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News Archive

[October 2003]
  • International Children Festival from Sibenik guest of Italian town Civitanova Marche

  • After the visit of ballet troupe from Civitanova Marche this summer on Sibenik's International Children Festival, now International Children Festival is a guest in that Italian town - friend of Sibenik. The exhibition "Razglednice iz Hrvatske" (Postcards from Croatia), one of three regular Festival's exhibitions in the official part of International Children Festival. In Civitanova there are shown children's oil on canvas (big dimensions of 200x140) and two graphic "More prica o djeci" (Sea talks about children) and "Taj divni svijet" (That wonderful world), also made in the Festival's art workshop.
  • Sime Strikoman, academic photographer from Vodice, has won the first prize for photography on the theme 'Vacation'

  • On the recently held International Festival of tourist film, held as a part of the International Tourist Fair (Interstas SW ITF CRO 2003) in Split, the first prize for a tourist photography on the theme "Vacation" has been given to academic cameraman and photographer Sime Strikoman from Vodice. That prestigious award of International Federation of journalists and travel writers with the offices in Paris, Strikoman has won among photographers from 32 countries who have participated in this competition.
  • Zeljko Bulat confirmed head of the National Park Krka

  • The Government of the Republic of Croatia has confirmed that the head of the National Park Krka will still be Zeljko Bulat. This nomination has been confirmed six months after the soliciting for tenders ended. "The Government's decision has only been a confirmation of my work done so far and results done by everyone of us in the Administration", said Bulat.
  • Negative demographic indicators on Drnis area

  • On the area of territorial unit of Drnis at this moment there are 8 thousand and 595 inhabitants, 41,3% less than in the year 1991 when according to the census there were 14.647 inhabitants. In Drnis there are only 3.175 inhabitants, and the population density is twice less than the average Croatian density that is 78,4 people on the square kilometre. One of the main reasons of the population fall is the high jobless rate of 22 percent and low economic progress rate.
  • 'Croatian roads' continues to reconstruct the stare road D-1 on Knin's area

  • "Hrvatske ceste" (Croatian roads) continues to reconstruct the passage through Knin on the state road D-1, as a part of Government 's project of modernization of this road from Karlovac to Split, which should be finished till the middle of 2004 the constructive works have been done on the expansion of road surface on Knin's entrance from the direction of Gracac, causing the traffic regulation with temporary signalisation and brief interruptions.
  • The embassy of the USA in Croatia gave the equipment worth 50.000 dollars to Knin's Hospital

  • Representing the embassy of the USA in Zagreb Daren D. Taylor, Secretary of the Embassy from the political and economic department has given the equipment worth 50.000 dollars to the head of Knin General Hospital dr. Anka Aleksic Shihabi. The shipment in which there are hospital beds, wheel-chairs, trolleys for medicine and other equipment for doctor's office have been donated through the command for Europe of the USA Programme of Humanitarian Aid in Germany and it is a completely new equipment.
  • Sibenik included the drive for breaking the Guinness record

  • Sibenik has taken part in the drive of 16 Croatian towns, which will try to break the Guinness record in the preparation of breakfast in the occasion of International Food Day and in the organization of Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and School of Popular Health "Andrija Stampar". The spectacle "Hrvatski dorucak" (Croatian breakfast) was held on the 19th of October is located on six occasions in Sibenik, six of which are placed in Solaris. Just as a reminder, this record is held by Thailand, where 23.192 people prepared the breakfast.
  • Sibenik children choir 'Zdravo maleni' prepares the first children musical

  • In order to avoid the general apathy, which starts as soon as the International Children Festival ends, the decision on the preparation of the first children musical has been made in Sibenik. The text has been written by Marina Andelkovic from Zadar, music by Toni Eterovic from Zagreb, while the choreography will be made by Branka Cica Trumbic and Lucano Peric from Split. The director is Mate Gulin, while the co-operator is Mira Grujic, the conductor of children choir "Zdravo maleni", who will make the basis of musical.
  • Hawaiian woman volleyball player Margaret Moala Vakasausau played her first-league game in Sibenik

  • New player of first-league woman volleyball team Sibenik, attractive Hawaiian Margaret Moala Vakasausau has played her debut game in Sibenik. Thanks to her debuted game against the players of Zagreb, in the sport hall on Baldekin, there were 400 visitors, which is the record number for volleyball occasions.
  • The Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Croatia signed the memorandum on mutual understanding

  • The deputy of permanent secretary of Danish Ministry of Defence Christian Fisher and the deputy of Croatian Ministry of Defence Zlatko Gareljic have signed the memorandum on mutual understanding in Sibenik hotel complex Solaris. The document is signed as a part of a seminar "Defense Management 2003", whose subject was security condition in the South-eastern Europe. The representatives of Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Italy were also presented at the seminar.
  • For the Regional operative program six years and 170 millions EUR

  • The County of Sibenik and Knin is one of the first in Croatia which is chosen by EU for the elaboration of ROP (a Regional Operative Program), together in the cooperation with UNDOP, on the basis of which it will be able to present a candidature for the money of CARDS program until 2010. ROP includes three crucial programs - the progress of economy, infrastructure and human resources, while the major activity is dedicated to ecology. Among the projects is also the plantation of 35 thousand olive trees on the area of 110 hectares, while the Agricultural community of Primosten plans to plant 50 hectares in the first two years.
  • Tourist season extremely successful on Sibenik Riviera

  • With the biggest rise in Croatia of 12 percent and realized two and a half million overnights in eight months, Sibenik Riviera came among the most successful Croatian tourist destinations. Even this year, Vodice have taken precedence on this area with more than 600 thousand overnights, while Sibenik with Solaris has realized half a million overnights. On Sibenik Riviera, the most numerous were Germans again with more than 170 thousand visitors, followed by the Czechs, Italians, Slovenians and Hungarians.
  • Drnis will finally have Tourist Board

  • After eight years in the centre of Drnis, the reconstruction of a high-rise building, devasted during the Croatian War of Independence. In this building there will be the headquarters of Drnis Tourist Board, which is in the process of foundation, as well as the offices of National Park Krka. With the foundation of Drnis Tourist Board, the offer to numerous tourists who come to visit this interesting area throughout the whole year will improve.
  • Sibenik hotel Jadran goes on with a programme 'A weekend in Sibenik'

  • With a participation of Sibenik Tourist Board, the only Sibenik hotel - Jadran will soon start the realization of an interesting tourist programme "Vikend u Sibeniku" (A weekend in Sibenik). The programme is intended for Croatian and Slovenian market where exists the interest for this kind of offer. The idea is to bring a group of 25-30 guests every weekend in Sibenik, whom along with accommodation, native cuisine and entertaining contents, will be offered visits to museums, galleries and all historical monuments of Sibenik.
  • Humanitarian concert of Los Caballeros in Sibenik Theatre

  • One of the well-known Croatian mariachi troupes - group Los Caballeros held a humanitarian concert in Sibenik Theatre on Friday, the 10th October. The concert was organized by Wüstenrot - building society, while all proceeds went to kindergarten Jutro, helping handicapped children. The concert of Los Caballeros is a part of humanitarian drive "Djeca za djecu" (Children for Children), which also marks the 5th year anniversary of Wüstenrot in Croatia.
  • Minister of education and sport Vladimir Strugar presented with commendations Sibenik's teachers

  • On the occasion of International Teacher's Day, Minister of Education and sport Vladimir Strugar presented with commendations to meritorious educational institutions and educational workers. Among laureates there were professor of Croatian Jelena Grgic from Tourist-catering School Sibenik, Mile Misura from elementary school Faust Vrancic from Sibenik and School of engineering Sibenik.
  • Veterinary days in the hotel complex Solaris

  • The hotel complex Solaris is the host of traditional veterinary days, which this year gathers around 500 participants from Croatia and abroad. There will be a discussion on veterinary medicine on this gathering, as well as on other subjects such as sanitary right milk or care and economy of by-products of cattle-raising production.
  • Croatia, Dalmatia, Sibenik: Info Adriatic in its first year gave accommodation to hundreds of tourists

  • The tourist site of Sibenik-Knin County - Info Adriatic has been visited by more than 130.000 visitors since the 1st January 2003. Already in its first year, hundreds of foreign and native tourists have secured their accommodation with the help of this site. They have discovered that "direct contact" with the renters of accommodation is cheaper and that described destinations are truly "Pearls of Adriatic". On the other side, for only 480HRK+PDV, which is the price of advertising on the site of Info Adriatic, the renters from the area of Sibenik-Knin County can present their accommodation-capacity and in that way communicate successfully with their targeted group.
  • Drnis: Marked the 120th birth anniversary of the great sculptor - Ivan Mestrovic

  • In Drnis town museum with the promotion of a book called "Ivan Mestrovic and secession Bec-München-Prag 1900-1910" the 120th birth anniversary of the great sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The special guest of this ceremony was the sculptor's daughter Marica Mestrovic. On this promotion the plan of Mestrovic's foundation was announced and it consists in giving scholarship to young artist and scientist who would study Mestrovic's work in segments in order to collect more data about one of the greatest Croatian artist.
  • Island Murter, Jezera: finished the 5th international 'Big game' fishing competition

  • In front of Kornati, on the richest tuna area in the Adriatic Sea, the 5th International "Big game" sport fishing with hooks of Croatia 2003, which gathered 42 teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Bohemia and South African Republic. The difficult open-sea fishing was done according to the strict rules of International Fish Game Association (IFGA). After a three-day competition, the first was Shy II from Germany, while the second was Charly team from Jezera, and the third was Barakuda team from Murter.
  • Writer Ivo Bresan - winner of life achievment award

  • On the occasion of Saint Mihovil's holiday, awards, medallions and town arm were presented to meritorious individuals on the assembly of Sibenik's town council. Professor Ivo Bresan received a life-achievement award, while the awards of town Sibenik were presented to academic sculptor Aleksandar Ale Guberina, actor and screenwriter Branko Matic, the institution "Roman obitelj" and volunteer fire department Sibenik. The medallions of town Sibenik were presented to the chef Viktor Aras, posthumously to Josip Kokic, the family of Sokolka and Miljenko Vidovic, to Dusko Vuletic and men choir "Sveti Mihovil". The Sibenik coin of arms was presented to a faithful collaborator of International Children Festival - Bill Conor.
  • In Murter maintained traditional regatta 'Latinsko idro'

  • The traditional regatta "Latinsko idro 2003" has gathered thirty-five address. In the category of half-decked one-masted fishing boat the first who reached the finish was steerman Kresimir Markov, among fishing boats the best was Zeljko Jerat, while among boats the fastest was Ante Frzop. The complete winner of the regatta was Kresimir Markov, the second was Zeljko Jerat and the third Nikola Papesa.
  • Solemn mass on the occasion of church holiday Saint Mihovil was lead by seven archbishops and bishops

  • The church holiday of Saint Mihovil (Michael), the protector of town and Sibenik's diocese was celebrated with a big procession and solemn holy mass. The guests of this church festivities were msgr. Ivan Prenda, an archbishop of Zadar, msgr. Ante Juric, archbishop of Split and Makarska and metropolitan in peace, msgr. Marijan Oblak, archbishop of Zadar in peace, msgr. Slobodan Stambuk, bishop of Hvar, Brac and Vis, msgr. Zelimir Puljic, bishop of Dubrovnik, msgr. Mile Bogovic, bishop of Gospic and Senj, msgr. Ilija Janjic, bishop of Boka Kotarska.

    that on Sibenik's coast there are two biggest and most famous discotheques in Dalmatia - Aurora and Hacienda...

    that Sibenik is the only autochthonous Croatian town on the Adriatic coast...

    that the best period for visiting the Croatian coast is from April until October, and that in summer the sea temperature reaches 26°C...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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