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News Archive

[June 2003]
  • At the moment there are 15 thousand foreign and native tourists on Sibenik Riviera

  • At the moment, in the summer resorts of Sibenik Riviera there is an only one percent more foreign tourist than in the same period last year. The total result is even 9 percent bigger than the last year, thanks to the number of native tourists, which is 66 per cent bigger than in the same period in 2002. The majority of guests, 6000 of them, stay in hotels, while little more than 4000 is in the private accommodation. The majority of them are in Vodice and on the area of Sibenik.
  • A new representative gambling hall opened on the tenth floor of the hotel Punta in Vodice

  • The company "Igracnica Miro", from Buje, the propriety of Miro Istokovic has opened a gambling hall "Casino Miro" in Vodice's hotel "Punta". It is the first establishment of that kind in Vodice and the only one on the relation from Zadar to Split. Istokovic has signed the concession with the hotel complex "Vodicanka" for the next ten years. He spent 500 thousand EUR in the construction of the hall and he gave job to 19 people, while for the next season he plans to spend another 200 thousand EUR in another 100 square meters of gambling hall. On its opening night, the larger group of tourists visited the gambling hall from Spain and Italy.
  • Hungarian investors opened a new marina with a capacity of 270 berths in Tribunj

  • In the presence of Tomasz Vitezy, co-owner of Hungarian company "Danuvius", Government vice-president Slavko Linic and other functionaries as well as the inhabitants of Tribunj, a newly built marina "Tribunj" has been opened. In the March of the last year, the company "Danuvius" became the concessionaire on the marina for the next 30 years. It has invested 6,8 million EUR in the reconstruction of the marina, which is now with a capacity of 270 berths, with complete infrastructure, completed well ahead of schedule.
  • Cipollino drives on the relation Budimpesta - Sibenik

  • Since the 21st of June, a special tourist train called "Cipollino" has started driving on the relation from Budimpesta to Sibenik. Every weekend, until the 28th of September, it will take Hungarian tourists on the Adriatic coast and vice versa. The train has four passenger cars that can take up to 230 passengers. The Hungarian tourists who want to go to the North Adriatic can go with "Cipollino" all the way to Ogulin and there change trains to Rijeka.
  • As a part of the project Hrvatska prica, Knin's inhabitants visited Switzerland

  • As a part of the project of the Croatian Radio Television "Hrvatska prica" (Croatian story), the town of Knin has presented itself in Switzerland and in this way has given gratitude to Swiss people for all the help they have been giving in the last few years. Along with the inhabitants of Knin, many food, wine and souvenirs manufacturers from Sibenik-Knin County, as well as one of the youngest singing groups - klapa "Bilice" have presented themselves in Switzerland.
  • The central literary evening of the 43rd International Children Festival dedicated to academic Luko Paljetak

  • The central literary evening of the 43rd International Children Festival is dedicated to a great, long-time friend of children of all the world, academic Luko Paljetak. On that occasion in the Sibenik theatre will be presented Paljetak's book "Brod od papira" (a paper boat).
  • A symposium on social paediatrics held in Solaris

  • As a part of the additional programmes of the 43rd International Children Festival, which holds from the 21st of June until the 5th of July in Sibenik, the 15th symposium on social paediatrics was held in the hotel "Millennium Club" in Solaris. The subject of this meeting was children healthcare in preschool facilities.
  • 12.387 guests spend summer vacation on the Sibenik Riviera, 36 per cent more than the last year

  • According to the data of the Tourist Bureau of Sibenik-Knin County, at the start of this week 12.387 guests spend summer vacation on Sibenik Riviera, which is 36 per cent more than the last year. The number of national guests is bigger for 65 per cent, while there are 34 per cent more foreign tourists. The majority of tourists is placed in Vodice, where there are three thousand and two hundred of them, and after that on the area of Sibenik where there are two thousand and five hundred.
  • The International Children Festival gathers more than a thousand participants from all over the world

  • The International Children Festival, which takes place in Sibenik for the forty-third time, from the 21st June until the 5th of July will gather more than a thousand and hundred participants from all over the world. During these Festival days more than a hundred programmes will be performed on the town squares, summer stage in front of the Sibenik Cathedral and in Sibenik theatre. The patron of the forty-third International Children Festival is the president of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesic.
  • In Razanj, near Rogoznica - in the gallery with a submarine

  • This year, Sub Art, the artistical workshop of Ivan Dekovic, the dean of Design college in German town Aachen will offer new contents to its participants and visitors in Razanj, near Rogoznica. Thanks to the cooperation with a marine architect Michael Henrik Scmelter who constructed a small submarine, Dekovic will provide his visitors a fantastic exhibition in his Sub Art gallery under the sea. This year Sub Art workshop starts during July when the first group of attendants arrive and until the end of September four more groups of visitors and attendants will arrive in Razanj.
  • Nautical ports in Sibenik region marks the best results in Croatia

  • The Central Bureau of Statistics has published a figure that in the first four months of this year in Sibenik's nautical ports record the arrival of eight thousand and 712 boaters, which is 15 per cent more than the last year. According to these data, nautical ports of the Sibenik region record the best occupancy rate among the Croatian nautical centres.
  • Murter's cultural-entertaining summer: Let's turn to our origins

  • Under the slogan "Let's turn to our origins", the organizers of Murter's cultural-entertaining summer will try to revive so far neglected old Murter with songs of klape (Dalmatian harmony-singing groups). They will start with the Days of old Murter, which will last for seven days and start on the 30th of June. They will be opened by the parish choir of saint Mihovil (Michael) and then will follow the performances of a few Dalmatian harmony-singing groups: "Teuta", "Skradinke", "Bilice", "Bile vile", "Levera" and old groups "Murter".
  • Sibenik's woman basketball player Korana Longin Zanze declared the best Croatian woman basketball player

  • Korana Longin Zanze, a woman basketball player of "Sibenik Jolly JBS" is declared the best Croatian woman basketball player for the last season. In the election, organized by the newspaper "Vecernji list", Ana Lelas, also the member of "Sibenik Jolly JBS" is declared the best young woman basketball player. Their coach, Stipe Bralic is declared the best coach of women basketball teams for the last season by the Society of Croatian basketball coaches.
  • Racing cyclists of Sibenik's Fortica, the best in Croatia

  • Vinko Zaninovic, a cadet of cycling club "Fortica" is a new state champion of mountain-championship, ridden on Ucka. His club colleague Ante Radic won the third place. On the Championship of Pazin, one of the races for the Grand Championship of Croatia, Vinko Zaninovic, Ante Radic and Ivan Burazer won all the first third prizes.
  • The great return of foreign tourists in the summer resorts of Sibenik Riviera

  • According to the data of the Tourist Board of Sibenik-Knin County, there are around 9 thousand guests, 8300 of them foreigners. According to the last year's period, the number is increased by 49%, which proves the great return of foreign tourists in local tourist destinations. More than 1400 guests stay in hotels, 1600 of them are in private accommodation, 1550 are placed in camps and 1480 are in marines. The majority of tourists, 2700 of them, are placed in Vodice.
  • The first in the serial of the international festivals of modern electronic music held in Skradin

  • Seven kilometres from Skradin, near the regional road Skradin-Benkovac, an international festival of electronic music, with computer-harmony based on ethno motives, was held. After the Skradin festival there will be festival in Germany, England, the Netherlands, Brazil, the USA and Malaysia.
  • Prince Albert and government ministers of nature conservation from 20 European countries have visited the National Park Krka

  • The government ministers of nature conservation from 20 Mediterranean and Central European countries and the prince Albert of Monte Carlo have visited the National Park Krka. The honoured guests have also visited Franciscan monastery on island Visovac and Skradinski buk (cascades of Skradin).
  • Sibenik again confirms its title of international youth metropolis

  • From 27th June until 4th July Sibenik will be the host town of the second international students' GLOBE conference. The students of elementary and secondary school from Argentina, Bahrain, Cameron, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Island, Japan, Norway, Canada, Poland, Catarrh, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Greta Britain, Germany, the USA and Lebanon will come to Solaris. Apart from the research, the GLOBE conference will also have a cultural impact. The organizer of the conference is the Ministry of education and sport, while Croatia is a country-partner.
  • Marked the tenth anniversary of Drazen Petrovic's tragical death

  • Under the basket in Preradovic's street in Sibenik, where more than decades he started his friendship with a basketball, many fans of Drazen Petrovic came to honour his basketball greatness and genuity. Many city and county leaders, as well as the representatives of the basketball club "Drazen Petrovic", placed wreaths and flowers under the basket and his parents, father Jole and mother Biserka were also presented on this event.
  • Maksim Mrvica, Stephan Milenkovich and Carmina Burana in Sibenik

  • This summer many cultural events will take place in Sibenik, the first cultural town, in the organization of the agency "Sibenik koncert". The most interesting that will be held on the fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik channel, is certainly the concert of Maksim Mrvica, young Sibenik pianist who has recently presented his musical album "The Piano Player" in the hall "The Roundhouse" in London. A world-known violinist Stephan Milenkovich will also held his concert in Sibenik, while under the baton of Vjekoslav Sutej the opera Carmina Burana will also take place... Cultural events on the Fortress of Saint Nikola start on the 11th of July and will go on until the end of August.
  • The season of varied summer events began in Vodice

  • With the exhibition of young Sibenik painter Ana Polic, the season of many summer events has begun in Vodice. The beginning of International Children Festival will also marked the beginning of Festival events in Vodice. During June, a brass band from Lichenstain will perform, then a programme Voda (Water) will be held, followed by a concert of tamburitza band from Pozega. A wine Krauthaker will also be presented. The main event in July is definitely a three-day Jazz Festival where many artists such as Matija Dedic and Black coffee Quartet Sensitive, Hot club du Zagreb, Allegre corea from Brasil, The Bastarz go jazz and Miles Davis tribute, Ladislav Fidri Quintet and Zdenka Kovacicek will perform.
  • Rogoznica marked the beginning of the main tourist season

  • The Tourist Board of Rogoznica has organized an occasional programme, which has marked the beginning of the main tourist season. In the entertaining part of the programme, the students of the elementary school Rogoznica have performed a traditional Rogoznica dance in stylised folk costumes of their home place. According to tourist staff, the mixture of national creativity and tourism will be presented through many programmes, because it is proved that tourists are mostly interested in folk troupes and Dalmatian songs.
  • Very soon popular Bobbies on Sibenik roads

  • Even this year, the police administration of Sibenik-Knin County with Traffic-engineering school, with the supervision of town Sibenik and the county, will organize the unit of traffic youth, popular Bobbies, whose duties are the supervision and traffic control on the town area. The first group of Bobbies will start working on the opening day of the International Children Festival in Sibenik. For the first time, this year, few Bobbies will be assigned in Vodice, Knin and Rogoznica.
  • During summer Vodice shops will work until midnight and until 13h on Sunday

  • The town administration has reached the decision on the working hours of the shops. The news is that all shops can work until midnight during this summer, instead of usual 22h. Also all, not just food shops can be open on Sunday from six and thirty until one o'clock in the afternoon during these summer months. They have also reached the decision that all goods can be sold on the public area until midnight.
  • The first title of Croatian culture town goes to Sibenik

  • With the celebration in the Sibenik theatre announced for the 7th of June, Sibenik will officially become the town of culture in Croatia for this year. The idea of culture towns was made in the department ministry, so the Minister of culture Antun Vujic will declare Sibenik the town of culture on the occasional celebration.
  • Michael Schumacher becomes a neighbour to Sibenik inhabitants?

  • Will the current World champion and the best Formula 1 driver become the neighbour to Sibenik inhabitants? According to the information from a Zadar real estate agency, it appears he will, because the popular Schumi is willing to buy a terrain of even 15 thousand square meters near Zadar. Unofficially, we find out that it is a terrain in Biograd, by the sea, 45km from Sibenik.
  • More than a thousand bikers from all over Croatia in Vodice

  • Last Weekend (the 30th, 31st May and the 1st of June) in the organization of motorcycling club Okit, there was the 5th encounter of bikers from all parts of Croatia in Vodice. The encounter started, like the year before with a guitar concert, where 15 young bends played. The bikers' gathering on Vodice quay was made eternal by a well-known photographer Sime Strikoman who made a common millennial photograph.
  • Awards to donors of the reconstruction of architectural details in the historical nucleus

  • As a part of the 5th year of the programme STANADI (antiquities our wonderful), in Sibenik there was a celebration where the awards and certificates were given to the most deserving donors. The Golden donors became Sibenik's entrepreneur Vlado Covic, for the reconstruction of wooden baroque doors of Sibenik's Cathedral and Krut Torasen, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, which has donated the restoration of the chapel in the street of Saint Nikola Tavelic. The silver donor is Nika Gogala who reconstructed the baroque balcony on the Gogala palace, while bronze donor is Mira Schwyter, due to the restoration of wooden ceiling, painted in the gothic style in her gallery "Madrigal".
  • The Sibenik-Knin County head has thanked the Norwegian government for the donations

  • The Sibenik-Knin County head Duje Stancic and his deputy Miho Mioc have given a warm reception to Norwegian ambassador Knut Torasen, his wife, and representatives of UNDP and UNOPS Cornelius Klein and Denis Van Dam. The county head has thanked Norwegian ambassador and government on their support done so far in the reconstruction of infrastructure, especially water supply and school buildings.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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