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News Archive

[November 2003]
  • Drnis town council has decided to invest two million HRK in the development of rural economy

  • Of total 15 million-budget money, Drnis town council plans to invest two million HRK in the development of rural economy next year. A hundred thousand HRK will be invested to support small business and the development of agriculture, while 170 thousand HRK will be invested in the programmes of social security and welfare to endangered people. It was also decided that two million HRK should be invested in the maintaining of unclassified roads.
  • Finance Minister Mato Crkvenac opened a newly constructed border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Strmica, near Knin

  • The international border crossing of the II category in Strmica, near Knin was built on the state motorway D-33 in a six-month time, and 11 million HRK was spent for its construction. It is intended for international passenger and truck traffic between the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All the contents of a border crossing are organized on it, and along with the main building and other supporting buildings there are also constructed four passenger lanes, four truck lanes and parking space for personal cars and trucks.
  • In five months river Krka will be spanned with a bridge near Skradin

  • The biggest construction of the motorway Zagreb-Split, on the section from Saint Roko to Prgomet, a steel concrete bridge bear Skradin will span the river Krka in the April 2004. The bridge would be complete in the November the same year. Its putting into operation, along with Sibenik's section of the motorway, is expected at the beginning of 2005. A million and 700 thousand kilograms of steel will be used for this bridge, while the whole reinforcement of the bridge will weigh 2 millions and 300 thousand kilograms.
  • Presented Regional programme of development for Sibenik-Knin County

  • Florian Hauser, manager of regional development of small and medium business at the European Union in the Republic of Croatia, has presented a Regional operative programme for Sibenik-Knin County in the Sibenik town hall. For the realization of this programme, through the EU and UNDP, 14 million EUR has been secured. Apart from tourism, the biggest chance of development will be offered to the agriculture, services, small and medium business, connected to the finalization of aluminium. With the ROP, a tourist MASTERS PLAN of county, worth 400 thousand EUR, is planned, as well as the elaboration of Geographic-informational system, or so called Gis plan, as the first county Geographical-informational system in Croatia.
  • At the end of October, 11.940 unemployed people in Sibenik-Knin County

  • The majority of unemployed people are registered in Sibenik - 7037, in Knin 3846 and Drnis 1057 people. The biggest growth of unemployment is registered in branch-offices in Drnis - 7,2 percent and Sibenik seven percent, while Knin has a decrease of unemployment of 0,5 percent. According to the pattern of skills, the biggest number of unemployed is among skilled and highly skilled workers, 4422 or 37 percent of unemployed. Right after them, there are low-skilled workers, with 32,7 percent, while the least unemployed are those with college degree, only 2,3 percent.
  • The readers of 'The Sunday Times' proclaimed Croatia the most desirable international tourist destination

  • The readers of "The Sunday Times" have chosen Croatia for the most international tourist destination. The chief editor of these newspapers gave this excellent recognition to woman minister of tourism Pave Zupan Ruskovic on the last day of the International Tourist Fair in London. Sibenik-Knin County with its two national parks and this year's record growth of tourist business of 21 percent, and realized two and a half million overnights in the first eight months is surely one of the most merited for the first place of Croatia, according to the readers "The Sunday Times".
  • Sibenik's groups Teuta and Skradinke presented themselves on the concert of ten best groups in 'Lisinski'

  • On the meeting of klape, traditionally organized in November, in the grand hall "Lisinski" in Zagreb, there were also klape from Sibenik Teuta and Skradinke. Both klape in "Lisinski" presented their songs, which they sang on this year's Festival of klape in Omis. Skradinke sang songs "Tri sibenske gospojice" (Three Sibenik's misses) and "Deveta ura" (The ninth hour) and Teuta sang "Buce" (Italian bowls) and "Tuzni snovi, bol prosjaka" (Sad dreams, beggar's pain).
  • 'Hrvatska gospodarska komora' has given 'golden marten' to the most successful companies

  • The commercial council of HGK (Hrvatska gospodarska komora - Croatian chamber of commerce)in Sibenik has chosen Sibenik's company Krka d.o.o. for the most successful company in Sibenik-Knin County in 2002. In the category of medium companies, the biggest points won the company Ran d.o.o., while in the category of small companies the most successful was the company Mikrosiverit - Za Dom d.o.o. from Siveric.
  • IRC, committee for the international help, organized the Festival of local societies in Knin

  • The committee for the international help (IRC) has presented the Festival of local societies and civil initiatives in Knin, which participate in the IRC's programme of Progress of civil society, supported by the Embassy of the United Kingdom, that s of its department for the international progress. Three societies have presented their activities: Zena iz Drnisa, Hocu kuci and HUK from Knin. The coordinator of IRC for civil programmes in Zagreb, Ann Gofort has stated that 30 local groups have presented their project suggestions.
  • With the opening of the ward for intern medicine, marked the 120th anniversary of Sibenik General Hospital

  • In Sibenik, in the presence of the woman minister of justice Ingrid Anticevic Martinovic and Minister of Health Andro Vlahusic, the 120th anniversary of Sibenik General Hospital's foundation was marked. In honour of this occasion the new ward for intern medicine was opened, which after its reconstruction responds to the highest standards of medical treatment and stay in the medical institutions. In the foyer of Sibenik Theatre there was an exhibition on 120 years of hospital and Sibenik's health care in the Croatian War of Independence. Under the baton of maestro Rajmir Kraljevic on the Theatre stage there was a choir of doctors-singers from Split with solo-singers Ivica Cikes, basso, Ratomir Kliskic, baritone, Svet Komnenovic Matosic and Stefan Kokoskov, tenors and soprano Nelli Manuilenko.
  • Town Sibenik coordinator of four lectures on the history of Sibenik

  • As a part of Sibenik town of culture 2003, town Sibenik will organize four lectures on the history of Sibenik during the November. Dr. Andrej Zmegac will lecture on topic Fortress of Saint Nikola in the context of Venetian fortifying architecture, dr. Danko Zelic on the topic Sibenik in the 13th century, dr. Milan Pelc will lecture on the topic Three Renaissance engravers of Sibenik, while dr. Jagoda Markovic will lecture on the topic Urban identity of Sibenik in the 19th century.
  • Poet Josip Tomin, from Jezera, printed his seventh poetry book

  • "Dobro more dide" (Safe voyage Grandpa), is the title of the seventh poetry book written by poet Josip Tomin from Jezera, recently come off the press which contains fifty poems set to music and music notes. In the book there are poems set to music by Ljubo Katunaric, Natalija Banov, Ivo Lakos, Sanjin Mandicic, Josip Forembacher, Leo Ivancic and Josip Kaplan, and ninety percent of these poems are connected and dedicated to Jezera, its inhabitants, sea and stone.
  • Drnis: opened the market whose reconstruction financed American Agency for the international progress

  • After six months of construction work, in Drnis was opened a reconstructed "Green Market", whose renovation was financed by the American Agency for the international progress - USAID. The total work value was two millions and 300 thousand HRK, while there were also built some new business premises. To the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed market-place there were presented Drnis's mayor Ante Dzelalija and the director of USAID William Jeffers.
  • Knin: the construction work on the renovation of market centre worth seven million HRK have started

  • In Tomislav's Street the construction work on the renovation of market centre have started. Its construction started before the Croatian War of Independence. Along with a market, there will be constructed more than 30 business premises. On the ceremonial opening of construction work there were presented Mayor Vinko Maric, Alfons Peeters, project manager of ASB, head of the ASB office for south-eastern Europe Wolfgang Gressmann, and manager of ASB office in Knin David Haines. As a part of this project, worth seven million HRK, job positions should get around 70 inhabitants of Knin.
  • County Radio Sibenik celebrated its 35th birthday

  • The 35th anniversary of County Radio Sibenik was marked with the ceremony held in Sibenik Theatre. Deputy district head Miho Mioc extended the heartiest congratulations on behalf of County government, while Sibenik's mayor Milan Arnautovic wished the success in the future work to all employees and contributors of County Radio Sibenik. In the musical part of the programme, hosted by the editor-in-chief Borka Juras Slamic and announcer Branko Bubica, the guests were the choir of Elementary School Juraj Sizgoric with its choir leader Denka Bobic, accompanied by the professor Gordana Pavic on piano and professor Ante Stosic on guitar, actor Sime Bubica, klapa Teuta and Ivo Pattiera.
  • Winemaker Stipe Gasperov received special recognition and gratitude of the Holy Chair

  • After the wine of Stipe Gasperov from Krculj near Primosten was placed on the table of the Holy Father during his visit to Croatia this year, from Vatican has arrived the notice addressed to Primosten's winemaker expressing the special gratitude and recognition for the wine quality. 1999 Gasper received the recognition for the wine quality by the President of the Republic of Croatia dr. Franjo Tudman who gave him the medal "Red hrvatskog pletera". This year, the municipity of Primosten awarded Gaseper by giving him the recognition for the best wine yard, and he is also invited to visit a very respectable wine Fair in Verona.
  • The poetic and artistic map 'The coast of Wojtilo' of Pope Joseph Paul II presented in Sibenik

  • On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of pontifical position of Joseph Paul II, in the hall for catechism of parish "Gospe van grada", the poetic and artistic map "The coast of Wojtilo" has been presented. The authors of the map are academic painter Josip Botteri Dini, who so far has had two exhibitions in Sibenik and the poet and the chansonnier Miljenko Galic.
  • Ivona Roca and Nives Radic, the members of Sibenik's 'Dalmatino', have won bronze medals on the World Championship in kickboxing

  • The members of sport society "Dalmatino", Ivona Roca and Nives Radic, have won bronze medals on the World Championship in kickboxing, held in Paris. These two girls are the only Croatian representatives with medals in full contact. Due to the money shortage, their coach Damir Lambasa couldn't come with them in Paris, so the tactics for single fights was arranged on the mobile phone. The lack of second was the main reason why these Sibenik's girls couldn't win the most brilliant medals.
  • Dalmatian female harmony-singing 'Orsulice' presented its first compact disc

  • Under the title "Voda je gradu ime dala" (Water gave the name to town), female harmony-singing group "Orsulice" from Vodice has presented its first compact disc in the church of Saint Cross. The promotion has been held in the presence of many inhabitants of Vodice, Vodice's mayor Rade Ivas and the President of Tourist Board Anita Franin, who gave an enormous support to this musical project. The first CD of "Orsulice" contains 12 original native songs, as well as two compositions - "Deveta ura" (The Ninth Hour) by Magdic-Jerinic and "Voda je gradu darovala ime" (Water gave the name to town) by Barbaca-Bastic.
  • Celebrated the Day of blood donors and the 27th anniversary of organized blood donations in Sibenik

  • In double jubilee year of Croatian Red Cross, 120th anniversary of that humanitarian organization in our country and 50th anniversary of organized blood donations, donors of Sibenik have celebrated their 27th anniversary. Multiple blood donors have been given much recognition. Scrolls of honor and small silver signs of recognition for 50th blood donations have been given to Zdravko Babun from Tribunj and Milan Spoljaric from Pirovac. These scrolls of honour and recognitions have also been given for 40th or 35th blood donations.
  • With the donation of DM from Zagreb, in Knin renovated children's playground

  • The head of DM (Drogerie Markt) for Croatia, Mirko Markuzic, has given the newly renovated children's playground in the park near The Square of Oluja to Knin's mayor Vinko Maric. There have been put new swings, toboggans, seesaws valued 100 thousand HRK. The town of Knin provided new benches and waste bins, also placed in that park. The donation has been realized in the occasion of opening of the new DM shop in Knin.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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