises, which will give 200.000 thousand HRK for the start of this society, which would cover the area of three municipalities Pirovac, Tisno and Murter.
  • In the first three months, Info Adriatic records more than 20.000 visitors

  • Since the 1st January 2003, more exactly since its start, the web-site Info Adriatic records more than 20.000 visitors and more than 80.000 inputs and considering investments which are in progress (in Croatia and Europe), the number of site visitors will be even bigger in the future. In the January 4.000 visitors visit this site, in the February more than 6.000 and in the March even 12.000. Every day hundreds of visitors search for accommodation and many summer vacation arrangements have already been negotiated through the direct contact of guests and renters.
  • State award to elementary school in Tisno

  • Marking 22nd March, the International Water Day, elementary school Tisno has received a valuable certificate and state award, which is actually full equipment for testing water quality. This award is a result of the school's participation in the GLOBE programme and regular sending of data about atmospheric measurement (daily temperature, clouds…), that students and their mentors mr. Marija Pandza and prof. Ivana Mikulandra send to the Globe Center in Washington.
  • Repair work on operative coast on Prvic Island

  • For this year, in the programme and financial plan of the port authority plans 4,2 million HRK is planned for the construction, maintenance, management, protection and improvement of the port area. According to head Marijan Petkovic, the heaviest expenditure 2,5 million HRK is provided for the repair work on the operative coast in Prvic Luka and Prvic Sepurina.
  • Cultural Club Koledisce at the International Fair Alpe-Adria

  • Twenty-six members of the folk dance troupe of Cultural Club Koledisce from Jezera, along with the representatives of Tourist Board of Sibenik-Knin County have taken part at the International Fair Alpe-Adria. They have presented themselves with dance, song and customs from Jezera and Sibenik region to the Fair organizators and visitors. The Tourist Board of Sibenik-Knin County and Croatian National Tourist Board organized the visit of this folk troupe to the Fair in Ljubljana.
  • Construction work on the road Kapela-Murter continued

  • At the beginning of March, Hrvatske Ceste (Croatian Road Administration) and Poduzece za ceste (the road company) from Split continued the reconstruction work on the road Kapela-Tisno-Murter. The work was continued where it had been stopped last year, more exactly at the INA seaside resort in Tisno and in the first phase of new construction works, the part from the seaside resort to the Tisno Bridge would be reconstructed.
  • The tradesmen of Sibenik-Knin County invited in Canada

  • The Association of former students and friends of Croatian Universities (ACMA) from Canadian town Montreal has invited the tradesmen from Sibenik- Knin County to participate in the manifestation of gastronomy, wine and culture of the Republic of Croatia, which would be held in March 2004. The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ottawa is also included in the organization of this manifestation. In the Chamber of Crafts and Trades of Sibenik-Knin County that the cateres of this county will certainly participate in this Canadian presentation of Croatia.
  • The delegation of Sibenik in German town Karlsruhe

  • The representatives of Sibenik with the mayor Milan Arnautovic have visited German town Karlsruhe where they have paid a visit to the facilities of the company "Phoenix", in which, according to the highest standards, waste products have been recycled using a termoselective method. That company is very much interested in the construction of a similar facility worth around 250 million EUR in the area of Sibenik. According to Mr. Arnautovic, the technology of "Phoenix" meets the requests of the most rigorous ecological criteria and would completely deprive Sibenik of all communal, sanitary and other waste.
  • The Faculty of naval construction for wooden ships opens in Murter

  • The Head of two-year college in Split Boris Anzulovic and the Head of Municipity Murter Ivo Marusic have signed the agreement of forming a Faculty of naval construction in Murter. This Faculty should help Murter to keep young, professional people and also contribute to the affirmation of this society. All high schools' students can take part in this Faculty. If this idea actually works, the classes will start in autumn, in November and will go on until May.
  • Thanks to a donation of the European Commission and ASB, the firehouse in Knin reconstructed

  • In future, the members of the Public Fire Department in Knin will work in more adequate premises of reconstructed firehouse, thanks to a donation of German humanitarian organization ASB, financed by the European Commission. All together 250 thousand HRK have been spent in the reconstruction of facade, carpentry, installations and garage doors.
  • Half a million HRK for a purchase of new fire truck in Rogoznica

  • The fire department of Sibenik-Knin County has given 538 thousand HRK for a purchase of a new fire truck that should satisfy the needs of fire fighters in Rogoznica for the next 30 years. Jordan Zaja, the president of the fire department has said that this decision was made due to the fact that the Volunteer Fire Department of Rogoznica celebrates the 50th year of its existence next year and that this vehicle would be in good hands and useful for whole society.
  • Of 8 national parks, only 2 visited

  • "Croatia has 8 national parks. How many have you visited?" was the last poll question, answered by 238 guests. The most of them (45%) has visited only one or two parks, 26% three or four, 14% none, 10% five or six and 5% seven or eight. Are these guests foreign or native people and which parks are the most visited, is left for us to speculate.
  • Sibenik tradesmen on Trades and Handicrafts Fair in München

  • The group of 40 tradesmen from the Sibenik-Knin County went to München to visit International Trades and Handicrafts Fair that takes place in this German town for the 55th time. The Chamber of Crafts and Trades of the Sibenik-Knin County organized this visit and so far this has been the largest group of tradesmen from the Sibenik-Knin County who has visited this Fair.
  • Sibenik tourist region the first in Croatia

  • In the last year, Sibenik tourist region made profit of 2.5 million overnights and by the rate of growth of 11 percent, with the growth of income in Tourist Board for even 21 percent, became the first of all counties in Croatia. That result is even better than the last peacetime year 1990. Good and fundamental preparations, also the fact Sibenik region makes profit on the market of ten capital European countries guarantees possibility that in this year the profit could increase for at least 6 to 8 percent and makes 2.700.000 overnights.
  • Murter Sea without tuna farm

  • Two years ago, the County Assembly gave a concession for tuna farming to company "Jadran tuna" from Turnj (for capacity of 50 tons of fish), near the island Borovnik in the Murter Sea, in the direction of island Zut. Now, that concession will be taken away and with this action the only tuna farm on the vast area of marine public good in Murter district will be shut down, which was promoted by some, but disputed by other people.
  • In February even less number of unemployed in Knin

  • At the end of February, even 135 people have been erased from the records of Knin's branch office of Central Employment Office due to varied reasons, but through the mediation of Employment Office only 34 people found job. Thanks to Government measures to stimulate employment 6 inhabitants of Knin found job in February. At the end of the last month, 4.290 people were registrated at the Employment Office in Knin.
  • Minister of Culture Antun Vujic with his associates visited Sibenik

  • The Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia Antun Vujic has visited Sibenik with his associates, where he went to visit the building site of a new town library built in the ex- Centre of JNA (ex Yugoslavian national Army). During the meeting with town leaders, Minister Vujic emphasized that Sibenik, due to its resources, should be a specific "pilot-programme" for a "culture town" in Croatia.
  • The presentation of Croatia in Varsava in March will be in the sign of Sibenik

  • Last year the leading country whose citizens spent their summer vacation in Sibenik was Poland with its 73 thousand overnights, after it come Germany and Slovenia. Due to these facts, the Croatian National Tourist Board has decided that the tourist presentation of Croatia in Varsava, in March will be in the sign of Sibenik. Otherwise, the preparations for this year's season have already started in Sibenik region and of all places that gravitate to Sibenik, Zablace was the first to start with them.
  • The construction of one part of Sibenik's sewage system, from the hotel Krka to the church of St.Dominic

  • In a few days time, the construction of one part of Sibenik's sewage system which also pass Sibenik quay throughout the length of 900m, from the hotel "Krka" to the church of St.Dominic. The construction work, due to which all front terraces of coffee bars will be removed, consists in placing tubes with 200mm diameter on the depth of 4.5m. The time limit of this construction is the 30th of May.
  • Metalmineral-kamen from Kerestinci will pave Sibenik quay

  • The contractor of paving Sibenik quay is the company "Metalmineral-kamen" from Kerestinci, near Samobor. The town of Sibenik chose this company after soliciting for tenders worth 2.230.000 HRK. The quay will be paved with the same material like the square in front of the Country's headquarters was.
  • Sibenik, at least for now, escaped stronger flu epidemic

  • The start of flu epidemic has been recorded even in Sibenik region, which is quite usual for this season. However, according to the data done so far, it's only a smaller number of those down with flu, mostly those among younger population. Unlike near Zadar and Split where flu epidemic has spread very rapidly, Sibenik has been spared, at least for now.
  • The reconstruction of petrol station started in Vodice

  • These days in Vodice, the reconstruction works on the only local petrol station has started. The new building will be built; a device for charging fuel tanks will be changed. The construction of traffic island will solve the entrance from the west side of the Adriatic Highway in the best way possible. The reconstruction works should be done in two months' time.
  • The preparation of Sibenik roads for the new tourist season

  • Workers of the company Metalis from Krapina have changed metal bumpers along the state road D-33, in the western part of Sibenik. Beside this point, bumpers will also be changed in Primosten, at the turning point for discotheque "Aurora", also in front of and behind overhead road on Subicevac, where these metal bumpers will close down one illegal exit.
  • Two books of Professor Ivo Livakovic come off the press

  • Professor Ivo Livakovic from Sibenik will soon, probably around 8th of March, introduced two books about Sibenik and its citizens. The book entitled "Tisucljetni Sibenik" (Millennia-old Sibenik) is sort of a guide through the history, monuments and the chronology of historical events in Sibenik since its foundation until these days. In the book entitled "Poznati Sibencani: sibenski biografski leksikon" (Famous Sibenik natives: Sibenik's biographical lexicon) Livakovic writes down the biographies of famous Sibenik natives from old fields of activity that all have contributed with their achievements to the promotion of Sibenik in Croatia and abroad.
  • Tribunj citizens' meeting supports district foundation

  • On Tribunj citizens' meeting the decisions of separating this place from the town of Vodice and to form a proper district has been elected by voice vote. According to the already made calculations, the future budget of Tribunj will make 3,5 million HRK and the district will hire 5 employees.
  • Until August still 230 houses reconstructed

  • In the Sibenik - Knin County, until 31st of July this year still 230 houses, destroyed during the war, will be reconstructed, those from the fourth till sixth category. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Public Works, Reconstruction and Construction, Minister Radimir Cacic has concluded a contract with 14 contractors. The whole project is worth 33.886.000 HRK.
  • 1,9 million HRK for the programme of maintaining the municipal infrastructure in Knin

  • The programme of maintaining the municipal infrastructure for this year, excepted by Knin City Council, plans the cleaning and maintenance of public areas, the maintenance of unclassified roads, public lighting installations and devices, installations and devices for drainage of precipitation water and cemetery's maintenance. The program costs 1,9 million HRK and the money will be provided by utility charges and capital subventions to the city budget.
  • The Ministry of Culture has approved 100 thousand HRK for the equipping of Unesic's community centre

  • The Ministry of Culture will remit 100 thousand HRK to Unesic district for the equipping of its community centre. These founds will be used for the purchase of new seats in the cinema, air-conditioners for heating and cooling, furnishing of cloak room and additional premises, so that this building of 240m2 will finally become functional. Last year for the reconstruction of roof truss, devastated during the war, was spent 70 thousand HRK.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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