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News Archive

[July 2003]
  • In more than six months of its existence, Info Adriatic has been visited by 100 thousand visitors

  • Since the 1st of January, when it was started, Info Adriatic records more than 100.000 unique visitors and more than 300.000 inputs. Around 4.000 visitors saw this site in January, in February around 6.000 of them, in March 12.000 of them, in April 19.000, in May 21.000 and in June another 25.000 visitors, which number is also expected in July. Every day several hundreds of visitors, from the different parts of country, Europe and world, get to know Sibenik-Knin County and searches for the accommodation. In that way, info Adriatic has become not only the most visited tourist site of this place, but also the most visited county's site ever.
  • At the moment 35 thousand guests are on Sibenik Riviera, which is four percent more than the last year

  • 6500 tourists is placed in the hotels, which means that another thousand beds are free. 17 thousand are in the private accommodation, so it is only 65 percent of its actual capacity. 5200 are in the camps, which is only 50 percent of total capacity. 21 thousand boaters are in the marines. The majority of tourists are still in Vodice, 9500 of them. Primosten has 4500, Sibenik 4400, Rogoznica 3500 and Pirovac 3000.
  • The time limit for inviting tenders for sale of Otok mladosti has run out

  • On Friday, the 25th of July the time limit of tender offers for the sale of the 51% share in the only Sibenik's insular company of Otok mladosti (Youth Island), the sale of majority shares of this company has already been in the centre of public attention, because Croatian Scouts Association is against it and wants that the Government returns Otok mladosti into their hands. Croatian Scouts think that the privatisation of the company Obonjan (so called Otok mladosti) will stop this island of being what it was designed for - a summer resort for all the children of Croatia.
  • The agency 'Sibenik koncert' organized a three-day pop rock festival

  • "3 days pop rock festival" is the title of a three-day pop rock manifestation, which will be organized in the middle of August by the agency "Sibenik koncert". Marijan Ban and the others will perform on the summer stage in front of the Town hall on the 15th of August, a day later Dragan Lukic Luky and group Iskon, while on the 18th of August Prljavo kazaliste will perform.
  • On the island of Zlarin, in the organization of people of Zagreb, a summer school of photography has started

  • Traditional ten-day summer school of photography, organized by Zagreb's photo-cinema union and a photo-club "Zagi foto". The programme consists of several courses, but other facultative programmes, such as underwater photography, diving and swimming, are also organized. The elaboration of newspaper with a short course of journalistic and digital photography is also anticipated.
  • Sibenik administration starts putting in order the Fortress of Saint Mihovil

  • The company "Zelenilo", the propriety of the town Sibenik, has started adequately putting in order and setting the Fortress of Saint Mihovil. Beside the eco-toilette, on this historical cultural monument in the very heart of Sibenik, telescopes will be placed and very soon its horticultural decorating will begin. The company "Zelenilo" will charge tickets for the tour around the Fortress and the price will be eight HRK.
  • The direct contact - an ideal solution for the 'last minute' type of tourists

  • The script is very simple: you look at the photos of interior and exterior, then you read the description of private accommodation or catering establishment, find out prices, notes, additional contents and without any obligation you can directly contact a renter of private accommodation. Apart of hearing his/her voice, you can arrange the date of arrival, discounts, payment and all that directly, without any intermediaries. For those who are more "last minute" type of tourists, Info Adriatic has described 30 tourist destinations of Sibenik-Knin County, added hundreds of author photos and translated them on several foreign languages. In this way, even "last minute" type of tourists will have their summer vacation on the right place in the exactly right time.
  • Sibenik cultural summer continued on the Fortress of Saint Mihovil

  • After an extraordinary concert of Maksim Mrvica on the Fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik Channel, which opened this year's Sibenik cultural summer, this event is continued on the Fortress of Saint Mihovil with the play "Poletija grdelin iz zuja", performed by the theatrical company Grdelin from Zagreb. That is the first play presented in the extraordinary ambient of this Sibenik's Fortress where the research and conservational work is in the progress.
  • More than 30 thousand guests on Sibenik Riviera

  • For the first time this summer, the number of guests on Sibenik Riviera has surpassed the number of 30 thousand guests. There are 25.500 foreign tourists, while there are 5.400 native tourists. In the comparison to the same period last year, it is the rise of 12 percent. There are 6.700 guests in the hotels, 12.200 visitors are in the private accommodation, while the camps are also well visited and there are 5.300 tourists. The less visited are the marines where there are around 1.800 boaters. The most visited of all tourist destinations is still Vodice with 7.500 guests.
  • Sibenik's mayor rejected statements that Julie Pascal published in the British 'The Guardian'

  • Julie Pascal's text, published in the British "The Guardian", in which the author comments her visit to 43rd International Children Festival in Sibenik, is ill-intentioned and full of the most vicious lies, states the letter which Sibeniks mayor Milan Arnautovic has sent to the Embassy of Croatia at the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland in London, more precisely to its ambassador Josko Pare, who will pass it to the redaction of "The Guardian". Arnautovic has rejected all the false statements of Julie Pascal, which point at the alleged occurrence of nationalism and interethnic hatred in Sibenik.
  • The Government announces the introduction of favours for islanders older than 65 years, pensioners and students

  • Ivo Milatic, Minister's assistant for public work, reconstruction and construction, has announced the introduction of free tickets in sea traffic for pensioners, students and people older than 65, all for the purpose of life improvement on the Adriatic islands. This decision should be put into practice at the end of September.
  • With the project financed by the Kingdom of Norway, Kornatari get new land registers

  • With the help of the Kingdom of Norway, that is their cartographic administration, which suggests measures to the amount of 60 percent and National Park Kornati and Municipality of Murter, which will give 40 percent of expanses, the owners of land proprieties on Kornati will get new land registers. The fact that the last land register on Kornati was made in 1830. tells us how important this new project really is. The price of the project is 7,5 millions HRK.
  • The valuation of tourist destinations for the award 'Plavi cvijet' started on the area of Sibenik

  • Five-member commission of Sibenik - Knin County's Tourist Board touring the most important tourist destinations, municipalities, towns and places in the County, has started valuating these destinations for the awards and acknowledgments of Croatian Tourist Board "Plavi cvijet" (Flower Blue), which have been done under the main project "Volim Hrvatsku" (I love Croatia). Particular elements are valuated for the best street, coast, house plot, balcony, souvenir and the original tourist offer.
  • Catamaran connection between Civitanova and Sibenik established again

  • Thanks to the friendship between Sibenik and Italian town Civitanova, from Thursday 10th of July, a catamaran connection was established again, which would help closer links between these two towns. The departure from Sibenik is on Thursday at eleven o'clock and return is also on Thursday at half past seven in the evening. Catamaran Hansejet, which will navigate on this lane till the 4th of September, has 340 passenger seats and covers the distance between these two towns for two and a half hours.
  • On the archaeological site Danilo, near Sibenik a new stage of research is in progress

  • On one of the most important Croatian archaeological sites in Danilo, new research and art-conservation works are in progress. In one of the tombs within the area of Roman villa, a skeleton of a horseman of Charlemagne buried with spurs and knife. Archaeological finds from Danilo date from five thousand years B.C. and on that place a Roman-illyrian town was flourishing during the time when there was a main road from Scardona to Salona.
  • Maksim Mrvica opened this year's cultural summer in Sibenik

  • With a concert of classical music on the fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik channel, young Sibenik pianist Maksim Mrvica opened Sibenik's cultural summer 2003, under the patron of Ministry of Culture, on Friday the 11th of July. For the performance in his native town Sibenik, Mrvica chose the works of Chopin, Liszt, Parac and Prokofjev. Producer Mel Bush, Hana Moura, the manager of the company EMI for Asia and many television and journalistic companies from all over the world were present on this concert.
  • In Primosten opened the 33rd exhibition named 'More, ljudi, obala'

  • In Primosten's gallery Rudine the traditional 33rd in a row, exhibition of visual arts "More, ljudi, obala" (Sea, people, coast) has been opened. The coordinator of this exhibition, visual artist Lidvina Erl Luketa has succeeded to present 43 artists from six countries (Croatia, Italy, BIH, Bohemia, Slovenia and China) in Primosten. Painters, graphic artists and sculptors have been presented through an introduction on four languages given by prof. Jurje Baldani. The exhibition is opened till the 15th August.
  • With two or three clicks, you have a summer vacation for 10EUR per person

  • For this year's season Info Adriatic has prepared itself extremely well, by offering to all native and foreign tourists the possibility to choose between 30 interesting destinations (Sibenik, Vodice, Primosten, Rogoznica...) and accommodations according to several criteria. For example, if you want to be near sea, or live only in air-conditioned apartments, if your pet comes with you or you are not ready to invest more than 10EUR per person a day, with a little help of two-three clicks you'll get the summary of accommodations according to your wishes and possibilities. The photos of exterior and interior, descriptions of accommodations, other contents, observations and prizes will help you narrow your choice and after that gives you a direct contact with the renters of private accommodation.
  • Sibenik's cultural summer starts with the concert of pianist Maksim Mrvica on the Fortress of Saint Nikola

  • The organizers of Sibenik's cultural summer, whose patron this year is the Ministry of Culture, have announced that these cultural events will start on the 11th of July with a concert of young pianist Maksim Mrvica. Of other events worth mentioning, they offer the concert of violinist Stefan Milenkovich on the 30th of July and the opera Carmina Burana on the 10th of August.
  • At the end of June, on Sibenik Riviera there were 4% less foreign tourists and 15% more native tourists than the last year

  • On the last day of June, on Sibenik Riviera there were 18.500 tourists or one per cent less than in the same period last year. There are four percent less foreign tourists, 15.500 registered on Sibenik Riviera, while there are 2900 native tourists or 15 percent more. Of all tourist destinations, the most visited is Vodice with 4640 guests.
  • Croatian president, Stjepan Mesic, the patron of the 43rd International Children Festival visited Sibenik

  • President Mesic has started his visit to Sibenik with arrival to Sibenik's General Hospital, which marks its 120 years of work. He visited the maternity ward and the construction site of the ward for internal medicine, which is carefully reconstructed and the expanses will cost 6 million HRK. After visiting hospital, he also visited several squares and streets where many Festival's workshops were taking place. In the evening he went to see a play by the drama workshop of Sibenik theatre on the summer stage.
  • The photographer from Vodice Sime Strikoman has taken a millennium photo of Croatian Alpinists on the highest Croatian peak

  • Marking the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Croatian Alpinist society "Dinara" from Knin, an academic photographer from Vodice Sime Strikoman has taken a millennium photo of 400 Alpinists on Sinjal, the highest Croatian peak. These Alpinists have arrived from all the parts of Croatia. This truly unique event has been enhanced by the musical bend of Vodice who performed a concert on the top of the mountain.
  • In Sibenik opened the 2nd International GLOBE conference of students

  • On the conference in Sibenik there are 400 participants from Argentina, Bahrain, Cameron, Croatia, Cyprus, Bohemia, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Thailand and the USA. The GLOBE programme was started in 1994. and provides the regular students' measurements and observations in the environment near their school and include atmosphere, water, soil and cover measurements. The results are completed and connected mutually and in this way the programme of total environment control is done. The participants of the GLOBE conference have presented themselves on the 43rd International Children Festival.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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