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News Archive

[April 2003]
  • A hundred boaters spent Easter holidays in Primosten

  • The first bigger group of boaters in Primosten was welcomed with a traditional Easter breakfast in the Kremik marina. A hundred guests that spent their holidays in Kremik didn't disapprove the construction work on the marina's infrastructure. Until the middle of May two shops will be opened in Kremik and one of them will be a boat shop where guests can buy anything they need for their boats. This summer, there will also be videomonitoring of entrance and exit of boats, so via Internet, each boat owner will be able to see his or her boat in every moment.
  • The tourist season on Sibenik Riviera has started

  • According to the data of Tourist Board, 2400 foreign tourists, mostly those from Germany, Austria and Italy, spent their Easter holidays on Sibenik Riviera, while 300 tourists visited marines. Of all hotel-keepers, Solaris has had the best start of the season, having 1000 guests in its hotels. 200 tourists stayed in the Riviera hotels in Vodice, while 1200 guests spent holidays in the Vodicanka hotels.
  • The French ecology students have visited Kornati and Murter

  • On their mission of getting to know Croatia, the group of French ecology students has visited the National Park Kornati and Murter, after their visit to Paklenica and Plitvicka Jezera. They have visited highly-protected area, seen the largest colony of seagulls, endemic plant world and olive trees in Trtusko polje. The Murter functionaries have answered the students' numerous questions, e.g to state the number of tourist that visit this destination or their personal opinion on Croatia's candidature for the acceptance to the EU.
  • Tourist-educational journeys of Croatian teachers

  • Sibenik agency Cromovens in the cooperation with the Institute for improvement of education of the Ministry of education and sport, Croatian consulate in Germany and Croatian remedial school in Stuttgart has created the first tourist-educational visits to the developed parts of Europe. 25 teachers from all Croatian counties have gone on the first tourist-educational journeys.
  • The Croatian government decided to lessen damage caused by natural disaster in Ervenik, Knin and Biskupija

  • The Croatian government has decided to give grant-in-aid for easing the effects of natural disaster, that stroke Knin and municipities of Ervenik and Biskupija at the beginning of the year. The toatal grant-in-aid to Knin and near municipities is 710 thousand HRK and it will be used for lessening the effects caused by low temperatures, north-eastern wind, drifts and freezing rain. Unfortunately, in Knin, Ervenik and Biskupija say that grant-in-aid is not nearly enough to lessen all the damage.
  • Charter fleet from Murter ready for sailing under canvas

  • The offer of charter boats in Murter's marina Hramina is getting bigger, but now even the Dutch persons are in the competition. It is calculated that the nautical season on the Adriatic starts on Easter. This year this holiday is a bit later, so the general idea is that the season is also late. However, the reason for this is certainly not the war in Iraq, as many explain, but actually the reason is the date on which Easter falls, say in Murter charters.
  • The Swiss invest two million HRK in the production of health food

  • The Swiss ambassador in the Republic of Croatia Paul Widmer has been introduced to the results of health food production in Golubic, near Knin. The project was financed by the Swiss government to the amount of 2 million HRK, with the financial aid of American agency FLAG. The Swiss have donated 14 heifers and Widmer has announced that another 16 heifers will be given after Easter. 6 hectares of orchard, from which two thousand seedlings of cherry type marasca and also 500 seedlings of sweet cherries and plums have been planted. Garlic is also planned and soon other vegetables will also be planted and clovers for stock-cattle feed.
  • A new scientific-research project Krka presented to public

  • A new scientific-research project "Krka" has been presented in the premises of the public institution national park Krka and it contains more categories and programs of natural, cultural, historical, demographic and economic valorisation of the area of national park Krka. This project covers the research of 73 locations of cultural and historical heritage in the Krka river basin and its affluent Cikola. The base of all relevant data of enlisted localities with all complete documents will be founded, while on the Internet will be opened a virtual "scientific Forum Krka" and on the same electronic media will also appear a scientific journal "Krka".
  • The reconstruction of Skradin quay started

  • These days in Skradin, in the near vicinity of local marina, the reconstruction of a part of old quay has started. It is the part of the quay of Pavle ban Subic I and near Square of Prince Domagoj. For the time being, it is also planned to put in drainpipes, concrete plates and kerbstones and horticultural decoration of quay surface. Described construction works should go on until the middle of the next month, while the work resumption is planned for the autumn of this year.
  • In the drive of Vodice tourist board cleaned all access roads

  • In the framework of all preparations for the tourist season, with reference to the campaign "Volim Hrvatsku" (I love Croatia), Vodice Tourist Board has organized the great campaign of cleaning and waste removal from all access roads. The action has been carried out on the area from subway crossing to the sanctuary of Our Blessed Lady from Carmel on Okit and from Srima to the access road to Adriatic motorway.
  • Fast Blu will connect Zadar and Sibenik with Italy

  • This tourist season the shipping company SNAV will connect Italian and Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea with even seasonal catamaran lanes. The company board has announced that along with catamaran "Aquila" on the ship lane: Dalmatian islands (Korcula-Brac-Hvar-Lastovo-Vis)-Pescara-Gulianova and catamaran "Croazia Jet" (on the lane Ancona-Split) will also introduce a new catamaran called "Fast Blu". That catamaran will navigate on the lane Zadar-Sibenik-Mali Losinj-Ancona-Civitanova.
  • Solaris opened the season with the arrival of the first group of tourists

  • In the Solaris hotel "Millennium", with the accommodation of 700 beds, the first group of foreign tourists from Germany has arrived, which makes this hotel complex the first one on the area of Sibenik-Knin County who has started this year's tourist season, even 2 weeks before Easter. In the last two years, in the reconstruction of two of totally four Solaris hotels and in the new attractive contents have been spent more than 10 million Eur. Until the end of this year's season, Solaris plans to realize 600 thousand overnights.
  • The traditional Easter regatta opened in Vodice

  • On the square of Hrvatski branitelji in Vodice, on Wednesday 9th April the traditional Easter regatta was opened and Vodice has been the host town for the fifth year in a row. About 800 sailers grouped in 75 crews from Croatia and 12 European countries participate on this tourist-sporting manifestation and they will sail on cruisers of the most known world trademarks.
  • Olive tree planted in honour of Croatian poetess Vesna Parun

  • Zlarin, the native island of prominent Croatian poetess Vesna Parun, has marked her 81th birthday. In her honour, an olive tree has been planted on Zlarin, as a sign of gratitude for all inspired verses that the poetess dedicated to her native island, Damatia and Mediterranean. The members of Society for promotion of island Zlarin and local council have been planted the olive tree, while another poet of Zlarin Mladen Bjazic and Cultural Club "Koralj" have participated in the occasional programme.
  • Swiss folk dancers performed in Jezera and Tisno

  • At the invitation of Tourist Board Jezera and Cultural Club Koledisce, a group of forty members of folk dance troupe "Trachten Gruppe" from Swiss Sankt Gallen has visited Jezera. They have introduced the traditional dances and songs of their region and Switzerland during the open-air performances in Jezera and Tisno.
  • Med-Camina offers ten work places

  • On the area of Boroviste in the district of Unesic general trade company from Italy Med-Camina will construct facilities for the production of medical equipment where, according to announcements will hire dozen of female workers. This is a case of production of X-rays paper and ultrasound gel, for which this company has bought 10 thousand square meters of space on a mini-zone in Nevest. The company Med-Camina d.o.o. is registrated at the commercial tribune in Sibenik and founded by Alfeo Baraldi from Roverto and Nenad Sarin from Split.
  • Croatian Radio Festival in Solaris, from the 5th till 8th June

  • Croatian Radio Festival will take place in the hotel complex Solaris near Sibenik, from the 5th till 8th June. From 327 songs that were evaluated in the first elimination round, 44 songs satisfied and they are broadcasted from 17th March till 24th May on radio stations all over Croatia.
  • Reconstructed state road D-1 on Knin area

  • Thanks to a Programme of the construction of ring roads and the reconstruction of the state road D-1 from Karlovac to Split, which has started in the middle of the last year, a passage through Knin has gained more urban aspect and become more functional and safe. This is especially relative to a bridge over the river Orasnice, on the part of the road D-1 that passes through Knin.
  • Jurlinovi dvori - renovated, while a monograph is in preparation

  • These days in Primosten Burni, the old parts of Jurlinovi dvori are being renovated and soon we could see the first tourist group arriving here. As a part of this complex, an old kitchen with a paved roof, where many antique tools and arms have been found, is renovated. In a month time we can also except the presentation of the first monograph-guide to Jurlinovi dvori and Primosten Burni, whose author is the company Digital zoom, a property of Davor Saric.
  • The restocking of hunting grounds with imported hares from Hungary - bull's eye

  • The hares imported from Hungary and let in the hunting grounds of Sibenik-Knin County adapted excellently and the best proof are the litter from where female hares take out leveret. The Croatian Hunting Society that imported 540 hares of quality for this area, claim the loss of 5-6 hares, which got hurt on many roads that cross these hunting grounds.
  • The reconstruction of Knin market, worth 370 thousand HRK, almost over

  • The reconstruction of old Knin market, near the church of Saint Anthony should be over in a month time. The project of the market reconstruction is worth 370 thousand HRK. The minor sum of money was provided by town Knin from its budget, while 350 thousand HRK was invested by the European Commission through its executive partner - a German organization ASB. The part of the complex of, at least for now, the only town market will be in closed space in the future.
  • Metalmineral from Kerestinci started paving Sibenik quay

  • By arrangement with Sibenik mayor Milan Arnautovic, on the 5th April, the workers of Metalmineral from Kerestinci started paving Sibenik quay, where at the moment the construction work on laying the sewage system is also in progress. Besides the paving of Sibenik quay, with an urban project is also planned the construction of special holes for trees, a tree-lined path. With the progress of laying the sewage system, will also progress the paving.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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