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News Archive

[November 2004]
  • Successfully solved three day drama of sailing boat 'Gino Motori' that had an accident in the regatta near Jabuka Island

  • After the floating upside down for three full days near Jabuka Island, sailing boat "Gino Motori" was tug up to Tribunj, which owner is skipper Dino Jurela from Sailing boat Opatija. Let's remind ourselves, the sailing boat had an accident during the open-sea regatta Vodice- Jabuka-Vodice. The sailing boat was tug up to Tribunj's marina by Murter's trawl-boat "Anka", and because of the difficult conditions on the sea and the fact that the mainmast was turned toward the seabed, the towing lasted for whole 22 hours.
  • On Sibenik-Knin area the gastronomic week 'Our little big treasure' started

  • Organized by the catering guild of Chamber of Crafts and Trade of Sibenik-Knin County, the gastronomic week was opened, which has been maintaining on the area of Sibenik-Knin County since 1997 under the title "Nase malo veliko blago" (Our little big treasure). It's a gastronomic manifestation that local caterers use to popularize native food that used to be prepared in town and village houses. In this year's gastronomic week there are 26 restaurants participating and they offer three native foods on their menus.
  • Drnis: the reconstruction of a palace which was visited by the Austro-Hungarian emperor Francis Joseph II Hapsburg started

  • As a part of the reconstruction of several capital town buildings, the final appearance will be given to a representative Drnis palace, known by the stay of the Austro-Hungarian emperor Francis Joseph II during the visit to Drnis in June 1818. Along with this building, a kindergarten, headquarters of forestry office, the palace Skelin and ex building of welfare. Along with the donations from Drnis and other places, the Ministry of Republic of Croatia finances the roof repair work on the parish church of Lady of Rosary in Drnis.
  • Sibenik Tourist Board improves the function of its tourist-information centres

  • Around 320 thousand HRK will be given for the functioning of seven tourist-information centres on Sibenik area in the next year. The biggest part of the money will be used for the functioning of tourist-information centre on Sibenik town quay. The intention of Sibenik Tourist Board is to have tourist-information centre working all day already from the middle of March or from Easter at the latest, until the end of October. Of all local tourist-information centres the longest working period will be given to the one in Zaboric from the 15th May until the 15th September. Tourist-information centres on Jadrija and Kaprije, then in Zablace, Zaton and Raslina will open their doors from the 1st June until the 31st August.
  • Sibenik-Knin County and City of Sibenik request 90 million HRK for capital investment on islands

  • Sibenik-Knin County requests 25 million HRK for the construction of a quay for travelling traffic to islands, and another 2.5 million HRK for the reconstruction of port pier on Krapanj. The same amount is requested by the County for the programme of establishing the borders of maritime goods and road repair work on Zirje. The request of the City of Sibenik is related to the capital investment on Kaprije, Zirje, Zlarin and Obonjan to the amount of 37 million HRK. Sibenik requests another four million HRK for the investment in insular sustainable progress. The City of Vodice requests two million HRK for the investment on Prvic, while the Municipality of Tisno requests 12 million HRK for capital investment on Murter.
  • Sibenik's academic sculptor Aleksandar Ale Guberina finished four metres long monument to the first Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tudman

  • The making of monument was ordered by the Town of Kastela and it will be placed in Kastel Luksic on the surface near the road that also carries the name of the first Croatian president. Guberina's monument of Dr. Franjo Tudman is the biggest one ever built in Sibenik, and in Dalmatia the only monument bigger than it is the one of Grgur Ninski in Split. Sibenik's sculptor has made the model of monument, which in two weeks time will be founded in Zagreb's foundry Ujevic. It is interesting to add that Guberina has used plaster for modelling the monument, and not clay which is the usual material for modelling such grandiose monuments. With technological procedure, realized by him, Guberina has made the cutting and transport of a model in Zagreb's foundry much easier.
  • The spectacular regatta of cruisers started from Vodice to the most extended Croatian island Jabuka and backwards

  • From the local waters in front of Vodice's ACI marina the regatta of cruisers to the most extended Croatian island Jabuka and backwards started. This extremely demanding regatta of total length around 100 nautical miles was organized by the boating club Tijat from Vodice and Croatian boating Society. This year 25 sailing boats were registered and among them two maxi-cruisers of Comet and Big One types, which crews have 20 members. The regatta lasted for 24 hours and it was sailed on the route Vodice-Komarica-Jabuka-Blitvenica-Vodice.
  • Strong, almost gale-force storm, caused damage on Sibenik area

  • The wind, which blew with storm force by fits and starts, accompanied by rain, broke trees, damaged the roofs of family and out-houses and paralyzed the traffic. The great damage was done on the agricultural areas, especially in olive-groves. The buses on international and intercity lines toward Rijeka, Zagreb, Germany and Switzerland didn't travel. The storm caused the interruption of electric energy in many places on Sibenik, Vodice and Skradin's hinterland.
  • The largest Sibenik hotel complex Solaris presented its potentials on the established tourist fair in London

  • Sibenik hotel complex Solaris successfully presented itself on the established tourist fair in London (WTM). It is a fair on which many hotel complex and tourist agents from all over the world, especially those who practice congress tourism, present themselves. The fact that it is the first in the series of fairs on which the market pulse for the following season is taken gives the importance to this London WTM.
  • The delegation of town Sibenik visited Italian town Civitanova Marche

  • The delegation of the City of Sibenik with the major Nedjeljka Klaric visited Italian town Civitanova Marche with which Sibenik signed the document on fraternization and agreement on the long-term economic, cultural, sport and friendly cooperation two years ago. While talking to the major of Civitanova Dr. Ermini Marinelli, vice-major Sergio Marzetti and representatives of local chambers of economy and trade, Sibenik's delegation again expressed the wish to continue the already started cooperation, which still hasn't achieved expected results in the economy area. That's why it is agreed that the poll should be carried out among contractors and companies from Sibenik region which would show whether and how much they are interested in the cooperation with the region Marche.
  • Three young Sibenik's DJs published their first record in the Netherlands

  • Three young Sibenik's DJs have succeeded to publish the record on the international market. It is all about Incognito Project that is done by Aztec, Eddy C. and Devos. Their first record contains six songs that can be described as tech-house with funky rhythms. Sibenik's DJs have sent their songs to the addresses of several European publishers, and positive response has been received by Aleksadar Conig for Pitch Records in the Netherlands. The next song will be recorded in the production of Cobra Records from Paris from where the next positive response and contract for signing has arrived.
  • Tisno: poet Josip Tomin winner of Life Achievement Award

  • On the ceremonial session of the municipal council held on the occasion of the holiday of Saint Martin, day of Tisno municipality, many awards and acknowledgements were given to those who distinguished themselves in the social, cultural, sport and economy life of the municipality vas well as in sponsorship. The most valued acknowledgement - Life Achievement Award - was given to poet Josip Tomin from Jezera, who more than four decades publishes poetry written in chacavian dialect. His work has gone beyond the limits of today's Tisno municipality and has become the poetic property of all Croatia.
  • Vodice: the construction works on the reconstruction of the quay Vladimir Nazor began

  • After the infrastructure had been reconstructed last year, on the quay Vladimir Nazor in Vodice the second phase on the reconstruction of this attractive town space began. The square will be paved with white stone, arranged horticultural and several stone benches for sitting will be placed. The low amphitheatre with the scene for holding up cultural manifestation will be constructed. The project valued 4.5 millions HRK will be completely financed from the town budget, while the dead line is set for the 15th March 2005.
  • Marko Mesin won the silver medal on the Fair of innovations in German town Nürnberg

  • Marko Mesin, young innovator, member of the society "Faust Vrancic" from Sibenik, has won the silver medal on the International Fair of innovations and new technology in German Nürnberg. Mesin has won this prestigious acknowledgment for the innovation "Upravljanje PC aplikacijama pomocu daljinskog upravljaca" (Managing PC applications with remote control), which was actually degree essay in the school of engineering in Drnis. Apart from Mesin, who in this moment studies on the Faculty of electrical engineering in Split, in Nurnberg there were also the seniors of school of engineering from Sibenik Goran Presecki, Mario Papak, Hrvoje Pelajic and Tomislav Toplak with innovation "Automatizirani parking" (Automiatised parking).
  • Knin: Sibenik's philatelic and numismatic society organize the first philatelic exhibition

  • Sibenik's philatelists organized the stamp exhibition on the occasion of the 200 anniversary of Knin's post office. The president of philatelic and numismatic society Sibenik Mario Lusic presented himself with the samples of stamps from the serial "Znameniti ljudi na hrvatskim markama" (Famous people on Croatian stamps) and "Sport na hrvatskim markama" (Sport on Croatian stamps), while Stjepan Smernic presented maximaphilia under the title "Mala zemlja za veliki odmor" (A small country for a great holiday). The exhibition is also accompanied by the occasional seal with the date of opening and signature - Philatelist exhibition.
  • Until next summer six wind farms will be constructed on the hill Trtar near Sibenik

  • German company EnerSys-Inzenjering has signed the agreement with the Hrvatska elektroprivreda on the delivery of electric power produced in wind farms on the hill Trtar near Sibenik. On this location, during the first phase a six wind generators of total power 5.1MW (850kW each), while during the second phase another eight. Since this investment per MW of installed power costs around 900 thousand EUR it is evident that this German company from the neighbourhood of Stuttgart will invest between 12 and 13 million EUR. EnerSys-Inzenjering plans to build wind farms on the hill Orlice.
  • Croatian president Stjepan Mesic visited centre 'Roman obitelj' in Bratiskovci

  • Croatian president Stjepan Mesic visited the Centre for rehabilitation "Roman obitelj" in Bratiskovci, village in the hinterland of Skradin. Accompanied by his collaborators, president Mesic visited all the premises of this institution, opened in the February 2001 and at this moment takes care of a hundred of beneficiaries of both sexes, middle-aged and elderly with moderate and serious mental retardation. "According to all the things I have seen here, family Roman has truly made possible better living to those who can't realize it themselves. This is a great experiment that has to be supported from the state level" - stated president Mesic.
  • High tourist acknowledgments to Sibenik's representatives on the traditional 'Days of Croatian tourism' in Cavtat

  • Three valuable acknowledgments are presented to Sibenik's representatives on the final ceremony "Days of Croatian tourism", that was traditionally held in Cavtat. Jezera has won the golden medal as the best arranged place on the Adriatic. The blue flower went to Sibenik by the Centre for visitors "Bunari-tajne Sibenika" (Wells-secrets of Sibenik) for originality in the presentation of cultural heritage. The triumph of Sibenik's representatives was completed by Marija Zavodnik, owner of a hair dresser's craft in Vodice, who as a part of the drive "Covjek, kljuc uspjeha u turizmu" (Man, a key to success in tourism) has won the prize as the best in the category of "other service activities".
  • Sibenik Tourist Board in the cooperation with German ADAC promotes Sibenik's tourist offer

  • Traditionally, somewhere around Easter, Sibenik Tourist Board will organize a tourist caravan in Germany where the possibilities of Sibenik's tourist offer will be promoted. The whole story will be "covered" by German ADAC so all the texts and reportages will be published in all specialised German press. Meanwhile, on Sibenik area foreign tourist journalists will spend seven days and they will report their observations on the possibilities of summer holidays on this area to their readers.
  • The preparations for the construction of Skradin's sewage system of liquid waste are done

  • After a three year preparations regarding the realization of the construction of sewage system of liquid waste, in Skradin the beginning of these construction works is announced. The first digging will be in Rokovaca in order to secure the link-ups to water-supply system for the owners of new accommodation buildings. The value of this capital investment is around 20 million HRK and it will be done in several phases. The half of these funds are secured with the loan of town government to the amount of 4 million HRK, with the money of relevant Ministry and charity funds to the amount of 5.2 million HRK.

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