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News Archive

[December 2003]
  • - to all its guests, visitors and clients wish you all joyful and happy holidays

  • At the end of the first year of our existence, we use this occasion to wish you all the best holiday wishes, good health, success and happiness in New 2004! This is also an opportunity to thank all our clients (renters of accommodation) for giving us a chance to justify their trust. We tried and succeeded! 150.000 dear visitors have input half a million of our pages, and many of them chose Sibenik-Knin County for their holidays. The popularity of the pages and guests' satisfaction - the common success, guarantee and motif for even better tomorrow.
  • Da te mogu pismom zvati - song by Sibenik's klapa Maslina proclaimed the most performed Dalmatian song

  • The big hit of Sibenik's klapa Maslina, song "Da te mogu pismom zvati" has been proclaimed the most performed Dalmatian song in the last year. The special honour for this recognition goes to composer Ivica Badurina, author of the text Frane Bilic and then to the soloist of the klapa Branko Bubica. Klapa Maslina has recently made the video for this song, which soon will be shown in the musical part of the HTV (Croatian television).
  • Even this year on Sibenik's area the offer of New Year's Parties reduced

  • Differently from the earlier years when the sending off Old Year and welcoming a New one couldn't be imagined without Primosten and Solaris, where a great number of people from Split, Zadar and Sibenik. This year in local hotels there will not be any organized New Year's Party for 2004. A little better situation is on the west side of the town. In Rivijera's hotel Imperijal organizes New Year's Party with dinner and entertainment of well-known Berekini. Guests from Dalmatia are also welcomed in other Vodice hotel Punti, where visitors can enjoy with lots of food and music by the group Kuzis stari moj. The organized Party is also prepared in hotels Kristina and Orion in Vodice, while Primosten's discoteque Aurora organizes Party with Giuliano and Vesna Pisarovic.
  • World olive growers visited Primosten region where the best oil of this climate is produced

  • After a four-day seminar, a hundred of world known experts for the olive growing from 21 countries of Mediterranean basin (seven from the EU) have visited the olive-growing area Burni Primosten - Stanove, where local farming cooperative on the area of 20 hectares and with 60 cooperatives grows new 30 olive trees. Respectable European and world olive growers were introduced to the production of the best oil on this area, with the conclusion that this year, because of so-far non-recorded drought, which has done a great damage to olive-growing of the whole Primosten-Rogoznica area.
  • Dean of Sibenik's college for tourist management, Stipe Belak, submitted his letter of resignation

  • Stipe Belak, dean of Sibenik's college for tourist management, which is the only college in Sibenik, has submitted his letter of resignation to the administrative council. "The town of Sibenik and its leaders have organized and supported smear campaign against me and my contribution to the foundation of this college on town's Internet pages, in so called Forum. On that site, without any legal consequences, it is allowed to negate anonymously at this institution, me as its dean and my colleagues. This is not my temporary irrational mood, but my serious consideration whether Sibenik deserves my engagement, hard work and time", explained Stipe Belak.
  • The best New Year's gift: reservation of accommodation for the summer 2004, happiness guaranteed

  • On the site Info Adriatic, you can search through accommodation capacity according to the serial of criteria and you will also get to know the offer of individual renters and additional destinations. You will get in touch with the owners/managers of these buildings for further information and get to make arrangements according to the original prices. If we add the fact that many of this attractive capacities are still not reserved and that many renters are more than ready to lower these prices for reservations made during this period, you will get a New Year's present that you will be looking forward in the summer 2004. Actually, only then it would be a real joy.
  • Assigned a new administrative council of the public institution National Park Kornati

  • The public institution National Park Kornati has got five new members of the Administrative Council. They are: Nikola Basic, architect from "Marina projekt" in Zadar, Vladimir Skracic, professor on the Faculty of Arts in Zadar, Ivana Grubelic from the Institute of oceanography in Split, Zlatan Bajraktarevic of Faculty of science in Zagreb and Jasminka Radovic of the State Institute for the nature protection. Administrative council will bring the new Statute of the Public Institution National Park Kornati on its first session.
  • Skradin: a workshop 'Elaboration of the plan of governing wolves in Croatia'

  • A two-day workshop "Elaboration of the plan of governing wolves in Croatia", as a part of the LIFE programme of Ministry of nature protection and space arrangement, has been held in Skradin. The Ministry of agriculture and forestry and the Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Zagreb have given their support to this project, while the financial support has been given by the European Commission. On this meeting, it has been announced that Croatia sets an example in Europe, in the protection of wolves.
  • Sibenik's piano professor, Marija Sekso, has received the Annual prize of the Croatian Society of music and dance instructors

  • Sibenik's piano professor in the music school "Ivan Lukacic", Marija Sekso, has received the Annual Prize of the Croatian society of music and dance instructors. Marija Sekso has worked as a piano professor since 1959 and since then until now, 40 students has finished their secondary music education, in her class, among whom these days well-known pianist Maksim Mrvica.
  • Even 113 requests of tradesmen for work on Sunday arrived to Sibenik town administration

  • Even 113 requests of Sibenik's tradesmen who would like to work on Sundays, has arrived to Sibenik's administrational department of commerce. Because of this situation, the town administration announces the determination of criteria, which would be the landmarks to determinate which shops, where and when will work on Sunday. Some tradesmen have assigned even ten shops in different parts of town.
  • 'Golden Martens' assigned to the most successful companies in Sibenik-Knin County

  • County chamber of commerce - Croatian chamber of Commerce Sibenik has assigned "Golden Martens" to the most successful companies in 2002. The most successful small business in the County is the company Mikosiverit - Za Dom d.o.o. from Siveric. In the category of medium business, the best company is Ran d.o.o., while the most successful big company is Krka d.d.
  • Vodice expects 800 hundred overnights next year

  • Until the 1st of November, in Vodice were realized 752 thousand overnights of which 643 thousand were foreigners, which was nine percent more than 2002. In 2004 the growth of tourist traffic of five percent or 800 thousand overnights is expected, which would reach the realization of the best pre-war seasons, and this statement was emphasized on the session of Vodice Tourist Board Council, which also accepted the financial plan for the next year to the amount of 2,8 million HRK.
  • The owners of hotel complex Solaris returned the original name to its hotels

  • The owners of hotel complex Solaris has decided to return the original names of Croatian constructors to local hotels. In that way, Exelsior has become Niko, Holiday Beach - Jure, Millenium Club - Ivan, Mirage - Andrija, while Meridien have become Jakov. In the foreseeable future Solaris should get another hotel whose name would be Faust Vrancic, one of the most significant people in Sibenik's history.
  • The study on tourist valorisation of the National Park Krka presented

  • The study on tourist valorisation of the National Park Krka was presented in Sibenik. Only Krka, of all Croatian national park, has this kind of study, whose authors are the scientists of the Tourism Institute. The study should help the Park administration to confirm comparative advantages and disadvantages of the actual tourist offer, as well as easier monitoring of marketing trends. Krka with its half million visitors, registrated this year, has been the first to reach the pre-war number of guests.
  • Maksim Mrvica played for inmates of the Centre for work therapy and rehabilitation 'Family Roman'

  • Pianist and the leading name of the world classic crossover scene Maksim Mrvica has held a twenty-minute humanitarian concert for the inmates of the Centre for work therapy and rehabilitation "Obitelj Roman" (Family Roman) in Bratiskovci, a village situated in the Skradin hinterland. The institution "Obitelj Roman" is the first private institution of this kind in Croatia, where people with moderate and graver mental retardation. After the concert, Maksim wished Happy birthday to eight inmates and gave away occasional gifts, while they gave him one of the paintings made by them.
  • Sibenik organist summer school visited Stuttgart

  • Sibenik organist summer school was guest artists in German town Stuttgart. The cooperates and school instructors, Nera Gojanovic, soprano, Natalija Imbrisak, organist and Pavao Masic, organist and school attendant since its foundation, have performed an Advent-concert with Holy Mass in the church of Saint Eberhard. The concert was organized by the consulate general of the republic of Croatia and Croatian Catholic mission in Stuttgart.
  • The fourth Sibenik boating regatta gathered fifty crews from Croatia and Slovenia

  • The traditional fourth Sibenik's cruiser regatta has gathered fifty crews from Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Vodice, Primosten, Murter, Sibenik and Slovenia this year. It is in a right sense of words a truly town regatta, because, in spite of the big number of crews, it is sailed in town port. For the end of the regatta, on the Saturday evening (the 6th of December), on Sibenik's pier Vrulje, a big party was prepared for more than five hundred boaters and their guests.
  • Tisno: Radio Most started the experimental broadcasting on 97,0Mhz

  • On the frequency 97,0 the experimental broadcasting of Tisno's Radio Most (Bridge). The first twenty days, Radio Most will broadcast its programme from 9 to 16 hours, and with news and interesting things, the programme will be filled with popular music. Just before Christmas, Radio Most will begin its own programme and it will broadcast for twelve hours a day.
  • Maksim Mrvica, young Sibenik pianist, announces his taking over the American market

  • After the single "The Flight Of The Bumble-bee" from its album The Piano Player appeared on the first place of all world top charts, young Sibenik pianist Maksim Mrvica announces taking over the American market. His album, so far sold in million copies, has already been presented in all countries of Far East, then in Colombia, and in European countries: England, Spain, the Czech Republic and of course in Croatia. The American promotion is planned for the March 2004. Mrvica says: "It is a real challenge to prove myself to the Americans with the crossover music, that I play".
  • Knin: the project 'Say NO to drugs - with sport against the addiction' and the project of the Society of defenders cured of posttraumatic stress syndrome

  • Even this year, the Knin sports union has organized the programme "Reci NE drogi - sportom protiv ovisnosti" (Say NO to drugs - with sport against addiction), as a part of which a tribune about addiction was held, on which the representatives of police, church, school and sport participated. The society of defenders cured of posttraumatic stress syndrome "Tvrdava Knin" (The Fortress of Knin) has opened a new Internet workshop in its premises in Kresimir's Street and presented their new refreshed Web page.
  • The caterers of Sibenik and Knin joined the drive of the Croatian Caritas 'For 1000 joys'

  • The caterers of Sibenik-Knin County will join the humanitarian Christmas drive of the Croatian Caritas "Za 1000 radosti" (For 1000 joys), dedicated to the most socially handicapped families and individuals in Croatia. As it has been announced in the guild of the caterers and tourist personnel of the Chamber of Crafts and Trade in Sibenik-Knin County, on the 14th December the local caterers will prepare around hundred free food portions in Caritas kitchen in Sibenik.
  • Philatelic and numismatic society lays down the exhibition about the history of Croatian philately

  • In the town museum Sibenik's philatelic and numismatic society has presented the stamp exhibition of their members: Ivo Aras, Petar Cicin-Sain, Stjepan Smernic, Visnja Cicin-Sain and Mario Lusic. On this exhibition can be seen many reprints and stamps from 1918, when the first stamp was issued in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, till these days. The society has existed for 55 years, and since 1999 has been organizing regular exhibitions. So far on different state and world exhibitions it has won 25 medals.
  • Vedran Jaksic from Sibenik has won the title of World Championship in body building in Moscow

  • Sibenik's professor of informatics Vedran Jaksic, multiple state championship and world vice-championship in 2000, has won the title of the World champion in his competition on the World championship of body builders in Moscow. On the championship, organized by the World fitness federation and the Body builder society, there were 62 competitors from all over the world. It is interesting to point out that Jaksic had to take even two loans and try finding sponsors to even have a chance to go to Moscow, although the Croatian Olympic Committee proclaimed him top sportsman in 1993.
  • Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has convincingly won in the 9th election precinct

  • Even 120.542 of total 394.363 registered electors have given their vote to the HDZ on the Parliamentary elections in the 9th election precinct, which covers Licko-senjska County, Zadar, Sibenik -Knin and the part of Split-Dalmatia. In this precinct HDZ has won nine mandates, SDP (Social Democratic Party) two, while HNS, HSS and HSP one each. Sibenik-Knin County in the Assembly will be presented by Perica Bukic and Jozo Topic (HDZ) and Ante Markov (HSS).
  • Film 'Svjedoci' by Vinko Bresan nominated for Golden Bear

  • The film "Svjedoci" (Witnesses) by director Vinko Bresan has been included in the official competition of the 54th Berlin Film Festival, which will beheld from the 5th to the 15th February 2004. Vinko Bresan, native of Sibenik, directed this film based on the novel by Jurica Pavicic "Ovce od gipsa" (Plaster sheep), which tells the story of a crime committed by a group of Croatian soldiers during the War for the Independence in 1992.
  • Branko Kereta the newly appointed head of National Park Kornati

  • The Minister of environmental protection Ivo Banac has appointed graduate economist from Solin, Branko Kereta the head of Public Institution of National Park Kornati. Kereta was born in Kijevo 1955, he is married and is a father of two daughters. He has worked in several companies and has more than twenty years of experience.
  • In Sibenik held the opening night of play 'Miss Univerzal'

  • "Miss Univerzal" has the markings of a farce, while the text is determined by a clean sentence and good idiomatic language of Sibenik hinterland and an extremely good sense of humor, said the director Pero Mioc of the season's first opening night in Sibenik theatre. His son Sergej Mioc has written for the broadcast Panoptikum of the Second programme of radio Zagreb, which has already transmitted eight of his radio drama, while another two are being prepared.
  • Government of Sibenik-Knin County has invited tenders for the elaboration of the tourist Master plan

  • The elaboration of tourist Master plan for tourist development for the period of time between 2005 and 2014 should start in the February and finish in the December next year. Sibenik-Knin County expects that this elaboration includes: the clear vision and direction of tourist development, definition of necessary infrastructure, space usage, whose used state and possible devastation should be taken into consideration. So far this kind of document in Croatia has been accepted by Istria County, while its elaboration is also on progress in Primorsko-goranska County.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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