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News Archive

[January 2004]
  • In Drage, Primosten Burni's village, founded the workshops of old crafts

  • On the occasion of the celebration of Saint Ante abbot, village's admirer and protector, in Drage Primosten's Burni village, the workshops of old crafts, which live through centuries in customs and everyday life of Primosten's Stanovi, have been founded. The workshops should revive the skills of weaving, wool spinning, baking bread on the fireplace under a baking lid, paving roofs, making hay-truss and cooking old meals. These old skills should become a part of permanent tourist offer of Primosten's region.
  • Croatian president Stjepan Mesic patron of the 44th International Children Festival

  • From the office of Croatian president Stjepan Mesic arrived the confirmation that president will be the patron of the 44th International Children Festival. Expressing pleasure, they also express regret that due to the numerous state obligations, they cannot confirm whether the President will be presented on the inauguration or not. On the 12th February, President Stjepan Mesic will greet the members of Sibenik's ensemble Bonaca, who mark it's the 25th anniversary.
  • Hungarian company Trigranit interested in the space of the ex-Sibenik's Factory of electrodes and ferroalloy

  • The Hungarian company Tigranit from Budapest is interested in space of the ex-Sibenik's factory on whose surface of 100 thousand square meters by the sea, it would built tourist-residential premises, Hungarians' interest is also very interesting due to the fact that the terrain of the factory is on the mortgage by the state and INA to the amount of 100 million HRK. INA is in part ownership with Hungarian MOL and all the investors so far on Sibenik region, in Tribunj and Primosten, are connected with MOL.
  • Cultural club Koledisce from Jezera performed on the International Fair in Vienna

  • Cultural club Koledisce from Jezera performed on the International Fair in Vienna, where through customs and dances of their place presented Croatian Tourist Board, Sibenik-Knin County's Tourist Board and Jezera Tourist Board. During the performance on the screen there was presented a film on international competition in big game fishing - Big Game Jezera 2003.
  • Basketball player Korana Zanze and volleyball player Hrvoje Slavica the best sportswoman and sportsman for the last year

  • On the traditional ceremony, held by the Sibenik Sports Union in Sibenik Theatre, player of the basketball club Sibenik Jolly Korana Zanze and player of volleyball club Sibenik Hrvoje Slavica are proclaimed the best sportswoman and sportsman of Sibenik for 2003. The best team is indoor-soccer team Croatia El Bakota, while the best female team is basketball club Sibenik Jolly JBS. The best coach is Stipe Bralic, coach of the Sibenik's female basketball club.
  • Tourist employees of Sibenik and Sibenik-Knin County started preparing for the new tourist season

  • The preparations for the new tourist season, for which on Sibenik Riviera is expected to be five percent better than the last, were started. Traditionally, the first tourist fair is in Vienna, where the potentials of Sibenik's tourism will be presented. From the 15th until the 19th January the joint presentation in Vienna had The County Tourist Board, Vodice Tourist Board and Primosten Tourist Board. After this one, tourist employees will visit München Fair and later Paris.
  • Knin occasionally marked the Day of International recognition of the Republic of Croatia

  • The Day of International recognition of the Republic of Croatia on the 15th of January, which is traditionally marked in Knin, this year was marked with unveiling ceremony of sculpture "Pad pod krizem" (A Fall under the Cross), made by Academic sculptor Tomislav Ostoja. The sculpture was made out of stone blocks, which symbolize the Cross and it is placed on the plateau near the church of Saint Barbara on Knin Fortress.
  • The opening night of play 'A famous barber shop at Trimalhion', performed by Kiklop theatre, held in Sibenik theatre

  • A small Croatian theatre Kiklop, founded in 1998 by actor Spiro Guberina, held an opening night of play "Glasovita brijacnica kod Trimalhiona" (A famous barber shop at Trimalhion) in Sibenik theatre. The play was directed by Georgij Paro, after his adaptation of several texts by Ranko Marinkovic, while the characters were performed by Ivan Joncic, Sinisa Popovic and Spiro Guberina. Along with this play, dedicated to Sibenik as the first Croatian culture town, the sixth anniversary of theatre Kiklop's was also marked.
  • Sibenik's mayor Milan Arnautovic, vice mayor Zoran Smolic and town government relieved of their posts

  • The members of town council voted no confidence in Sibenik's mayor Milan Arnautovic, vice mayor Zoran Smolic and town government. 13 council members voted for the shift of town government, while one member gave abstention. Although a non confidence motion was accepted, Arnautovic and Smolic are not completely relieved of their posts and will remain on these duties for at least thirty days, until the new town government is founded or snap elections are carried out.
  • Four offers for the construction of Sibenik's sewage treatment plant

  • In Sibenik, the tenders were invited for the construction of Sibenik's sewage treatment plant, on the location Pecine in Podsolarsko. It is a plant for the mechanic sewage treatment whose capacity will be equivalent to 100 thousand inhabitants and placed on the surface of a hectare. In the required legal term, tenders of Zagreb Montaza, Montmotaza-Inzenjering, Brodomerkur and an Austrian company were accepted.
  • The tubes of a five kilometres long submarine drainpipe of Sibenik's sewage system will be placed in the sea before the tourist season

  • The final part of the construction of submarine part of Sibenik's sewage system, more precisely the placement of tubes from Solaris to the south cape of Zlarin, throughout the length of five kilometres, will be done throughout the February or in March at the latest. The final preparation work is being done, which precede the inundation of tubes. At this moment, heavy burdens on 11 tubes long 525 meters are being placed, which after being pulled from Norway for 17 days, are deposited in Sibenik's bay Paklena.
  • In Betina on Murter Island, the construction of the first kindergarten will soon begin

  • Betina's children would probably very soon replace the present inadequate premises with new kindergarten, constructed only for this purpose. According to the statements of the municipal government, on spring there would begin the construction of a new children institution. There is being made project documentations and property-rights titles are being handled, while the kindergarten should be built on the location of summer cinema. Municipality Tisno will give 400 thousand HRK for the construction of the kindergarten.
  • Knin: unemployment slightly rises, even a third of unemployed in Sibenik-Knin County comes from Knin

  • Compared with the total number of unemployed in Sibenik-Knin County, which at the end of November 2003 was 12.337, on the area of Knin there is almost a third of all unemployed, exactly 31,6 percent. In Knin there are three times more unemployed than in nearby Drnis where in the November last year there were 1088 unemployed, while in Sibenik there were 7342.
  • With a formal decision of the Commercial court in Sibenik, Knin and Sibenik's General Hospitals become formally one medical institution

  • With the formal decision of Commercial Court in Sibenik, the judicial proceedings regarding the uniting two medical institutions in the County has been finished. Knin's General Hospital is joined with Sibenik's, so the new institution is called General Hospital Sibenik. 860 employees will work there, 745 in Sibenik and 115 in Knin. Sibenik's hospital has 308 beds, while Knin's hospital has 60 for those acute and 80 for patients with prolonged medical care. New financial limit per month for this unique institution is 10,2 million HRK. The head of the hospital remains Doctor Zeljko Buric.
  • Sibenik: presented the CD of one of the most unusual Sibenik's klapa - klapa Imitatori

  • In Sibenik's bar Prestige the CD of one of the most unusual and fascinating Sibenik's musical groups - klapa Imitatori has been presented. Its members didn't sing, but they imitated brass brand. This klapa was founded in 1956 on the initiative of showman of special stamp, Zivojin Skocic from Skradin who was its leader and the main entertainer until 1981, when klapa stopped exisiting. Imitatori had an excellent reception wherever they showed up and during the 70s they had several radio and television performances.
  • Sibenik government has brought the decision about duration of tourist season throughout the whole year

  • The members of Sibenik government have agreed on the suggestion that the tourist season lasts the whole calendar year, on the model of other neighbouring towns. This decision has also made conditions that all shops and commercial centres can work on Sundays in the future, which puts out of the force the schedule on shops' "duty", made by the town Administrative department for economy. The members of Sibenik government have decided that this is the only way to correct illogicality of the law that regulates the work of shops on Sundays and holidays.
  • New Year received with joy and without any incidents in Sibenik-Knin County

  • New Year's Party passed off cheerfully and without any major incidents on the area of Sibenik-Knin County. It was especially cheerful in Knin, where on the main square several thousands of Knin's inhabitants gathered, enjoying with Split's singer Mucalo. The inhabitants of Sibenik had New Year's Party in their home or they gathered in Sibenik's bars, where the party continued until early morning hours. Several hundreds youth spent New Year's Party in Primosten's discotheque Aurora with the performances of Guliano and Vesna Pisarovic, and more than a thousand of foreign and native guests received 2004 in Vodice. In the hotel Punta there were 400 guests, while hotel Imperijal welcomed around five hundred people from all over Croatia. The family hotel Kristina organized New Year's Party for hundred guests from Germany and Hungary.
  • Croatian ship 'Argola', which stranded in Algerian port on the 13th December, could sail in the waters of the Republic of Croatia after the holiday of Epiphany

  • 28,5 tonnes of wheat, transported for the Algerian state agency, has been unloaded out of the ship "Argola", governed by Sibenik's maritime company Sartia Nautica. The cargo is undamaged, while the damage of ship's weather-boarding can't create any problems for the ship's sailing into one of Croatian shipyards, where it will be reconstructed. In Sartia Nautica say that ship could be reconstructed in Montenegrin port Bijla, while for the reconstruction in one of Algerian shipyards exists minimal chances.
  • Administrative Council of College for tourist management has not accepted the request of Stipe Belak for his dismissal

  • The administrative Council of College for tourist management in Sibenik has not accepted the request of Stipe Belak, dean of that institution, for his dismissal. The members of the council, have supported the way he runs the college as well as his proposal of reorganization of its services' work. They have also condemned unargumented and anonymous assaults on the dean and his colleagues on the Internet-pages of town Sibenik.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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