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News Archive

[May 2003]
  • 3250 guests on the Sibenik Riviera

  • According to the data of the Tourist Board of Sibenik-Knin County, at the moment 3250 stay on Sibenik Riviera, 2757 of them foreigners and 492 natives. Comparing with the last year, there are 4 per cent less guests, with 8 per cent less foreign guests. The most of them, 1900 are in the hotels, 307 in the camps, and 779 in the marines, while 260 of them is in the private accommodation. Of all destinations the most popular is Vodice, with 1100 guests.
  • Young Sibenik piano player Maksim Mrvica successfully takes over the international music scene

  • Piano-player from Sibenik, 28 year-old Maksim Mrvica has successfully started taking over the international musical scene. Maksim has presented his debut album "The Piano Player" in London, published by the record company EMI Classics. The promotion was held in the concert hall "The Roundhouse" where the famous groups such as the Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd started their successful careers and where the legendary group The Doors held their only concert. Many TV stations around the world show Maksim's video "The bumblebee fly", made not long ago on Cuba, which had its first run on the 12th of May.
  • In the organization of HPK Sveti Mihovil finished the first Sibenik caving school

  • With a two-day exam, in a 6800m long Jopic's cave, near Slunj, the first Sibenik caving school, organized by the HPK "Sveti Mihovil" from Sibenik finished. Of 20 attendants, who started attending this school, 19 of them presented themselves on the exam and passed it successfully. All of them have become caver trainee, which means they can go on their own and research caving posts.
  • Taking down the graffiti and cleaning the stone facades started in irenic

  • The company Zidex from Dobre Vode, specialized in the cleaning of stone surfaces has arranged a new job with Sibenik government: cleaning 500 square meters of stone facades. The citizens themselves have requested this intervention and the town government says that this job will become a constant preoccupation of the town, especially when it comes to the stone facades of old buildings, especially in the old part of the town. Cleaning and taking down graffiti will be done by using a flint-sand and water, without any chemical products.
  • Inspite of the lack of money, the Sibenik summer school of organ-playing goes on

  • Inspite of the lack of money, the jubilee tenth Sibenik summer school of organ playing will be held. From usual nine seminars, only two will be held. The first one is the archivist workshop guided by mr. Snjezana Miklausic Ceran, from the 28th of July until the 9th August. The mentor of the organ-restaurational workshop, which starts on the 18th of August and ends on the 30th of August, is Wolfgang J. Braun, the well-known German expert. Sibenik summer school of organ playing is unique not only in Croatia, but by its form and function also in Europe.
  • This year Knin gets the new marketplace

  • In the old part of the town, next to the church of Saint Ante, the final construction work on the reconstruction of the old marketplace were ceremonially marked. The marketplace was reconstructed with the financial help of the German organization ASB that provided 350 thousand HRK and the town government, which gave 150 thousand HRK for the new marketplace. In Knin government emphasizes a next step, which is the construction of a new market-business centre on the opposite side of the town, with more business premises.
  • The members of HPK Sveti Mihovil, the team winners of the hardest hiking marathon

  • Sibenik hikers from the Croatian hiking club "Sveti Mihovil" have won the first prize in the team competition on the 11th hiking marathon in Croatia. The marathon has been the hardest hiking marathon so far and it took place on a craggy area of Mosor, from Klis to the Cetina Bridge in Omis. Sibenik team passed this demanding mountain trail 40km long in seven hours and twenty minutes, passing over seven climbs higher more than a thousand metres.
  • The cooperation of Vodice and Knin's Tourist Board: planted a thousand flower seedlings

  • As a part of Croatian tourist Board's drive "I love Croatia, more flowers, less garbage", Knin's Tourist Board has organized the flower planting on Ante Starcevic Square and Oluja Square. Vodice's Tourist Board has also taken part in this drive by donating a thousand flower seedlings.
  • Lidrano for elementary and secondary schools held in Sibenik

  • The state competition for pupils of elementary and secondary schools in drama creativity, literary and journalist works "Lidrano" was held in Sibenik, from the 11th to 15th of May. The majority of events were held in the "Millenium Club" hotel in Solaris, while the short drama performances were held in Sibenik theatre. Apart from the competitive part, on the "Lidrano" were also presented a new book by Visnja Biti "Why like that?" and the club of Skolska knjiga.
  • Tourist personnel of Murter leads the drive of town improvement

  • The head of Murter Tourist Board, Ivo Basic has announced the drive of improvement of all access roads to this town. The space between the oil refinery and gas station will also be renovated, because the Municipal Council has already reached the decision to remove the bus station from town centre to this location. With this solution, two privileges will arise - the disappearance of traffic jam in town centre and the improvement of its outskirt.
  • County-Radio Sibenik, the winner of Golden mouse award

  • This year in a competition with other members of Croatian Society of Radio and Journalists, County-radio Sibenik has won the award "Golden Mouse", the first prize for the best Internet site. The prize-awarding committee of HURIN has reached this decision after a competition procedure, and the award will be given to Sibenik's electronic media on the 5th of June, during the 7th Radio Festival and Nine Days of Croatian Radio in Solaris. After the Croatians, the majority of visitors to this Web-site of County-Radio Sibenik come from the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.
  • Forbidden truck traffic on Vodice streets

  • The town government of Vodice has accepted a proposal of a new traffic regulation on town area, which enters into force immediately and will be in use during the summer. The most important news in this new traffic regulation is forbidden truck traffic on town streets. Namely, the premises of Vodicanka's ex-warehouse in Docine will become a new truck destination, that is to say a reloading space for supplying of catering establishments and shops.
  • A traditional boating regatta Kornati cup in Murter is finished

  • More than 60 crews divided in eight classes, three in a standardized - elan 333, sun odyssey 37 and Bavaria 44, four mixed and catamarans have participated in this regatta According to the Austrian system of results Yardstick, the first crew was Fayruz with the captain Gregor Pelzmann, the second Dorofre VI with the captain Franz Flasch and the third the crew Chery with the captain Wolfgang Kozsar. The best-placed Croatian team won the ninth place with a sailing boat Kristina I and the captain Damir Corkalo.
  • A blue flag on the most beautiful Primosten beach Raduca

  • On the most beautiful Primosten beach Raduca, on the 21 June a blue flag will begin to flutter. Until this date, the concessionary Primosten d.d. will fulfil all the terms confirmed by the international book of rules on beaches. So after many years of neglect, toilet facilities will be reconstructed, observation posts will be built and the Life Guard service will be organized.
  • Sibenik's foresters the first one in Croatia who started the olive planting on the areas affected by fire

  • In order to stop fires more successfully, in the last ten years the Sibenik's foresters which own the area of thirty thousand hectares have made 112 kilometres of fire-prevention roads. The latest example of their campaign against fire is the planting of four thousand olive trees on the area Vlake above Skradin, which was affected by fire several times. According to the head of Sibenik's forestry office Mr.Branko Kekelic this is a truly pioneer step, because for the first time in the history of Croatian forestry on the rocky area is planted an olive-grove.
  • In the Murter's hotel Colentum satisfied with the beginning of the tourist season

  • From the end of May until the end of September, the hotel Colentum in Murter will have a whole occupancy rate, mostly by tourist from Germany, with some Italians and Slovenians. At the moment in this hotel, which has 164 beds, there are 40 guests, which is a double number of tourists who stayed there at the beginning of April when the hotel opened its doors.
  • Vodice records the excellent tourist results

  • In the most famous tourist destination of Sibenik-Knin County Vodice, during the April 80% more tourists stayed than the last year. 17.300 overnights were realized and the majority of tourist comes from Germany. More than half of overnights were realized in the Vodicanka hotels. Hotel Punta records 5.000 overnights, while hotel Olympia 4.500. In the Rivijera's hotel Imperial 5.000 overnights is recorded, while in ACI marina 2.600.
  • Tables and chairs in front of café on Sibenik quay only with the approval of conservators

  • Sibenik's town administration will solicit for tenders of the elaboration of the project, which will define the aspect of the closed premises with tables and chairs, so-called terraces on Sibenik quay, after the construction of sewage system and the quay paving. In that way, every café owner will have to own the permission of the terrace location and also to add the general design that follows the rules of the art-conservation department of the Ministry of Culture in Sibenik.
  • At the guests' disposal several hundred rooms on the pages of Info Adriatic

  • So far has been published fifty private buildings destined to the tourist accommodation on the pages of Info Adriatic, the tourist site of Sibenik-Knin County. There are several hotels and pensions and greater number of apartments and rooms that make in total the offer of several hundreds double or triple beded rooms. The guests can search for the accommodation according to the seria of criteria and many summer arrangements have been made in the direct contact of tourist and renters.
  • In Jezera more than a thousand flower seedlings distributed

  • As the part of the drive "For more beautiful Jezera", the Tourist Board of this place has distributed more than a thousand flower seedlings to its inhabitants. According to the manager of the Tourist Board Jezera, Nenad Milin, this is only one drive in the seria in the activities, which will be carried out in order to prepare this place for the tourist season.
  • The only hotel in Primosten Zora opened its doors and expects a good occupancy rate

  • The only hotel in Primosten "Zora" opened its doors and according to the expectations of hotel-managers, it will be well visited during the May. In Primosten also stress out that early season will not be so successful, because the contents dating before the war such as the swimming pool are not yet reconstructed, while those existing will not satisfy the guests' requests. However, the positive steps to solve these problems have been taken in the cooperation with the new owners, especially on the environment decoration and in other contents.
  • Only one (but valuable) offer for the construction on the area of ex-TEF arrived

  • The only offer that arrived to town administration for soliciting the tenders of the most favourable tenderer for the right to construct on the area of 26 he of the ex-Factory of electrodes and ferroalloy is the offer of the company from Luxembourg "Isotec". This company has suggested a bank guarantee and project seeing of this part of Sibenik. According to still non confirmed information, "Isotec" is prepared to invest more than 500 millions EUR in the construction of luxurious hotels, apartments, swimming pools, marina, sports grounds...
  • Fraternization of Palermo and Sibenik theatres

  • From the Croatian embassy in Rim, the letter has arrived on the address of town and town theatre. In the letter, the counsellor for culture in this embassy mr. Mario Kezic reports that from the Italian side the initiative of fraternization of theatres in Sibenik and Palermo, made last year in Sibenik, has been actualised. It is suggested that the representatives of Palermo theatre and its theatrical group, which would prepare the programme for this ceremony still to be discussed, come to Sibenik in October or November this year. The Italians also expect the members of Sibenik theatre to arrive in Palermo, probably at the beginning of the next year.
  • The donation of humanitarian foundation for the Croatian children to Knin General Hospital

  • Thanks to the donation of humanitarian foundation for the Croatian children, the ward for childhood diseases in Knin General Hospital has received another valuable instrument. It is a transangular pulse oscimeter that serves for measurement of oxygen concentration and pulse over skin sensors, which avoids multiple blood extractions. It is very important to severely sick children who need oxygen therapy, which needs constant control of oxygen concentration.
  • The FRAMA from Knin has organized a drive of selling cookies for the construction of church

  • The FRAMA from Knin, Franciscan youth of St. Ante's parish, has organized a drive "From cookies to church" in Knin. 4.5 thousand HRK has been collected for the construction of the Church of Madonna of Great Croatian Vow. Along with the cookies' sale, the lottery has been organized with the financial help of town sponsors. The great number of Knin inhabitants has responded to this drive, among which major Vinko Maric who has welcomed the youth's initiative for the revival of diverse contents in this town.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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