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News Archive

[August 2004]
  • Summer vacation in the off-season - romantic and cheap

  • Summer-sea temperatures, more weaker sun, more pleasant sun are only some of the charms of September summer, that will specially be suitable for older tourists and families with smaller children. Noticeably discount prices will suit everyone, because with the end of August comes the time of tranquillity and relaxation, the time for visiting National parks, recreation and romance. All these things are confirmed by the employees of the tourist site of Sibenik-Knin County - - offering all native and foreign tourist the possibility to choose among 30 seductive destinations (Sibenik, NP Krka, NP Kornati, Vodice, Primosten, Rogoznica...) and accommodations according to the series of criteria. And thanks to the top quality and objective presentation of accommodation space and direct contact with the hosts, already registrates questions and reservations for the season 2005.
  • The fourth evenings of Sibenik songs of klapa on the square in front of the town café Medulic

  • In the organization of Tourist Board of Sibenik on the square in front of the café Medulic, the fourth in a row Evenings of Sibenik's songs of klapa. In eight concerts there will be presented klapa Bilice, Skradinke, Orsulice, Bile vile, Lanterna, Fortica, Teuta and Recina, as well as their guests: Sibenik's poets and artists. The evenings of klapa in front of the café Medulic will end on the 7th September.
  • Tedi Spalato absolute winner of the seventh evenings of Dalmatian chanson in Sibenik

  • Split's singer Tedi Spalato has won the first prize of expert jury and the first prize of audience on the seventh evenings of Dalmatian chanson for the composition "Jubavi gladan, lipote zeljan", which was also awarded for the best lyrics. The second prize of the expert jury went to Massimo, while the third prize went to Neno Belan, klapa More and Meri Cetinic. The audience votes gave a somehow different order, so Neno Belan and klapa More got the second, while Massimo got the third audience award. The best interpretation went to Rijeka's vocal group Rivers, while the debut award went to the hands of another inhabitant of Rijeka, fifteen years old Tina Vukov.
  • Sibenik caterers try to eliminate the law order of 0,00 per mille of alcohol in blood

  • In order to stop the business decline, and to protect relatively from severe police controls and law punishments, some Sibenik caterers have taken the counter-measures. They offer, as a part of the services, the rides to houses of those drivers who take alcohol in their bars. Sibenik caterers hope that with this offer they will keep their guests, so that they can drink without any fear to stay without the driving licence.
  • Until the half of August the National Park Kornati visited by 47 thousand guests

  • Until the half of August there were 21.452 group visitors, while there were 25.893 individual visitors in the National Park Kornati. The total number of visitors 47.345 is only a bit less than the last year's, when Kornati was visited by 63.018 guests. It is interesting to mention that the workers of National Park have so far issued 728 diving licenses, while the last year there were only 675. It is supposed that it is no longer a bigger interest for diving, but the constant presence of supervisors in the Park's waters, as well as their larger efficiency.
  • Vodice Tourist Board the first on the Adriatic to make its own marketing plan

  • The plan contains the developing strategy of attracting the bigger number of guests through systematic marketing and promotional activities. The elaboration of this key document of Vodice Tourist Board was set in motion in May on the initiative of USAID's project Croatian Enterprise Promotion, while on its realization a three member interdisciplinary team from American company Delloite. The marketing plan defines the activity of Vodice Tourist Board from the period until 2006, although some of these activities have a short-team character and are planned for autumn-winter period 2004 and the next year's spring.
  • On Sibenik Riviera the hotels are completely occupied

  • With little more than 44 thousand guests, 35 thousand of whom are foreigners, Sibenik Riviera has reached the last year's visiting rate. The hotels in which there are currently more guests than the last week, 7300 of them, which is five percent more than the last year, have also been registering good notifications for the end of August and the beginning of September. The majority of the guests, around 22 thousand of them, live in private accommodation, but the camps are also well visited. The biggest difference, compared with the last year's season, is registered in the marines with 3300 visitors.
  • The peak season in the National park Krka: everyday five thousand guests shipped abroad

  • The entrance into National park Krka near Skradin, precisely the entrance pontoon for the guests' embarkation, which has been registering top numbers these days. Six boats in the composition of National Park's fleet can hardly withstand the real tourists' invasion that come to Skradin from all over the world. Everyday five thousand people are transported from Skradin to Skradinski buk.
  • Sibenik: the seventh evenings of Dalmatian chanson opened on the Republic's Square

  • On Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd August on the most beautiful opened stage on the Adriatic, on the Square of the Republic of Croatia in Sibenik, there are held the seventh evenings of Dalmatian chanson. In these two evenings, Evenings of old compositions and Evenings of new compositions which also has a competitive character, this year the most famous names of national entertaining scene will also be presented - Arsen Dedic, Meri Cetinic, Dani Marsan, Ibrica Jusic, Ivo Pattiera, Massimo, Goran Karan, Hari Roncevic, Tedi Spalato, Neno Belan, klape Teuta and Puntari...
  • Vodice: in Sime Strikoman's gallery the exhibition of newspapers' photos was opened

  • These are hundreds of photos from selections of Croatian newspapers' photo 2003, published in all written media and two agencies. The exhibition is a direct result of two contests by the Assembly of photojournalists of Croatian journalists' society: for the award of Pavle Cajzek and Ivan Fabijan. On the inauguration of exhibition there was Dragutin Lucic Luce, president of Croatian journalists society, there also spoke Nenad Rebersak, president of Association of Croatian photojournalists, while it was opened by Vodice major and Assembly's representative Rade Ivas.
  • Thousand worshippers went on pilgrimage to Mary's sanctuary in Vrpolje near Sibenik

  • Several thousand worshippers from Sibenik-Knin County and other parts of Croatia went to pilgrimage to Sibenik's Mary's sanctuary to pay reverence to miraculous Lady on her great holiday. Sibenik's bishop msgr Ante Ivas together with Vrpolje parish priest don Stipe Perkov and doctor father Jure Brkan. Held a Holy Mass. Sibenik's bishop asked the gathered group to pray for Holy Father Joseph Paul II who celebrated Lady in Lourdes in front of 300 thousand worshippers on Sunday.
  • In almost two years has been visited by 300.000 visitors

  • Tourist site Info Adriatic (where you are currently) since the 1st January 2003 when it was first launched, has been visited by more than 300.000 visitors. The majority of visitors are from Croatia, then from Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and in less percentage from many other countries. Daily more several hundreds of visitors are acquainted with Sibenik-Knin County and search through all accommodation capacity. By doing this, Info Adriatic has taken the leading role in the promotion of this part of the Adriatic and it can be rightfully called the most circulation online postcard or accommodation catalogue of Sibenik-Knin County.
  • On Sibenik area, for the first time in the last ten years, there are more than 50 thousand guests

  • On Sibenik area in this moment there are 50.180 guests, which is four percent more than the last year or the largest number of registered guests in the last ten years. More than a half of guests, around 26 thousand are placed in the private accommodation, which is 65 percent of Sibenik tourist capacity. In the hotels, who only until recently were considered the biggest losers, in this moment there are more than seven thousand guests. There are 8205 tourists in the camps, while in the marinas there are around 3500 navigators.
  • The Croatian opera 'Nikola Subic Zrinjski' on the Fortress of Saint Nikola in Sibenik Channel

  • Within the organization of Sibenik koncert and Croatian Television, on the Fortress of Saint Nikola there was held the most famous opera "Nikola Subic Zrinjski", by Ivan pl. Zajc. In front of almost a thousand visitors the opera was held under the baton of maestro Niksa Bareze, and performed by Symphonic Orchestra of Croatian Television, Men choir of the Croatian National Theatre from Split and soloists, baritone Ratomir Kliskic (Nikola Subic Zrinjski), soprano Antonija Borosa (Eva Zrinjski), soprano Miljenka Grdan (Jelena Zrinjski), tenor Hrid Matic (Lovro Juranic), baritone Franjo Pavic (Gaspar Alpic) and tenor Jure Mirosevic (Vuk Paprutovic).
  • Krapanj: a memorial on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of sponge harvesting has been placed

  • A memorial, which was placed on the local bay by the inhabitants of Krapanj on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of sponge harvesting, was inaugurated by the oldest Krapanj's diver Nikola Milutin Spice. The next year, on the Donja loza (Bottom Lodge) of Krapanj's Bay there will be put a monument to a Krapanj's diver. The first donations for the realization of this project have already been collected among Krapanj's emigrants in the Western Australia.
  • Betina: in local shipyard launched a replica of Dubrovnik's karaka

  • On Wednesday the 11th August, a replica of old Dubrovnik's sailing ship was launched in the sea, which had been built to the order of Franjo Radosevic from Dubrovnik. The replica of old Dubrovnik's karaka, with seating capacity of 215, was projected by Franjo Flesch. Although the ship was made of iron (the hull was made in Split), the wooden pieces were finished in Betina gave it such a look that no one, unless he or she knows, wouldn't say that it was made of wood. The construction of replica of Dubrovnik's karaka has been done under the sponsorship of town Dubrovnik. When it is ready, the sailing ship will act as a catering establishment during off seasons, while during summer months it will sail on the Adriatic.
  • Sibenik will raise a monument to the basketball Mozart - Drazen Petrovic

  • In Sibenik the raising of a memorial to one of its greatest son was agreed on the meeting between Drazen's parents Biserka and Jole Petrovic and the representatives of Sibenik's town and county's government. It is planned that the monument will be put in a small town park behind the church of Gospe Van Grada which should be placed on the position of today's gas station. It is an excellent location in the town centre, whose reconstruction has been announced for the last few years.
  • The central ceremony of Victory Day and homeland gratitude held on the Fortress of Knin

  • On the central ceremony of Dan pobjede i domovinske zahvalnosti (Victory Day and homeland gratitude) on the Fortress of Knin there were the most important state delegations head by Croatian president Stjepan Mesic. There were also the Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, vice presidents Jadranka Kosor and Andrija Hebrang, president of Parliament Vladimir Seks, representatives of Parliament and political parties. In the evening on the Fortress of Knin there was held a rich cultural and artistic program, which went live on Croatian Television.
  • In Sibenik town hall the first number of 'Sibenski list' was presented

  • In town hall in Sibenik the first number of new "Sibenski list", only county's weekly, which has recently became the propriety of Ivan Balentovic, known as the owner "Dubrovacki tjednik". The first number of Sibenski list has been completely redesigned and has 64 coloured pages, with major number of new contents and columns. The weekly will be out each Saturday, like it used to be and the price will be 7 HRK.
  • Four day 'Primostenske uzance' held in village of Burnji Primosten Drage

  • The fourteenth cultural and traditional manifestation "Primostenske uzance" in village Drage started with wreath-laying ceremony and the Holy Mass for departed defenders. During this manifestation there were held many theatrical, musical, folklore and scientific programs and this year there will be officially opened new local water supply system and public lighting, road Supljak-Zecevo and cycle path. "Primostenske uzance" were officially closed on Saturday the 7th August at midnight.
  • Around ten thousand faithful on the occasion of Our Lady of Angel on Visovac

  • Around ten thousand faithful from numerous parishes of Sibenik diocese and whole Croatia gathered on holiday of Gospe od Andela (Our Lady of Angel) on island Visovac, antique monastery of Franciscans of Holy Saviour, where along with prayer and lit candles they walked in the Procession around the Lady's Island and went to the Holy Mass. At the altar on open, in front of the picture of miraculous Lady, the Mass was held by msgr. Mile Bogovic, Bishop of Gospic and Senj.
  • A triumph of 'Mlada Bjelovarka' on the traditional 37th donkey race in Tribunj

  • Female donkey "Mlada Bjelovarka" with rider Ivan Durmanic has won the donkey race, which has been held for the 37th time in a row in Tribunj. Durmanic received the statue "Hrvatski tovar", work of academic sculptor Kazimir Hraste, as well as the prize money. The second place went to rider Ivan Ukic with donkey Sevac, while the third place went to Marko Jabuka on donkey Portugalac. Around 15 thousand visitors have seen the donkey race in Tribunj.

    that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati...

    that in 1997 the reconstruction of town garden of Roberto Visinio started, whose new horticultural project was made by agronomist Ivan Jelic from Zadar...

    that you have to have the permission of either one, three, seven or thirty days of Croatian Union for fishing, if you want to have do game fishing...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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