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News Archive

[July 2004]
  • On Sibenik Riviera two percent more tourists than last year

  • Only the last July's days have brought the rise of the number of tourists on the whole Adriatic, apart from Zadar County, where there is still a fall in the number of the guests compared with the last year. In this moment there are more than 526 thousand tourists, which is one percent more than the last year in the same period. In Istra there are 172.967 guests, that is 2 percent more than the last year, on Kvarner 126.967 guests or 1 percent more, Sibenik-Knin County has 40.439 guests, which is a growth of 2 percent, while Dubrovnik-Neretva County has 32.372 guests or 4 percent more than the last year. On the area of Zadar County there are 6,5 thousand less guests than the last year, while poor attendance rate is shown in Zadar, where there are 25 percent less tourists.
  • Klapa Teuta from Sibenik won three first and one-second prizes on the 38th Festival of klape in Omis

  • By winning three first and one-second prizes, klapa Teuta from Sibenik has even this year become the most successful participant of the most important event of klapa's creativity in Croatia. In the Evening of original compositions Teuta has won the first prize of the audience and expert jury, while in the final evening it won the first prize of audience and the second prize of the expert board. With the number of won prizes Teuta has got closer to the legendary klapa Sibenik that in the finals in Omis, from 1973 to 1982, won eight prizes of audience and jury.
  • Did you know - that after an interval of 21 years the meeting of klape has been reorganized in Bilice, near Sibenik

  • - that on this meeting on Saturday the 31st July, men klape Teuta from Sibenik, hosts Bilice, Adrion from Makarska and women klapa Skradinke...
    - that on the Traditional Vodice party the record number of performers will be presented: Grupa MI, Berekini, Bonaca, Oranz, Bastarz, The Obala, Saskia Laro Band, Hram, Vodicki momci, Vodicke perilice, brass band and majorettes and majorettes from Kastela...
    - that a special attraction of the concert which will be held for Dan domovinske zahvalnosti in Knin (the 5th August) will be a choir of klape gathered for this occasion. Klape Cambi, Vokalisti Salone, Kastav and Bilice will together perform two compositions. The concert will be held on the Fortress of Knin...
  • The exhibition of paintings by Izvor Oreb opened in Sibenik's Museum

  • In the show rooms of Sibenik's Museum the exhibition of paintings by Croatian painter Izvor Oreb has been opened. On that occasion, a musical and poetic recitative "S izvora umjetnosti" (From the source of art) in which along with the author who itself spoke the verses, participated opera soloists, tenor Niksa Radovanovic and baritone Tonci Petkovic, with accompanied by Darjana Blace on piano. The exhibition remains open till the 22nd August every day from 10 to 13 and from 19 to 22 hours.
  • In the shopping centre Dalmare in Sibenik Slovene company Merkur opened the door of its centre

  • In the shopping centre Dalmare in Razine, company Merkur Internacional has opened the door of its centre. Sibenik's centre is the fifth Merkur's centre of that kind in Croatia, after the centres in Rijeka, Zagreb, Sisak and Zadar, which was opened a month ago. The centre in Razine has around four thousand square metres of shopping premises and offers 20 thousand articles to its customers. On the inauguration ceremony, the head of Merkur Bojan Vidmar has given the donation totalling 10 thousand HRK to the Centre for education of children and youth in Sibenik.
  • The direct contact - an ideal solution for the 'last minute' type of tourists

  • The script is very simple: you look at the photos of interior and exterior, then you read the description of private accommodation or catering establishment, find out prices, notes, additional contents and without any obligation you can directly contact a renter of private accommodation. Apart of hearing his/her voice, you can arrange the date of arrival, discounts, payment and all that directly, without any intermediaries. For those who are more "last minute" type of tourists, Info Adriatic has described 30 tourist destinations of Sibenik-Knin County, added hundreds of author photos and translated them on several foreign languages. In this way, even "last minute" type of tourists will have their summer vacation on the right place in the exactly right time. Details...
  • The programme of 'Sibensko kulturno ljeto' in August continues with the series of concerts and exhibitions

  • After the concert of "Zagrebacki solisti", on the 23rd July on the Fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik Channel, Sibensko kulturno ljeto will be continued on the 1st August with a concert of classical music by Croatian guitar quartet. Three days after the concert of composer-singer Ibrica Jusic, while the principal event - cantata by Ivan pl. Zajc "Nikola Subic Zrinski", performed by the symphony orchestra of HRT (Croatian television), will be held on the Fortress of Saint Nikola on the 11th August. On Tuesday, the 17th August on the Square of Hrvatska Republika, Miso Kovac will hold the concert and the promotion of his new compact disc "Mir u srce". On Friday, the 20th August, in the Gallery Madrigal in Sibenik there will be held an exhibition by the Sunday painters and pensioners, members of the Department for fine arts of Matica Hrvatska Sibenik. On Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd August, on the Square in front of the Cathedral of Saint Jacob and Town Hall, the seventh Evenings of Dalmatian chanson will be held.
  • Palace Rossini soon becomes the property of Sibenik Museum

  • The municipality of Sibenik has approved the credit by Sibenik Museum in order to buy the rest of the palace Rossini. The consent has been given for the amount of 400 thousand HRK on loan of seven years. With this money the flat in the palace, which is under the protection of Sibenik Museum, will be bought off, because the Museum already is the owner of the major part of the palace Rossini. The intention is to arrange the palace for the exhibition premises, museum depots and other museum activities.
  • Sibenik-Knin County plans to build 16 entrepreneurial zones until 2007

  • On the area of the County in this moment there are four business zones (Vodice, Drnis, Skradin and Sibenik), but some of them don't even have the near contents that could be at the contractors' disposal. The country is ready to co finance the equipping of already existing entrepreneurial zones with the necessary infrastructure, as well as the construction of new ones, with the condition that the counties define their own plans. According to the plan of the construction of new and completion of already started zones, on the area of Sibenik-Knin County there will be 16 entrepreneurial zones in the period between 2004 till 2007.
  • On the area of Sibenik-Knin County one percent less guests than the last year

  • On the area of Sibenik-Knin County in this moment there are 34.797 registered guests, 26.505 of whom are foreigners. It is one percent less guests than in the same period last year, but five thousand more than the last week. The majority of tourists are placed in Vodice, 8105. Unfortunately, it is almost 15 percent less than in the same period last year. Then follows Primosten in which there are 4762 guests registered. Almost the same number of guests is recorded in Rogoznica, and the number of more than four thousand is recorded on the area of town Sibenik. In Murter there are 2854 guests.
  • Women klapa Skradinke and men klapa Bilice and Teuta made it into the final evenings of klapa in Omis

  • Of five klapa from Sibenik area that participate on this year's 38th Festival of klape in Omis, in final evenings, which will be held on the 23rd and 24th July, there will be presented women klape Skradinke and two men klape - Bilice and Teuta. With these placing klape from Sibenik area have once more confirmed the high reputation that Sibenik's singing enjoys in Croatia.
  • Municipality Primosten plans to build a multimedia centre with total surface of 1500 square metres

  • Municipality Primosten will enhance a credit at Zagrebacka banka to the amount of 11 million HRK, which will be used for the construction of a capital, multi-purposed building, in which a kindergarten, library, municipality offices, hall with 80 seats, coffee bar and multimedia centre which total surface will be 1500 square metres. This decision, made by the Council of Primosten, has to be approved by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Istra, Kvarner and all the counties of Dalmatia, apart from the County of Split and Dalmatia, note down the dropping of the guests' numbers

  • Last week, according to the number of the registered guests, the biggest shortfall has been noted in the Zadar County where around 54.600 guests are placed, that is 10 percent less than the last year. In Istra there are 134 thousand or eight percent less, on Kvarner 86 thousand or three percent less, while in the Sibenik-Knin County 29.680 guests or four percent less, and in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County 24.292 guests or four percent less. It is interesting to know that only in the Split-Dalmatia County there is a growth of guests' number, of three percent, where 61 thousand guests are on vacation.
  • Sibenik municipality has supported the initiative on the ferry construction

  • Sibenik's heads have supported the initiative on the construction of a passengers' ferry worth 3,9 million HRK, which could assure faster and more comfortable transport of passengers to Sibenik islands. The construction of ferry would very much contribute to the progress of tourism on the islands of Sibenik, which even these days are connected with ferries made a half century ago.
  • Did you know - that with the concert of Zagrebacki solisti on the Fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik Channel, on the 23rd July starts 'Sibenik cultural summer'

  • - that in Sibenik's museum, under the title of "Jadran - boje izvornosti" (The Adriatic-colours of originality), the exhibition of photos by famous Croatian art photographer Ivo Pervan is presented...
    - that in Murter "Glazbeni Festival Murter 2004" (Musical Festival) is held, on which from the end of June till the middle of September there will be presented numerous concerts of classical music...
    - that in the premises of the section Matica Hrvatska in Primosten the exhibition of Sibenik's painter Predrag Jokic has been opened...
    - that in the Gallery Rudina the traditional exhibition "More, ljudi, obale" (Sea, people, coasts) has been opened...
    - that in the hotel of Olimpija in Vodice the exhibition of paintings by Ivanka Mileva Ivas has been presented...
  • With two or three clicks, you have a summer vacation for 10EUR per person

  • For this year's season Info Adriatic has prepared itself extremely well, by offering to all native and foreign tourists the possibility to choose between 30 interesting destinations (Sibenik, Vodice, Primosten, Rogoznica...) and accommodations according to several criteria. For example, if you want to be near sea, or live only in air-conditioned apartments, if your pet comes with you or you are not ready to invest more than 10EUR per person a day, with a little help of two-three clicks you'll get the summary of accommodations according to your wishes and possibilities. The photos of exterior and interior, descriptions of accommodations, other contents, observations and prizes will help you narrow your choice and after that gives you a direct contact with the renters of private accommodation.
  • The evenings of Dalmatian chanson rescheduled for a day later

  • This year's Festival of Dalmatian chanson in Sibenik will not be held, as scheduled on the 20th and 21st August, but they are rescheduled for a day later, precisely on the 21st and 22nd August. According to artistic director of the Dalmatian chanson Dusan Sarac, it was rescheduled because of the needs of Croatian Television.
  • Sibenik's tourist offer enriched with the guide through the town of Sibenik

  • In the foyer of Sibenik's Theatre there has been presented the Guide through the town of Sibenik, which was printed by the publishing company from Split Mogucnost on Croatian, English, German, French and Italian. The guide has 120 pages and 80 photos in colour, and it brings all the information on life of Sibenik. In the first part of this guide there are all the data on the birth of Sibenik, its historical, sacral and cultural monuments, while the second part was made of a series of information useful for each visitor. The guide costs 40HRK.
  • At the beginning of July on Sibenik Riviera there were seven percent less tourists than the last year

  • On Sibenik Riviera there are 22.285 tourists, from which 18.512 foreigners, which is seven percent less than in the same period last year. However, in comparison with the last week on Sibenik area there is 5500 more guests. There is 35 percent native tourist, while there are three percent less foreign guests than in the same week last July. The majority of them, 9338 of them, are in private accommodation.
  • A cultural and tourist attraction 'Cetiri bunara' presented in Sibenik

  • The company Experia opened a cultural and athletic attraction "Cetiri bunara" on the 1st July in the very centre of Sibenik. It is an interactive attraction that presents the story of Sibenik, town of undiscovered secrets through seven pictures (Sibenik's wealth, drinks, food, shipwrecks in the vicinity of Sibenik, secret people from the past, ecc.), with theme café and souvenir shop. The premises are designed by the company Janvs, one of the leading world companies for the design of cultural and tourist attractions.
  • Croatian President Stjepan Mesic presented the high order to 'Sun Ergos'

  • In the foyer of Sibenik theatre, the President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic has presented the order - red Danice hrvatske (order of Danica Hrvatska) with the portrait of Marko Marulic - to the Canadian artistic group "Sun Ergos", Robert Greenwood and Dan Luebke, for the promotion of Croatian reality during the war when, inspite of all war danger, were regular participants of the International Children Festival.
  • Vodice richer for a new tourist building - apartments' complex Ville Matilde

  • Newly opened apartments' complex Ville Matilde is placed near the hotel complex Olimpija. In the last six months, with the investment of 2,5 million EUR 24 already existing buildings have been reconstructed and have 24 six-bedded and 44 four-bedded apartments with 308 beds in total. Comfortably arranged apartments are equipped with their own air-conditioning system and its regulation, satellite TV system and phone lines. Ville Matilde has the status of apartments' complex with four stars.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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