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News Archive

[September 2004]
  • Traditional Murter regatta 'Latinsko idro' starts on the 1st October

  • Even this year traditional regatta "Latinsko idro" will start on the labourers' routes on the occasion of Saint Michael's Festivity, parish's protector. The richness of three day events will start on the Friday, the 1st October. The introduction in the regatta will be opening of the exhibition of models of traditional boats of the Croatian Adriatic by author Lucijan Keber in the popular library and reading room. The regatta itself, on which this year, according to the news, there will participate forty boats, will be held on the Sunday 3rd October.
  • Given recognitions for the best decorated towns, municipalities and places in Sibenik-Knin County

  • Vodice are the best decorated town, followed by Sibenik. From all tourist municipalities the majority of votes went to Primosten, which was a bit better than Pirovac, while the third place went to Rogoznica. There was no dilemma around the best decorated place. Jezera has justified its candidature by winning the flattery title of the Croatian Tourist Board "Plavi Cvijet" (Blue Flower). The second place went to Tribunj.
  • Real estate agents estimate that the foreigners will buy around ten thousand houses on the Adriatic

  • Up to now four thousand houses have been sold on the Adriatic coast, but according to the interest for the old buildings that require reconstruction or for the new luxurious estates, in two-year time foreigners will buy at least ten thousand houses in Croatia. The great interest of foreigners for the real estates on the Adriatic hasn't been lessened by the high prices. The price of square metre in the exclusive areas on the Croatian South have already reached unbelievable three thousand EUR for the already done building, while the price of terrains there go from 800 up to thousand EUR per square metre. Along the coast, the situation is different, depends on the attraction of premises, as well as their distance from the sea or big tourist centres.
  • There are 18 percent more guests than in the same period last year on Sibenik's Riviera

  • The newest data according to which there are 7600 guests and which is 18 percent more in the same period last year show that the post season doesn't grow weary. Seven thousand of them are foreign tourists. But to the comparison of the last week there are around three thousand less tourists. The real recorders of the post season are the marines in which there are around 1700 boaters in this moment, which is a slight increase to the comparison with the last week. Vodice are still the most visited destination with 1850 registered guests.
  • The Minister of agriculture Petar Cobankovic and the head of Sibenik-Knin County Dujo Stancic call on the preservation of famous Babic

  • The Minister of agriculture Petar Cobankovic and the head of Sibenik-Knin County Dujo Stancic have appealed to Primosten's wine-growers no to plant olives and cherries, which have displaced more and more a famous Babic from its historical terraced locality in the last few years, whose picture, as a monument to human labour, even decorates the General meeting of the UN. Cobankovic and Stancic have pointed out that the country is ready to compensate the owners of these terraces who will pull out olives out it and plant the wine grape. Primosten's terraced vineyards are not only the agricultural value, but also the significance of national identity, as well as the cultural fact, Cobankovic and Stancic have stated.
  • The excellent results of post season: on the area of Sibenik and Knin County there are 22 percent more tourists than the last year

  • On the area there are 10.770 tourists, 9500 of which are foreigners. It is 22 percent more guests than in the same period last year. In the comparison with the last week there are four thousand guests less. However, there are 19 percent more foreign tourists than the last year, and the fascinating fact is that there are 46 percent more native tourists. The majority of guests are placed in Vodice, then in Sibenik, Primosten, Murter and Jezera. The most occupied are the hotels, then the private accommodation, camps, while the excellent results are registered in the marines in which there are around 1500 guests.
  • The police can tolerate up to 0.1 per mille of alcohol in the drivers' blood

  • Numerous protests of citizens, caterers and publicity have forced the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to moderate the order on alcohol in the new Law on the traffic security. The police have received the internal instruction according to which they can tolerate up to 0.1 per mille of alcohol in the drivers' blood. When the breath-test shows 0.1 per mille of alcohol in the driver's blood, the driver will not be punished and goes without any sanctions. However, if the instrument for measure shows 0.5 per mille, 0.4 per mille will be registered and there will be a penalty. The police say the instruction was made to tolerate the possibility of instrument' error, which is compared with the speed limit whose tolerance rate is 10 percent.
  • Sibenik-Knin County starts the new programme of enterprise stimulation with Erste and Adriatic Bank

  • For the enterprise stimulation each bank will give 10 million credit funds, while Sibenik-Knin County which has no deposit obligations like in "Poduzetnik" (Enterpriser), will meet the costs of credit analysis up to the amount of 0.8 percent. The credit rate would be up to 6 percent, while the deadline of payment would be 10 to 12 years.
  • Minister Petar Cobankovic visited future industrial area Podi, as well as vineyards and olive-groves in Sibenik's hinterland

  • Petar Cobankovic, Minister of agriculture, forestry and water economy has promised the representatives of Sibenik local government that the Croatian Government will bring the decision on the expropriation of 140 hectares of terrain on Podi for the needs of an industrial area until the middle of October at the latest. It is an area in the propriety of the state which is now governed by Hrvatske sume. During his visit to Sibenik, Minister Cobankovic visited vineyards, olive-groves on Skradin, Oklaj and Drnis's area, as well as ham smoking plant in Miljevci and dairy plant in Pakovo Selo.
  • 'Dani ponosa i slave', 'Srcem protiv celika' i 'Obadva su pala, sve tri su pale' - programs in order to celebrate war events from the September 1991

  • With placing wreaths in front of central crosses on local graveyards in Sibenik, Vodice and Rogoznica, as well as with occasional programs, the representatives of local governments, societies founded after the War of the Independence and political parties have celebrated the September's heroic actions from 1991 on Sibenik area. The wreaths were also placed and candles lit on all war monuments and places in Sibenik's hinterland and barracks.
  • In the first eight months on the area of Sibenik-Knin County almost two millions and half overnights realized

  • During the July on the area of Sibenik-Knin County there was a realized a million and 104 thousand overnight which is 20 thousand more than in the same period last year. When these overnights are added to those realized in the first seven months this year, we get the number of two millions and 490 thousand overnights, which is the same as the last season. That way, Sibenik-Knin County joined Istra, Kvarner and Zadar County which also caught last year's quotas. The most numerous tourists in Sibenik-Knin County were Germans, the Czechs, Slovenians, Hungarians and Italians.
  • Sibenik's caterers joined the drive 'The right for a glass of wine'

  • The caterers guild of the Chamber of Crafts and Trades from Sibenik-Knin County has organized the signing of petition which asks the Croatian Parliament to change the Law on the traffic security on roads, that is the abolition of law order of 0,00 per mile of alcohol in drivers blood. The signing of petition has been done under the drive "Pravo na casu vina" (the right for a glass of wine), started by the Guilt of caterers of Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Trades and the Society "Vinum Croaticum", Croatian caterers and restaurant owners.
  • Jezera records the successful tourist season: more than 200 thousand overnights

  • The inhabitants of Jezera on Murter Island are extremely satisfied with this year's tourist season. Not only have they received the prestigious award of the Croatian Tourist Board called "Plavi cvijet", but they have also surpassed the number of more than 200 thousand overnights. Until the second half of the August Jezera was full of tourists, so that in the peak season the extra bed was asked for. "Jezerski dani mora", traditional cultural and entertaining manifestation, which offered even twenty one programmes, has also contributed to this tourist "crop".
  • The natives of Tisno in Zagreb have formed the society 'Tisno', president Ante Pavlov

  • The initiative started in 2001 on the foundation of a society which would gather the natives of Tisno and their friends in Croatian capital has finally been realized. The society officially registered as "Tisno" has been founded and Ante Pavlov has been elected its president. The vice-president is Marin Mestrov, Secretary Linda Brakus, while the other members of the presidency are Vjeko Veldic, Ivica Frkic, Ante Piljac and Ivica Lampalo. The goal of the Society is to bring closer and join the natives of Tisno, who live in Zagreb, with their native town, but also the promotion of Tisno in the capital of Zagreb.
  • D. Ivo Merlak, D. Vlatko Mileta and Vesna Parun candidates for the Life Achievement Award of Sibenik

  • The award committee of Sibenik Council has defined the list of candidates for the town award in 2004, on which the councils will decide on the eve of solemn session of Town Council which will be held on the occasion of Town's Day and Saint Michael's Day, the 29th September. The nominees for the Life Achievement Award are: D. Ivo Merlak, D. Vlatko Mileta and poet Vesna Parun. The annual Town Award should get D. of medical science Vladimir Lucev, Centre of education Sibenik, and volunteer fire department Zaton. For the Town Plaque the nominees are Kristijan Kike Curavic, Ivan Pedisic, Father Tomislav Puljic, Zlatko Strbinic and klapa Teuta. In the concurrence fort the Sibenik arms there are suggested: county Herford, towns San Benedetto del Tronto, Bassano del Grappa and Civitanova Marche. The honorary citizen should be Gunter Verheugen, high representative of the European Commission.
  • Vodice and Jezera in the competition for the highest recognition of Croatian Tourist Board - Blue Flower

  • In this year's competition for the prestigious statue of Croatian Tourist Board "Plavi cvijet" (Blue Flower) there are 43 towns, municipalities and places that were made candidates by the commission of their County's Tourist Boards. Of the representatives of Sibenik-Knin County in the competition for the title of the best decorated town is Vodice, together with Rovinj, Dubrovnik and Rab. In the competition for the most beautiful place in the high season there is Jezera, whose competitors are Savudrija, Mlini and Lopud.
  • Although there are ten percent more tourists on Sibenik Riviera than the last year, the main tourist season is close to its end

  • On the first day of September there were 20.859 guests on Sibenik Riviera, 17 thousand of whom are foreigners. It is ten percent more tourists than in the same period last year. Although these numbers make tourist workers very happy, there is this inevitable fact that the tourist season is close to its end. There are 17 thousand less tourists than the last week. In the most visited tourist destination Vodice, there are four thousand tourists, while last week there were more than nine thousand tourists.
  • The project of Government coordination for protection and sea monitoring (coast guard)

  • Croatian minister of sea, tourism, maritime affairs and progress Bozidar Kalmeta ha presented the project of Governmental coordination for coordinating of work and protection of inland sea, territorial waters and protected ecological and fishing zone. The coordination will have 600 workers from seven Ministries, 16 ships, 89 boats, six airplanes, one pilotless shuttle and one radar system at its disposal. The boats and planes will have a special colour and signs. The field of activity of such services in the world is known under the name coast guard.
  • Knin government has secured money for the provisions of school books to elementary school students

  • With the budget revision, Knin has secured the money for provision of school books for students of two town's elementary schools. The part of money has been secured by the Social welfare Centre, which also cofinances school books for children that come from the families that use welfare up to the amount of 50 percent. In Knin there are two thousand elementary school students and major Vinko Maric estimates that for the provisions of school books from the first to the eighth class would need around 1.2 million HRK.

    that Sibenik-Knin County has 806 kilometers of sea coast, five rivers, three big and 10 smaller lakes...

    that Murter is the biggest insular village in Sibenik-Knin County...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...

    that, if you arrive to Sibenik by car, it is best to avoid the drive through narrow and steep town streets and walk around the town or in shopping...



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