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News Archive

[April 2004]
  • Sibenik host of the Fifth Reunion of Croatian Catholic Youth

  • On the 24th and 25th April Sibenik is the host town of the Fifth Reunion of Croatian Catholic Youth, the greatest public manifestation ever held in this town. Around 14.5 thousand participants from all Croatian dioceses applied for this reunion. At this meeting, even youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Voivodina and Austria will participate. Along with cardinals Josip Bozanic and Vinko Puljic, numerous bishops, at this Eucharistic ceremony on Saturday at 17 hours will also be present Cardinal Francisco Javier Losano, papal nuncio in Croatia.
  • The test planting of wine grapes started in famous, but presently neglected Primosten's vineyards

  • On the initiative of Society of Primosten's wine-growers, in region Bucavac, a test planting of wine grapes on long time neglected vineyards has started. The sort Babic is planted which will clear the long-standing dilemma whether the wine-grapes can grow on the place of an old vineyards. It is worth mentioning that Bucavac is, due to the cultivation and terrain preparation, the unique vineyards' locality in the world. The photos of these vineyards are placed in the United Nations and Japan. A procedure to enlist these vineyards on Bucavac region into UNESCO's program of protected landscapes has also been going on.
  • Sibenik's Tourist Board initiated the construction of two separate parking lots for tourist buses

  • Two parking lots should be arranged on the Coast, more precisely between the building of custom office and bus station. Tourist bus would only stop here, drop off and get aboard passengers and then continue to the main parking lot in the port. The parking lots should be surrounded by the flower vases and Gradski parking should take care of it.
  • President of Croatia Stipe Mesic received the delegation of Sibenik's International Children Festival

  • The President of Croatia Stipe Mesic has received the delegation of International Children Festival and Town Sibenik. The delegation was led by the head of Sibenik Theatre and Festival Dragan Zlatovic and emcee of International Children Festival Jasenka Ramljak, while Sibenik was presented by Government's commissioner Mirko Goreta and town secretary Dijana Dulibic-Vlahov. President Mesic is the patron of this year's Festival and will be present at its opening ceremony.
  • The international conference on humanitarian mine clearance was held in Solaris

  • The international conference "Humanitarian mine clearance 2004" was held and organized by the Croatian Centre for mine clearance and it gathered 150 participants from 32 countries. As a part of the conference, there were organized many workshops and also test exercise of methods and techniques used for mine clearance in Croatia. Along with the hosts, representatives of Sibenik-Knin County, there were also present woman minister Jadranka Kosor, pivotal general Petar Stipetic, head of European Commission's mission in Croatia Alphonse Peeters and president of Council in Croatian Centre for mine clearance Duro Brodarac.
  • Sibenik's Tourist Board expects eight percent more guests than the last year

  • On Sibenik area we expect the rise of turnover's physical volume for about eight percent, while other parts of Croatia talk only about three to five percent, confirmed Ksenija Grubisic, the head of Sibenik's Tourist Board, because during the March under the competence of this Board 1653 guests stayed on this area and realized 3357 overnights. The excellent visiting rate during Eastern holidays is the reason of high optimism even in the hotel complex Solaris, which plans to realize around half a million overnights or ten percent more than the last year.
  • Inspite of abundant rains and maximum water level of Krka, Sibenik's river sources are not contaminated

  • Although due to abundant rains, maximum water level of Krka has considerably increased, sources out of which Sibenik and the major part of County get water are so far clean and safe from contamination. According to the head of Sibenik's Vodovod Luka Ninic, there shouldn't be any problems with the sources even in the next few days when new quantities of rain are expected. Meanwhile, the most famous waterfalls of Krka: Manojlovac, Roski slap and Skradinski buk, offer the magnificent view to all visitors.
  • The inhabitants of Vodice and Sibenik organized Easter breakfast in the open air

  • Vodice Tourist Board, fourth year in a row, on Easter Monday organized the breakfast in the open air, on which, inspite the bad weather, gathered more hundreds inhabitants of Vodice and foreign tourists from Vodice hotels. As the part of this traditional manifestation there was also organized the field-day of Jews, custodians of Jesus' grave from Metkovic, Murter, Prvic Sepurine, Tisno, Vrlika and Vodice. Easter breakfast in Sibenik, on the square in front of the Saint Jacob's Cathedral and town hall, was organized for the first time by the Tourist Board of Sibenik and Section of caterers of Craftsmen association Sibenik.
  • The players of Irish hurling club 'Noamah Moinne' from Dundalk in eight-day visit to Knin

  • The most important initiator of this visit is Alan Moore, one of coaches of this Irish club, who works in a humanitarian organization situated in Knin. Irish boys will have the practice on the football field of football club Dinara, where they will present for the first time hurling (a mix between hockey on grass and Celtic football), which is a completely unknown sport for Croatian occasions. They will also play a friendly match with cadets of Dinara and visit Split and National Park Krka.
  • Agreement on long term cooperation between the mayors of Vodice and Austrian town Wolersdorf

  • Vodice mayor Rade Ivas and Hubert Schneider, mayor of Wolersdorf, small Austrian town near Vienna, have talked about the establishment of long term friendly and business cooperation. Taking into consideration that this small Austrian town is a very industrial centre with around two hundred companies and few winter resorts, and Vodice is one of the biggest Croatian tourist destinations, it has concluded that there are many possibilities for the concrete cooperation in economy, tourism and sport.
  • 338 compositions for Croatian Radio Festival in Sibenik

  • The jury of Croatian RadioFestival, which is held from the 3rd to the 5rd June in Sibenik, has chosen 60 out of 338 compositions that will participate on the Festival. Those 60 compositions have been divided into three CDs that have been sent to 108 radio stations that participate in the 8th Croatian Radio Festival. The voting on these stations is divided into two parts. After the computer analyses, on the basis of the votes' sum from the listeners and music editorials, we will get 21 finalists and the director of Croatian Radio Festival will choose another three compositions.
  • Vodice Municipality has decided to introduce monumental annuity on the town area

  • The annuity is referred to caterers, shopkeepers and all other contractors whose business premises are placed in the old town centre. According to the decision of Municipality the recompense will be 5 HRK per square metre of business premise in the coastal area Vodice-Srima-Tribunj, as well as 3 HRK on the islands and in the hinterland. The bills will be issued once a year.
  • Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and construction has ordered the removal of fence in Solaris

  • Hotel complex Solaris has to tear down the main reception desk with several meters high wall near the hotel "Andrija" and iron fence alongside the whole complex. In the official decision of Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and construction dated the second April it is stated that Solaris has to remove these objects within five days. That term starts from the day of Solaris's reception of the official decision. Let's remind ourselves, the official decision about the destruction was brought by the Ministry after the construction inspection had confirmed that Solaris hadn't had have any final permission for construction.
  • 'Vodicka glazba' performed on the review of brass orchestras in Spain

  • The brass orchestra of Vodice performed on the International review of brass orchestra in Costa de la Plana where they were invited by the local Culture Centre and through the Croatian Embassy in Spain. It is a very well known manifestation that is held on the occasion of Saint Magdalena's holiday in this well-known Spanish summer resort, near Valencia.
  • The success of Sibenik's music students on the State competition of music students in Varazdin

  • Sibenik's music students of music school "Ivan Lukacic" have made the excellent results on the State competition of music students. Jerko Orbanic (trombone) has won the first place in the first category, while Tomislav Scotti (trombone) is the second in the third category. Josipa Unic (flute) is the third in the first category, Ana Batinica (flute) is the third in the third category, while cellist Ana Bilac is the third in the first category.
  • The arch of the bridge on the section of highway Skradin-Sibenik connected

  • A month before the actual term the constructors of Split's Konstruktor-Inzenjering and Duro Dakovic from Slavonski Brod have connected the arch of the bridge, which is built near Skradin on the highway Zagreb-Split, more precisely on the entrance into National Park Krka. After the completion of imposing arch, the constructing work is continued on the elevation of the bearable buttress on which will lay the conjugated construction of tablet made of steel and concrete with four lanes, long 391 metres. When the bridge is completely finished, it will be one of 20 biggest bridges of that kind in the world and also one of the biggest in this part of Europe.
  • The delegation of 36 Austrian mayors and counties' politicians visited Sibenik-Knin County

  • In this delegation, among others, there were also mayors of Salsburg, Graz, Linz and other major Austrian towns. The aim of this travel, as the head of delegation Peter Reinhard confirmed, is getting to know Croatia, its people and politics better. We don't hide the fact that Croatia, historically and culturally, is much closer to Austria than other countries that are also candidates for the acceptance into European Union, confirmed Reinhard.
  • Town Drnis and American agency USAID signed a memo on mutual agreement

  • Drnis major Ante Dzelalija and William Jeffers, head of the USAID, American agency for international progress, signed a new memo on mutual agreement, with which this agency took the obligation of further financing of reform of local autonomy with the scope to have more effective services toward the citizens. The planned of this reform that consists of eight models is 2007, while in the first year a model of economical progress will be executed in Drnis.
  • In hotel complex Solaris 'Nocnjak 2004.' - International meeting of olive-growers was held

  • Tonko Ostojic from Povlje on Brac Island was proclaimed the champion of this year's Nocnjak. The olive oil of this olive-grower was estimated as the best among 170 arrived samples. Side by side with the champion are Frane Kraus from Sibenik surroundings, as well as the Slovenian producer Vanja Dujc. Apart from this champion and vice-champion's decorations, many bronze, silver and golden medals were given for extra-virgin olive oils during Nocnjak.
  • 'Open University' from Drnis again organized 'Veceri pasionske bastine'

  • On the first evening, a concert was held, whose main guests were town choir Brodosplit, while Drnis church choir, troupe Mestar from Drnis, Miljenko Galic and Pero Mioc con female pianists Tomislava Lojic and Katarina Vukusic also participated. On the second evening the main guest was soprano Bozena Svalina, while on the last evening the concert was held by chamber orchestra of Croatian National Theatre Split.

    that the islands of Sibenik's local waters, Tribunj and Krapanj are the lowest inhabited islands on the Adriatic...

    that Sibenik, in spite of its modern car-ferry landing, is not connected with direct ferry line with neighbouring Italy...

    that for sex on the beach, that is on any public place, there is a penalty - maximum of 30 days in prison or 100 EUR in Croatia...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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