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News Archive

[September 2003]
  • Sibenik Riviera records more than six thousand guests at the end of September

  • During the last days of September, according to the data of Tourist Board of Sibenik-Knin County, there are 6285 guests on Sibenik Riviera, six thousand of them foreign tourists. It is 21 percent more tourist than in the same period last year. The majority of guests stays in apartments and hotels, while the most visited tourist destination is Vodice.
  • Tourist agency Riva Tours has prepared its first happening on Vodice quay

  • A well-known Croatian tourist agency Riva Tours has prepared its first tourist happening in Vodice, which it usually prepares in the summer resorts in Istria. The party for guests started with a promenade concert of Vodice orchestra, followed by a donkey race, which had an excellent reception from Austrian and German guests. The cooks of Vodicanka and Rivijera have taken care of an excellent culinary offer.
  • Sibenik mayor and the ambassador of Chile arranged the maintaining of Chile week in Sibenik

  • The representatives of the Citizens' Society "Faust Vrancic" have discussed with Sibenik mayor Milan Arnautovic and the ambassador of Chile in Croatia Jorge Dupouy Grez the organization of Chile week in Sibenik. It is agreed that it should be held next year as a part of Sibenik Cultural summer.
  • Vodice government has made a decision to remove prefab booths from town market

  • With a decision of Vodice government, until the 15th of October, when the construction work on the ordination of that space, the owners of shops on the town market have to remove their prefab booths. The area of town market will be reconstructed during two fazes, and the whole project is worth four million HRK. It includes the construction of park with a fountain, horticultural ordination and placing of 150 lighting fixtures.
  • The project - a hundred million of free Internet minutes - presented in Sibenik

  • As a part of the counselling "Computer in school", which was held in the hotel complex Solaris, near Sibenik, a project "Net in school". It is a common project of the Ministry of education and sport and HT (Croatian Telecom) whose goal is to contribute to a better computerization and Internalisation of Croatian schools. This project will allow ten hours of free access each week, including Saturday and Sunday. Croatian telecom will also allow every student to have 100 millions of free minutes for the Net surfing from their own houses.
  • The majority of visitors on the site of Info Adriatic would solve the problem of fire buying new Canadair

  • 144 visitors have answered on the poll question: "How would you contribute to the solution of fire problem?" The majority of them (36%) would invest money in the purchase of new Canadair, 29% would work on the severe system of punishing. While 17% consider that the solution to be connected with the upbringing and education. 9% would build observation posts; even 8% considers the future of this problem completely hopeless. And exactly like Franka has described, more detailed, but very severely, in the Guestbook (30.08.2003, Croatian) - it won't be easy to overcome these fires.
  • Hotel-managers in Dalmatia reduced prices up to 30 percent

  • September days have brought good results to Sibenik Riviera, with 14 thousand tourists and the raise of seven percent in comparison with the same month last year. Hotel-managers are still optimists and expect the good occupancy rate until the end of October. The prices of package tours in Dalmatian hotels have been reduced up to 30 percent.
  • On the frequency of 93,2MHz an Insular Radio Kornati (Orka) started broadcasting

  • From its studio in Murter, for the first time in the air waves, an Insular Radio Kornati has made itself heard, which will broadcast its programme everyday from 8.30 until 16. During the rest of the day radio receivers will get the rhythm of popular national and foreign music. Orka will be heard by whole inhabitants of the coastal part of Sibenik-Knin County, but the range and quality of reception are occasionally disturbed by the activity of strong overseas transmitters.
  • Professor Ivo Dekovic presented 'the art from sea' in Rogoznica's marina Frapa

  • The head of Subart centre, professor Ivo Dekovic, the head of the college for design and video in German town Aachen, has presented an unusual project made out of five different projections in marina Frapa in Rogoznica. A video projector, a computer and other modern technical tools have been used to show how the light looks under and above the sea.
  • The County's commission accepted the agreement on a new programme of granting credit

  • The commission of Sibenik-Knin County has accepted the programme of granting credit of entrepreneurial projects of women and youth, joining its funds (a million HRK has been suggested) with the funds of the Ministry of crafts, small and medium business. It is a direct granting of credit, without banks' participation, while the minimum sum of funds joint by the Ministry and the County is 150 thousand HRK.
  • The archaeologists made the protection of a submarine location near Murter

  • The head inspector for cultural goods and the head of the Department for inspection work of the Ministry of Culture Marijan Orlic with his associates has done the protection of archaeological location in the local waters of Murter, which so far has been illegally visited by many divers. The location is actually a ship sunk in the 16th or 17th century, which since the 4th of September 2003 has been protected as a cultural well. For the first time the experts for submarine archaeology protected the location with geotextile.
  • Many different youth programmes opened in Knin

  • In the Youth Centre on Sinobadi, in Krbavska Street in Knin, the societies Suncokret, Proni and HUK offer many multimedia services to young people every day from 17 to 21 o'clock. The a-ve library with 2000 books, among which there are those older than 300 years, has been opened, while there is also an a-ve theatre Art chicken in the Centre.
  • The commission for olive growing in Sibenik: less olive crop for a third

  • The commission for olive growing of the Croatian Institute for agricultural advisory service has announced in Sibenik that this year's olive crop will be less for a third, due to a long drought, hail and fire. 32 thousand olive trees have been burnt, while 18 thousand have been partly burned. With this year's crop 300 wagons of oil will be produced, which will not be enough and that is why the oil would have to be imported.
  • Agricultural community Draga from Primosten Burni starts planting 120 thousand olive trees

  • On the surfaces of 25 and 50 hectare, where so far only juniper-wood and weed have grown, Agricultural community Draga from Primosten Burni will plant 120 thousand olive trees. Since 1964., when the Agricultural community was founded in Draga, this has been the biggest and the most ambitious project, which could give the job to at least a hundred people from Primosten's hinterland. The investment has been valuated to 140 thousand HRK, while the financial support is expected from municipality Primosten, Sibenik-Knin County and Centre for enterprise.
  • Until the end of the year Vodice will register 800 thousand overnights

  • If it is taken into consideration the best occupancy rate in hotel's accommodation, reserved even during September and October, Vodice will probably realize the number of 800 thousand overnights by the end of this year, which is on the same level with the best seasons before the war. During the August Vodice realized 268 thousand overnights, 224 thousand of them foreigners. Comparing with last year's August, it is 17 percent more realized overnights.
  • Traditional prizes of Primosten's Tourist Board assigned

  • Even this year, Primosten's Tourist Board and "Atelje pod smokvom", of woman painter Lidvina Erl Luketa, have assigned awards and commendations to the best decorated Primosten's garden and catering terraces. The best terraces have a restaurant "Amfora", café bar "Maz" and café bar "Popaj". The best-decorated gardens belong to the families of Drago Santic, Tereza Huljev and Dubravka Iles. Many other individuals and communal companies have been commended.
  • On the location Podgrade, under Knin's Fortress, discovered wall ruins from the Middle Ages

  • New walls that come up on the same level with a nearby road have been found. Mediaeval pottery, broken pieces of pottery from the 15th and 16th century, known as maiolica have also been fund. There has also been certain amount of iron material - knives, nails, cannon ball with a 14 centimetres diameter, as well as the smaller quantity of porcelain.
  • Sibenik's girl Vinka Gracin made the first runner-up of Miss Tourism of Europe in Bukurest

  • Seventeen-year-old model of fashion agency Leona and the student of the third class in Sibenik's high school has won this flattering title against strong competition of 35 beauties from different European countries. Vinka Gracin has won the right to enter this kind of competition after becoming the first runner-up of Miss Jadran (Adriatic), the competition held on Hvar this summer.
  • The first presentation of youth orchestra in Sibenik

  • The group of young amateur musicians has held their promotional concert on the Square in front of the Town hall. Ten members of the orchestra and their guests, also young singers, have performed songs of Festivals of entertaining music from the 50's until the 80's of the 20th century.
  • The first historical water-polo game played in Murter

  • In the first historical game newly founded water-polo team Murter beat Brodograditelj from Betina 6 to 4. The game was really a historical one, because it has been the first water-polo game ever played in Murter. The interesting thing about this game, seen by more than a thousand visitors was certainly the fact that Murter's team was prepared and led by a famous member of Croatian national water-polo team, Ozren Bonacic.
  • Tourist-barometer: the excellent off-season results

  • The beginning of September has brought the expected less number of tourists on the Sibenik Riviera. However, in the comparison with the same results last year, there are even 22 percent more tourists. There are 18.900 guests, 15.400 of them foreign tourists, 21 percent more than the last year, while there are 25 percent more native tourists than the last year. The private accommodation still has the best occupancy rate, which is around seven thousand guests.
  • The renovation of the Fortress of Saint Mihovil started in Sibenik

  • Until the end of the year, the restoration of fortifications, walls and promenade is planned, but the town of Sibenik is also ordered certain art-conservation guidelines for the architectural project of the final plateau restoration. For the final restoration of fortifications and walls of the Fortress of Saint Mihovil, the Ministry of Culture has given 800 thousand HRK from the regular activities, while the same amount was given on the account of proclaiming Sibenik a town of culture.
  • In only three days even 20 major fires on Sibenik area

  • Three Canadair, helicopter and 900 fire fighters fought 20 fires on the Sibenik area, the most dangerous of which was the one in Skradin hinterland, in the National Park Krka. On more than 20 fire-affected locations, according to the first valuations, around a thousand hectares of pinewood, low plant cover and agricultural areas was burnt.
  • Phoenix opens the office in Sibenik, the construction of town swimming pool began, underwater drainpipe until the end of October

  • The American company Phoenix will open its office in Sibenik on the 1st of October, which will function as an educational centre. Phoenix is interested in the construction of the plant for the heat treatment of waste, which would be 60 per cent their propriety, while the other 40 per cent of shares would belong to the town of Sibenik. Sibenik mayor Milan Arnautovic opened the work on the construction of new winter swimming pool. The construction term is within six months, while the whole investment is worth 20 millions HRK. At the latest by the end of October, from Solaris to the southern Zlarin cape the tubes of the town sewage system will be constructed, which will end the work on its submarine construction.
  • Very soon a Mediterranean Latin-American cultural centre

  • Following the model of other Mediterranean towns, even Sibenik will soon have its Latin-American centre that will deal with the promotion of culture, cultural exchanges, social research, editorial activities and organization of different manifestations. The project is realized in the cooperation with the Foundation "Federico Garsia Lorca" from Madrid.
  • The first musical Festival 'Murter 2003' finished in Murter

  • With a concert of classical evergreen, a famous Croatian woman pianist Ljerka Pleslic-Bjelinski closed the first musical Festival "Murter 2003". The Festival consisted of eight concerts presented during July and August in the church of Saint Roko.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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