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News Archive

[May 2004]
  • Info Adriatic offers more than a favourable summer vacation: destinations, accommodation, rural tourism, business investments

  • By the means of Info Adriatic site (where you are currently) you can have summer vacation with extremely favourable prices. It's all about direct contact between a guest and a renter, without agency mediation. However, by looking at photos and carefully reading texts of individual accommodation capacities (which are kindly recommended), you will soon realize that you can find other interesting contents, apart from sea and the Sun. you can enjoy in rural tourism of Sibenik-Knin County, unusual gastronomic offers, trips and recreation. Businessmen can find new business contacts and invest into buildings which are either for rent or on sale.
  • On Sibenik's Riviera 25 percent more tourists than in the same period last year

  • 5200 guests are currently staying on Sibenik Riviera, of whom 4645 are foreigners. The number of native guests is bigger for 62 percent and the number of foreigners is 22 percent bigger in comparison with the last season. The hotels and apartments are mostly full and there are 2590 tourists, 2088 of which are foreigners, followed by the marinas where there are 1797 guests and camps with around 1000 tourists. The most visited destination is Sibenik with 1545 guests, Vodice with 1248 guests, mostly foreign tourists, Jezera with 604, Murter with 498 and Skradin with 324 registered guests.
  • Solaris the host of the 8th Croatian Radio Festival and 10th Croatian Radio Day

  • The third year in a row hotel complex Solaris will be host the participants of the 8th Croatian Radio Festival and 10th Croatian Radio Day, from the 3rd to the 5th June. 338 songs have been applied to the competition, of which 24 will be performed in the final Festival's evening.
  • Vodice are preparing for the big motorcycle meeting in the organization of motorcycle club Okit

  • The preparations for the big motorcycle meeting Vodice 2004, which will be organized during the first weekend in June, are in full swing. The sixth year in a row, the host of this big event is Motorcycle club Okit and more than a thousand motorcyclists from all over Croatia are expected, as well as from Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Austria. During the motorcycle meeting, the International guitar concert will be held and eight musical bands will play.
  • The local committee of Jadrija has received the state recognition for arrangement of public beach

  • The Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and construction has given a special recognition to Jadrija's local committee for given efforts in the arrangement of Sibenik public beach. The prize and recognition to the representatives of Jadrija's local committee will be given on the 5th of June when the International Environment Protection Day is marked. The members of Jadrija's local committee and residents of this Sibenik's suburb have cleaned the beach in the length of 120 metres and width of 30 metres by voluntarily works.
  • New sections of highway Zagreb-Split will be opened until the 30th June

  • The Minister of sea, tourism, traffic and progress Bozidar Kalmeta has confirmed that the sections from Dugopolje to Vrpolje and from Pirovac to Zadar 2 will be put in motion on the 30th June this year. In this year, 177 kilometres of highway Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik will be let in motion, including even 96 kilometres long section from tunnel Mala Kapela to the intersection Gornja Ploca. The section from Vrpolje to Pirovac, 34 kilometres long, on which there is also a bridge across the river Krka, will be put into motion during 2005.
  • Police department of Sibenik-Knin County has rejected to issue a concession for bungee jumping on Sibenik Bridge

  • This year's tourist season will be less rich for attractive jumps, that is well known bungee jumping off Sibenik Bridge. Zagreb company Lunaris hasn't received the concession for this activity from Sibenik police department with the explanation that the jumps will only endanger the traffic safety. In Sibenik police have pointed out that after the new section of highway to Pirovac will be let in service, the traffic across Sibenik Bridge will be far denser, due to which the jumps will put in danger the security of both people and vehicles. The company Lunaris resents this decision, especially after not receiving any complaint for its activity in the past four years. The Sibenik Tourist Board expresses its regret regarding this decision, but they say they have to make peace with it.
  • The heads of Murter, Pirovac and Tisno agreed on the elaboration of common tourist master plan

  • The heads of three tourist municipalities have given a so called "identity card" of the municipalities with these days' condition in tourist offer, wishes, possibilities, and also with all disadvantages to German tourist expert Johan Friedrich Engel. It is the initial database for the elaboration of tourist master and marketing plan of this part of Sibenik-Knin County, which is done by the German expert.
  • The head of Sibenik-Knin County Duje Stancic received the guests from Herford, town friend of Sibenik

  • County head Stancic has expressed great content for having kept friendly relations and cooperation on sport, cultural and economic grounds among two counties for many years. Wolfgang Kuhlmann, head of the Office for sport, youth and culture of Herford District and Gerhard Scheiding, head of representatives, have pointed out that they will continue to keep good relations with Sibenik and to transfer these relations onto younger generations. They also announced that in July the delegation of Herford with the head Lieselore Curlander will visit Sibenik.
  • Legation of Jezera has offered President Stipe Mesic the sponsorship of competition Big Game Fishing

  • President Stipe Mesic received the legation of Jezera, and during this visit they offered him the sponsorship of international competition of sport and angling in tuna hunt - Big Game Fishing, that will be held from the 20th until 25th September in Jezera. President Mesic showed the great interest for this competition that encourages the arrival of tourists during off-season and announced the possibility to arrive in Jezera during this competition.
  • In Sibenik, Zagrebmontaza will open one of the biggest shopping centres in Dalmatia

  • In the middle of June, Sibenik will get another shopping centre that with its total surface will be one of the biggest in Dalmatia. It is a shopping centre with 19 thousand square metres, in whose construction Zagrebmontaza has invested around 15 million EUR. The biggest user will be national commercial company Konzum, which wholesale and retail trade will occupy around 40 percent of premises; Slovenian Merkur will have 30 percent, while Magma, together with other 30 retailers, will occupy the rest of premises of 30 percent.
  • Sibenik museum marks the International Museum Day with the series of activities

  • On the 18th May, the museum of town Sibenik will mark the International Museum Day with the series of activities. Apart from occasional concerts, Museum organizes a traditional tour of archaeological localities for inhabitants with a professional guide. In the hall for temporary exhibitions, an exhibition called Antun Vrancic - well-known Sibenik's humanist will be opened. Exhibition Gradski grb (Town coat of arms) and restored permanent exhibition Djelo Jurja Dalmatinca (the Works of Juraj Dalmatinac).
  • Cooperation of inhabitants of Sibenik and Americans: Seattle - town friend

  • Very soon Sibenik will probably establish friendship relations with Seattle, half-a-million town on the north-west of the USA, in federal state Washington. The local authorities of that town have accepted the idea of Sibenik's inhabitants to connect these two towns with Povelja prijateljstva (Friendship Charter) with approval and sympathy. Soon, a special delegation of 40 well-respected inhabitants of Sibenik and other Croats from the USA that will work on this idea.
  • Nedjeljka Klaric elected for Sibenik's major

  • Up to recently assistant of Minister of family, defenders and intergenerational solidarity and long-term social worker Neda Klaric was elected as a new Sibenik's major. Her deputies for the next year, up to regular local elections, will be Tomislav Ninic and Goran Pauk. Ivica Poljicak was elected as the President of City Council, while his deputies will be Sinisa Buric and Anita Jaksic.
  • Info Adriatic: thousands of rooms and apartments ready for reservations of the most demanding tourists

  • On the tourist site of Sibenik-Knin County - Info Adriatic (which you are visiting right now), so far around hundreds of buildings, that is thousands of rooms and apartments intended for tourist accommodation. There are hotel complex, pensions, villas and great number of private family house. The accommodation capacity can be searched according to the series of criteria and adjusted according to your own wishes and needs, then follows the most important thing: direct contact between guests and renters, without provisions given to agencies.
  • Vodice: Gerald Hauer from Austria and Andreas Parti from Hungary won the mountain cycling race

  • In Vodice the sixth mountain-cycling race "MTB XC Vodice" was held and gathered 72 cyclists from 17 clubs from Croatia, Austria and Hungary. In the senior category, in the elite class, whose winning points were applied on the international list, after six circles with 40 kilometres of road, Austrian Gerald Hauer won, the second was Hungarian Andreas Parti and the third was Roland Plank from Austria. In the position for Croatia Cup, the first on the finish was Pavao Roset from cycling club Tuskanac.
  • Kornati: the Austrians the most successful on the boating regatta of cruisers Kornati cup

  • On the 4th boating regatta Kornati cup, held between Murter and Kornati inspite of strong south wind, the Austrian sailing rules, more precisely according to yardstick were applied. In the category with spinnaker, the first place went to steersman Georg Ondrej, the second went to the crew of Johann Zethner, while the third place went to the crew of Herman Wilfinger. In the category without spinnaker the first was the steerswoman Eva Mayer, the second was the crew of steersman Klaus Pitter, while the third place went to the crew of steersman Andres Schimner. Among four catamarans, the catamaran Mari's Pleasure with steersman Johann Buchinger.
  • Drnis: Sibenik's musicians the best on the 12th review of wind orchestras of Middle and North Dalmatia

  • Sibenska narodna glazba (Sibenik Popular Music) in the A category and wind orchestra of cultural club Hartic from Tisno in the B category are the winners of the 12th review of wind orchestras of Middle and North Dalmatia, held in Drnis. On the review there were 12 orchestras from Zadar to Trogir.
  • Primosten: after winter break, a reconstructed hotel Zora opened

  • Until the middle of May, the hotel will be accepting groups of hundred guests and after 10th June much better booking is expected. The hotel enters in the new season with new interiors and after more than 30 years with in-built air conditioners. In the new season, hotels will also have animators for children and adults, from the 10th June until the 18th September.
  • Drnis host of Festival of wind orchestras of middle and western Dalmatia

  • The Festival is held as a part of the 25th anniversary of Wind orchestras' society of middle and western Dalmatia and 140th anniversary of Drnis wind orchestra. Of 13 orchestras, that function in this region, six will present in show program, while three in each will present in A and B competitive category. After the Festival, famous master of art photography Sime Strikoman will make millennium photo of all orchestras.
  • The constructors intensify the construction work on the section of highway Zagreb-Split on the accesses of Sibenik

  • The workers of Split's Konstruktor, Zagreb's Viadukt, Ceste Varazdin and Industrogradnja have intensified the construction work on the section of highway Zagreb-Split from Skradin Bridge from Vrpolje. During the next year, that section will connect with intersection Vrpolje, while the section from Skradin to Dubrava in the length of 9.5km will be completely finished until the beginning of summer 2005.
  • Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and construction has started the action of bringing down unauthorized buildings

  • In Pirovac the house with four floors was brought down, which started the wide action of Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical planning and construction on the removal of unauthorized buildings. After Pirovac, the action was continued in Primosten, where an unauthorized building was also brought down. The heads of Municipality Primosten have requested woman Minister Marina Matulovic Dropulic to stop bringing down unauthorized buildings until the municipality's implemental urbanity plan is introduced.
  • D. Sinisa Slijepcevic, owner of Experia company, held a conference on the arrangement of Sibenik's locality 'Four wells'

  • As a part of the project "Sibenik-metropola mladih" (Sibenik-metropolis of youth) the conference on the historical locality "Cetiri bunara" (Four wells) was held. D. Sinisa Slijepcevic, founder and owner of Experia Company that is the holder of the project of arrangement and presentation of that locality. D.Slijepcevic also explained how to start and run the profited business in Sibenik and Croatia.
  • Minister of culture Bozo Biskupic named new members of governing council of National Park Kornati

  • New members of Governing council are: Veljko Bozikov, state secretary in the Ministry of health and welfare, Vladimir Skracic, professor at the Facolty of Arts in Zadar, who is a representative of private land owners inside the limits of Park; Joso Stegic, head of Municipality Tisno, Igor Turcinov, graduate engineer pg organizational science and Tatjana Huzjak, head in the Ministry of sea, tourism, traffic and progress.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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