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News Archive

[October 2004]
  • Sibenik among the firsts in the world starts with the reconstruction of town dump

  • Town Sibenik and Gradska cistoca have got the location permission for the reconstruction of town dump Bikarac, whose reconstruction in the first phase should be finished till 2007 according to the European criteria. Around 20 million HRK will be invested in the reconstruction of town dump, which would also become the county dump. Around 60 percent of these funds will be secured by the Croatian government and UNDP, while the rest of the funds will be financed from the budget of town Sibenik and Gradska cistoca. Sibenik is, along with Dubrovnik and Porec, the third town on the Adriatic coast that managed to complete all the requests for the issue of locality permission, without which the reconstruction of the dump would not be possible.
  • The nautical centre Primosten got the thirty year concession on the ship-repairing yard Sibenik

  • Minister Bozidar Kalmeta and head of Nautical Centre Primosten Goran Prgin signed the 30-year contract on the concession, which means a bright future for 228 employers in ship-repairing yard Sibenik. After a two-year bankruptcy, this once paramilitary ship-repairing yard has finally been close to become a profitable company. There are many plans, along with the usual work of the yard and they are all connected with the Europe and the world. Starting from the mega yachts' arrangement, which has already been done, all the way to the production of aluminium ships, which is also an international trend.
  • Town Sibenik and Nautical Faculty from Split conclude a contract on the cooperation

  • Town Sibenik and Nautical Faculty from Split will sign the contract which will give the permission to this higher education institution to use the premises of Kresimirov dom without any compensation for the lectures and other work by the Professional nautical university in Sibenik. The Sibenik-Knin County has also approved this decision of town government and will secure the part of money for the costs of this University out of its budget.
  • After a few years' agony, the last show held in the cinema Sibenik

  • Sibenik was left without any cinema activity, because the owner and the head of cinema company Sibenik Goran Saric cannot realize a profitable business. The cinema in Sibenik creates losses and we in the administration can't do business like that no more, Saric is determined. Sibenik vice major Tomislav Ninic, however, claims that the town government is undoubtedly believes Sibenik needs to have a cinema. We are trying with all our forces to make a multimedia centre from the premises of the second ex cinema Odeon, where the real possibility of cinema activity would open, say in the town government.
  • The project 'Protection and control over the wolves in Croatia' presented in Sibenik

  • The project "Zastita i upravljanje vukovima u Hrvatskoj" (The protection and control over the wolves in Croatia) was presented in Sibenik and guided by the Nature Conservation Bureau. The goal of this project, worth around 660 thousand EUR, out of which two thirds are secured from the programme Life of European Commission, is to establish a system for long term conservation of wolves and their more harmonious life with people. In Croatia there are from 130 and 170 wolves and it is considered to be an endangered species, which is from 1995 law-protected.
  • On the Adriatic coast there are 16 percent more tourists than in the same period last year

  • On the Adriatic coast this week there have been around 28.6 thousand registered tourists, from which there are 25.4 thousand foreigners and 3.2 thousand natives. It is, according the data of Croatian Tourist Board 16 percent more than in the last period last year. The majority of guests, 16.2 thousand of them are on vacation on the area of Dalmatia, which is 32 percent more than the last year. The rise of guests' number ranging from 6 to 32 percent this week is registrated in whole four Dalmatian counties. After Dalmatia, Kvarner is the second in number of registered guests, with 6.4 thousand or 16 percent more guests than the last year. In Istra there are around six thousand guests, which is on the same level of the last year's results.
  • Sibenik was visited by three cruisers, among which a luxurious sailing-ship Sea Cloud 2

  • In a day Sibenik was visited by three cruisers. The first that entered the port was Adriana with 226 passengers, then ship Monet, which sailed in with 24 passengers under the flag of a small Caribbean state St. Vincent. The third which arrived was luxurious motor sailor Sea Cloud 2, which brought 68 passengers, mostly the Americans, who apart from Sibenik also visited Slapovi Krke. The arrival of Sea Cloud 2 provoked the great attention of Sibenik's inhabitants, because this ship is the propriety of German ship-owner Herman Ebel, married to the native of Tribunj Mileva Stipanicev.
  • In the first nine months on the highway Zagreb-Split passed 3.7 million vehicles

  • Opened sections of the highway Zagreb-Split have recorded more than good results in the first nine months. In that period, 3.7 million vehicles or 15.366 daily have passed this direction. This high average can be thanked to the seasons' peaks in the July, especially in the August when from Brinje to Pirovac there were 36.546 vehicles daily. Until the end of the year, there is expected to be a traffic fall below 12 thousand, because in winter months on this direction there are expected to be around six thousand vehicles daily.
  • The town of Vodice has founded PR Office

  • In Vodice's town hall there was presented a newly founded PR office of Vodice, leaded by Maja Cvitan. New town spokesperson, among many things, has announced the reorganization and new design of the periodical "Vodicke novine", more quality town's Web site and over the long term anew activation of local radio station. The reconstruction of ex cooperative hall into a Multimedia centre, for which six million HRK will be given from the town budget.
  • Sibenik's men choir 'Sveti Mihovil' performed in Vukovar and among Burgenland Croats in Hungary

  • During five-day tour, Sibenik's singers held the five full-length concerts on which they presented the repertoire of patriotic, Dalmatian and spiritual songs. After Vukovar, the members of "Sveti Mihovil" sang in Petrovo Selo, Kemlje and Undi in Hungary, places where Burgenland Croats live, while the last concert was held in Sopron, in local Dominican church. During their stay in Vukovar, they placed wreaths on monuments from the Homeland War, while in Hungary they visited the historical town Kiseg.
  • Skradin's Council has accepted the proposition of naming the new bridge across the river Krka

  • After a series of initiatives and opinions that the magnificent bridge across the river Krka should be called Faust Vrancic, Majka mira (Peace mother) or Krka, Skradin's councillors have accepted the unique point of view that this pride of Croatian bridge construction is called after the place where it is situated. The bridge that goes over the beauty Krka on the section of highway Zagreb-Split should be named Skradin, on which the final decision should be given by the relevant Ministry.
  • Commissioner for European Union's extension Peter Verheugen received the title of freeman of Sibenik

  • The Prime Minister of Croatian Government Ivo Sanader, Minister of Foreign Affairs Miomir Zuzul, woman Minister of European integration Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Sibenik leadership headed by woman major Nedjeljka Klaric were also presented on the ceremony. Peter Verheugen first visited Sibenik in 1960 and since that time he has been his regular visitor. Verheugen used his stay in Sibenik to visit Zlarin, place of its old young love.
  • Assistant of Minister of sea, tourism, traffic and progress Josip Boric talked with Sibenik leaders

  • Next year the Ministry of sea, tourism, traffic and progress, that is Island Administration, will support and include the project of fire-prevention roads on Zirje Island, reconstruction and construction of clinic on Zlarin and Krapanj and also get presses for caring communal island waste in its annual programme. The Minister's assistant Josip Baric told that to Sibenik leaders, who also announced the realization of several other infrastructural projects, which are in function of Sibenik islands' progress.
  • Around 130 diplomats with members of families accredited in Croatia visited Skradin and Skradinski buk

  • Accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs Miomir Zuzul, woman minister for European integration Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Ivica Mastruk, consultant of the Croatian president, around 130 diplomats accredited in Croatia visited Skradin, where the warm welcome was prepared for them. Their visit to ancient Skradin and Krka Waterfalls was organized as a part of diplomatic caravan for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared a few day patrol around Dalmatia.
  • Croatia began to control another 30 thousand square kilometres of the Adriatic Sea

  • A year after the Croatian Parliament had proclaimed the fishing and ecological belt, on the 4th October Croatia began to control another 30 thousand square kilometres of its sea surface. Until the coastguard is founded, the protected zone or fishing and ecological belt will be controlled by the service titled Koordinacija (Coordination), which consists of maritime police, the Customs, harbour master's offices and State inspection for fishing.
  • Damir Corkalo from Betina winner of traditional Murter's regatta 'Latinsko idro'

  • Out of 48 participants of traditional Adriatic regatta "Latinsko idro", held in Murter, the first over the finish line was gajeta (half-decked one-masted fishing boat) of owner Damir Corkalo from Betina. Gajeta of owner Nikola Papesa from Murter covered a distance of marked route six miles long and arrived second over the finish line, while the third was his fellow-townsman Tonko Ramesa. In the category of leut the fastest was the fishing ship of Grga Jerat, the second runner was Ive Sikic, while the third runner was Andrija Mudronja. The first over fishing line was also kaic (boat) of Ante Frzop, followed by Ana Jerat, and on the third place Zlatko Kovacev.
  • Vodicanka, GIRK Kalun and Dva Marka - the best County's companies and winners of 'Zlatna kuna'

  • The chamber of commerce of Sibenik-Knin County has proclaimed the best companies in 2003. The traditional award "Zlatna kuna", which has been assigned for ten years, in the concurrence of the major companies was given to Vodicanka d.d. in the concurrence of medium companies the laureate has become the company from Drnis GIRK Kalun, while in the concurrence of small businesses the laureate has became the construction company Dva Marka. "Zlatna kuna" is given exclusively on the basis of formal data given to FINA by the companies.
  • The society Nasa djeca on the occasion of Children Week: 'Children's collage as a present to town'

  • With the occasional programme held on the Square of Pavle Subic I, Sibenik's society Nasa djeca has celebrated the beginning of the Children Week, which has been held to the 11th October in whole Croatia. The participants of the programme were students of Sibenik's elementary schools, majorettes, members of gymnastic society Sibenik and young Sibenik's male and female singers.
  • The International Day of elder people marked with the opening of new apartments in Sibenik's 'Cvjetni dom'

  • The vice president of Government and woman minister of defenders, families and intergenerational solidarity Jadranka Kosor has opened the new premises for living room, restaurant and four apartments for the beneficiaries of the home for elder people in Sibenik's nursing home. It is the first in the series of twenty similar projects for elder people in Croatia, for which realization the Croatian government gave a million and 720 thousand HRK.
  • Jezera: crew of 'Sveta Ana' and skipper Ivan Vuljanic winners of Big Game Fishing

  • The 6th International sport and angling competition in tuna fishing - Big Game Fishing was finished in Jezera. The majority of votes (772.5) was gathered by the crew of boat "Sveta Ana" with skipper Ivan Vuljanic for Karlovac. The second was crew of "El Patron" with skipper Georg Blanich from Jezera that gathered 665 points, while the third place went to the ship "Biggy" with Edo Baricevic from Varazdin, gathering 617 points. In three competitive days 32 fish of total weight 1400 kilograms was gathered. The largest tuna caught was weighing 114.5 kilograms, while the largest caught fish was thresher shark of 123.5 kilograms.
  • The 29th September, holiday of Saint Michael and the Day of Sibenik was ceremonially marked

  • The holiday of Saint Michael and the Day of Sibenik was marked with economical, religious, cultural and entertaining manifestations. In front of the Saint Jacob's Cathedral the Holy Mass was held for many believers and Croatian bishops, in which apostolic delegate in Croatia, Msgr. Francisco Javier Lozano also participated. In the organization of Croatian economy chamber, the final drive "Kupujmo hrvatsko" (Buy Croatian) was also held, while Sibenik's craftsmen presented themselves with the traditional fashion show "Obrtnici voljenom gradu" (Craftsmen to loving town). On the ceremonial assembly of Town Council, the prizes and recognitions of town Sibenik were given, while the ceremonial concert was held by the Youth Orchestra from Sibenik in the Sibenik Theatre.
  • On the ex Sibenik market 'Mala loza', the first antiques fair was held

  • Thanks to the initiative of Srecko Vuksic, one of the most known collectors of antique items, the first antiques fair was held on Sibenik's square Mala loza. Although, the holding of the first Sibenik's "flea market" was disturbed by rain, several sellers from Sibenik, Split and Zadar showed up on Mala loza, where they offered the broad range of the items, from those artistic ones to the obsolete house appliances. Sibenik inhabitants showed a great interest in the offer on the "flea market", so it will be held every Saturday.
  • A million and 750 thousand HRK for helping retired people until the end of the year

  • Sibenik would soon become the first town in Croatia in which a humanitarian and social programme for helping retired people would start working. It is a pilot project in which a million and 750 thousand HRK out of the budget will be invested by the end of the year. And which will be done on three levels. All the retired people will be able to spend some time in Sibenik's Cvjetni Dom, between eight and twelve o'clock. They will be taken care of in their homes, while special interest will be put on taking care of the most socially handicapped people from islands. Among other things, the retired people will get a lunch in Cvjetni Dom whose price will not go more than 20HRK.

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