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News Archive

[February 2004]
  • An excellent commercial ad for whole Croatian tourism comes from America

  • According to the editors' choice of one of the well-known American publishers of tourist guides, company "The Lonely Planet", Croatia is on the fourth place of the best tourist destinations in world, and as the best placed European country. This news will surely make happy all Croatian tourist employees, naturally even those on the area of Sibenik-Knin County that can expect even better results in the next tourist season. Croatia received the ad on Web pages of American editor due to "beautiful coast, great food, interesting history and easy traffic accessibility".
  • On the archaeological location Burnum near Kistanje found a stone fragment from the period of Roman emperor Vespazijan

  • On the south entrance in amphitheatre of military camp, a stone fragment with an inscription dedicated to Roman emperor Vespazijan. This undoubtedly indicates that the amphitheatre, precisely its middle part, was built in 76 and 77 year A.D. That is an enormously important discovery that confirms and dates so far only investigated and oldest military amphitheatre on the area of Croatia. The camp was destructed in 535 A.D. in Byzantine-Gothic War.
  • Good marks for Skradinski Buk in tourist guide of Croatia by French editor

  • A well-known French editor of tourist guides Michelin has put on sale the first edition on Croatia "Guide Vert - Croatia". The guide is published on 400 pages and press run of 35 thousand copies, while the best marks in it are shown with three stars. From all nature beauties in Croatia, the best marks are given to Skradinski Buk (Skradin's cascade) and the lakes of Mljet.
  • Split's company 'Mali Krknjas' bought a small island Smokvica near Primosten

  • A small, inhabited island Smokvica near Primosten, which so far the propriety of Primosten's Ante Huljev Trtalja and his brother, was sold to Split's company "Mali Krknjas", the transaction, which provoked the great public attention, cost its new owner 9 million HRK. With recently approved County and Muncipality's plan of special arrangement, any kind of construction is prohibited on the island. According to these plans, it is possible to arrange a nature park or monument to park architecture.
  • Hotel complex Solaris started with official candidature for reception of 'Blue Flag' for hotel Jure's beach

  • Hotel complex Solaris intends to get another exclusive eco-stamp that guarantees clean and safe, but also well-equipped and maintained beach. Until the 1st of March, Solaris will give its candidature to national coordinator for reception of "Plava Zastava" (Blue Flag), nature movement "Lijepa Nasa". After the experts' opinion of this instance, the final decision will be given by the representatives of Foundation for education FEE from Denmark, that carry out the whole programme in thirty countries. The beach in front of hotel Jure should also get a new name - "Bijela plaza Solarisa" (White beach of Solaris).
  • The Government of the Republic of Croatia appointed a commissioner for Sibenik

  • After the Town Council of Sibenik carried out a non-confidence motion to mayor Milan Arnautovic and vice-mayor Zoran Smolic, the Government of Croatia dissolved the Town Council and appointed Mirko Goreta as commissioner for Sibenik. Goreta is a graduate in law and works in Jadranska Banka (The Adriatic Bank) in Sibenik. During the next sixty days he is obligated to carry out the elections for new town government.
  • Tourist Board started initiative for arrangements of road entrances to Sibenik

  • Apart from Sibenik Tourist Board, in the arrangements of the road entrances to Sibenik, should also participate: the National Park Krka, County road administration and Hrvatske ceste (Croatian roads), as well as town Sibenik. According to the expanses made by the company Zelenila, the project should cost 732 thousand HRK, and eleven town points should be arranged. The whole project should be done by the Easter time.
  • Sibenik is preparing for the 4th meeting of Croatian Catholic youth

  • Sibenik's diocese and all its parishes are preparing for the 4th meeting of theCatholic youth, which will be attended by around 15 thousand youths from all over Croatia. The big meeting will take place in Sibenik on the 24th and 25th April under the slogan "Zaveslaj na pucinu" (Row at the deep sea), that symbolizes Jesus's words to fishermen when they couldn't find fish in the shallow sea. The meeting will be filled with numerous religious and lay programmes, while the participants will visit the parishes on the town and diocese's area and get to know how people live in these surroundings.
  • Centre PRONI organizes Faculty for working with the youth in Knin

  • The centre for social education from Osijek - PRONI - in the cooperation with the Swedish University from Jonkoping, has started preparations for enrolment in two-year educational programme in Knin, which will train participants for youth guides. The candidates should have interests for working with the youth and of course in general community work.
  • The first environmental society of Sibenik-Knin County founded in Sibenik

  • The first environmental society at the level of county will function under the title "Jez". The principal goals of the society are: nature preservation, development of environmental tourism, informing and educating population in all elements that influence life improvement, as well as all other duties on the development of environmental consciousness. As the president of "Jez" was elected workshop teacher Ante Vukman.
  • Sibenik's firemen intervened in at least 1480 fires last year

  • Last year Sibenik's firemen intervened in at least 1480 fires, which in 1997 cases was fire in the open air. In the comparison with the year before, it is 60% more interventions of Sibenik's firemen. The record number of fires was recorded in the March, when the firemen intervened 255 times, while the least number, 40, was recorded in the October. The main causes of fires are human negligence and inattention.
  • From the middle of June inclination train will get from Zagreb to Sibenik for less than five hours

  • The experts of Hrvatske zeljeznice (the Croatian Railways) in the cooperation with the experts from Canada are working on the calculations on how long it will take for the inclination train to travel from Zagreb to Split and vice versa. The first calculations say that it is less then five-hour journey, which is also valid for the section from Zagreb to Sibenik. The inclination train will travel from Zagreb station in the early morning hours, while it would go back to Zagreb during afternoon. It is planned to stop only in Karlovac, Gospic and Knin. The first inclination train to Dalmatia will go in the middle of June and on some sections it will travel with the speed of 160 kilometres per hour. The average trains travel with the speed of 80-90 kilometres per hour.
  • Vodice: the traditional 15th Vodice Carnival was opened

  • Reborn Vodice Carnival was traditionally opened on Poljana in the presence of numerous Vodice inhabitants and their guests. The Carnival Senate took over the town keys and will govern until the 24th February. Until the end of February many Carnival manifestations will take place, while the final is followed with the burning down of Krnjo Jovan, the usual suspect for all Vodice's misfortunes.
  • Sibenik-Knin County and 'Jadranska Banka' gave 2500 HRK to the first ten firstborn babies

  • Giving them savings-account books and occasional gifts, the head of Sibenik-Knin County Dujo Stancic said that the investment in children is actually investment in the future. The amount of 1500 HRK was secured by the County, while "Jadranska Banka" (The Adriatic Bank) also contributing by giving additional 1000 HRK. Since the beginning of this year, in Sibenik-Knin County 58 babies were born, which puts this county into the Croatian top. The experts evaluate that in Sibenik-Knin County around thousand babies will be born.
  • The construction work on the burned building of the department store Centar in Sibenik will be finished until the 15th March

  • It is sure that construction work on the burned building of the department store Centar will be finished until the middle of March, when finally after five-year agony, this department store will be ready for buyers again. In this moment the plumbing, varnishing and plasterer services are being done. The ground floor of the department store will restore its old look, while the second part will be rented in so called franchise, the supermarket, which is also in the building, will be taken by Konzum.
  • 'The lord of the rings' seen by around two thousand spectators in Sibenik

  • In eleven days, during which 18 shows were presented, American super spectacle "The Lord of the rings" was seen by 2382 spectators, in Sibenik's unique cinema. That is how many tickets were sold for this movie, whose second part also attracted the largest attention in Sibenik. The number of 2382 spectators gives us a modest number of 130 people per show. However, for Sibenik's situation it is the best result if you take into consideration that "Kill Bill" was seen by 892, "Spy kids 3D" 648, a "Cruel Intentions" by only 90 spectators in six day show.
  • Sibenik: Tourist Board will spend 150 thousand HRK for the promotion on tourist fairs

  • This year, Sibenik Tourist Board will independently display on fairs in München, Zagreb, Budapest and Paris. 150 thousand HRK will be spent for this purpose and among the fairs' visitors there will be the representatives of tourist objects such as agencies, room renters and hotel managers. This year, Sibenik Tourist Board will present itself with a new tourist prospect, printed in 85 thousand copies and published on 14 languages.
  • Drnis: major Ante Dzelalija announced the foundation of Tourist Board

  • Town Drnis, situated on the borders of the National Park Krka, after a post-war reconstruction of housing, turns to tourist services. As the major of Drnis, Ante Dzelalija, has announced the first step towards the foundation of the Tourist Board, for which the premises in the town centre have been predicted. Its reconstruction should be finished before the summer.
  • Krapanj, the lowest populated Adriatic island, gets its first hotel

  • Krapanj, the lowest populated Adriatic island, gets its first hotel very soon. It will be constructed by the business tandem Juric-Tudic, whose plan is to enable a demographic revival and faster tourist progress on this island of fishermen and sponge harvester. Throughout this whole year, especially during this year' tourist season, Krapanj will celebrate the 300th anniversary of sponge harvesting and the 110th anniversary of diving with heavy equipment.
  • After a month and a half since the stranding in Algeria, Croatian ship Argola sails to its homeland

  • Ship Argola, managed by Sibenik maritime company Sartia Nautica, finally sails back to Croatia, after a month and a half since the stranding in Algerian port. The first Argola's destination will be Rijeka's shipyard Viktor Lenac, where the damages done on the bow will be restored. Argola was stranded in Algeria on its first commercial voyage, after the group of native and foreign businessmen bought this ship in Montenegro. The ship has 22 crewmembers and sails under the command of Captain Zlatan Radolovic from Kostrena.
  • With a musical 'A bird with magical wings', by Marina Andelkovic and Toni Eterovic, Sibenik's children choir 'Zdravo maleni' celebrated its 45th anniversary

  • Sibenik's children choir "Zdravo maleni" celebrated its 45th anniversary. On that occasion, in Sibenik theatre, the choir performed the musical "Ptica cudesnih krila" (A bird with magical wings) whose librettist was Marina Andelkovic, while music was written by Toni Eterovic. Beside the actors of the small acting workshop, 36 children of 63 choir members participated in the musical. The ballet-girls from ballet-youth workshop in Split acted birds. In the Theatre's foyer there is also presented the exhibition on the choir's history.

    that Sibenik-Knin County has 806 kilometers of sea coast, five rivers, three big and 10 smaller lakes...

    that Murter is the biggest insular village in Sibenik-Knin County...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...

    that, if you arrive to Sibenik by car, it is best to avoid the drive through narrow and steep town streets and walk around the town or in shopping...



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