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Did you know

  • that dolphins can be often see in open, but even in narrow local waters of Sibenik

  • There are no rare cases when they appear in Kornati archipelago, but while searching for their catch, they can even get to Sibenik port. The most known and represented dolphin of the Adriatic Sea is Tursiops Truncatos who moves close to shore all the way to open sea. It is a skilled fish stealer, likes playing among waves and is specially calmed down by sunset. Its colour is grey with light, almost white colours on its belly. Its snout is short. The males can be up to 3.90 metres and 275 kilograms, while females are a bit smaller and lighter. It eats fish and lives in a group of 10 up to 25 dolphins. Croatian fishermen don't particularly like them in the vicinity, because they often destroy the fishing nets and steal fish. However, dolphin is a good sea guide, because whether there are dolphins there is fish. Croatian scientists do intensively the research on the dolphins' life, while in Mali Losinj there is a special society founded for the protection of these noble mammals.

  • that Sibenik was the first town which minted its coins under the rule of the Venetians

  • Soon after it, many other towns started minting their coins: Split from 1490, Zadar from 1491, Trogir from 1492 and Hvar from 1493. On the 25th of May 1485, Nine-Man Council approved the minting and circulation of Sibenik's coins - Sibenik's bagatin, as the twelth part of Venetian soldo to the value of 30 Venetian ducats. As it was determined by the decree, on one part of the coin there was a figure of Saint Mark around which there was an inscription MARCVS VENETI. On the other side of the coin, there was a figure of Saint Michael, the patron of Sibenik, who carried a spear in his right hand with which he killed a dragon, and in his left hand he had the ball above which there was a cross. Around the figure there was an inscription SIBENIC S MICHAEL. Copper bagatin was the legal tender on the area of Sibenik for little more than two centuries.

  • that on Sibenik's coast there are two biggest and most famous discotheques in Dalmatia - Aurora and Hacienda

  • Aurora is placed in Primosten, which is 25 kilometres away from Sibenik and 50 kilometres from Split. In the last ten years Aurora has received the most famous names of the national entertaining scene, but also some of the biggest DJs from Europe and world. The discotheque Hacienda is placed in Vodice, which is around 15 kilometres away from Sibenik. Hacienda can hold up to around three thousand visitors and is known for its excellently organized party and disco parties. Hacienda is open during the summer months. Aurora, however, works not only during summer, but also in different occasions, especially during Christmas, New Year and Easter's holidays. Otherwise, the possibilities of fun and night dates on Sibenik Riviera are extremely high. Especially in the period of tourist season when the restaurants, cellars and other catering buildings are opened until the early morning hours. In many of these places there is the rich offer of different music, from national klapa's songs to evergreen, jazz and rock'n roll.

  • that in April 1774 in Venice a book 'Viaggio in Dalmazia dell Alberto Fortis' was printed in two volumes

  • This book was translated and printed in Ljubljana 1984 for the first time in our country. The book of the famous Italian travel writer Alberto Fortis provoked a real European sensation in its time, advising Europe of the existence of an forgotten and unknown nation, civilization-unspoilt. Fortis wrote about Croatian places on the basis of his repeated travels and stays in Dalmatia. In the book the whole chapter of the first volume, even 59 of total 145 pages, is dedicated to Sibenik and its surroundings. Fortis used even 30 pages of travel book by Antun Vrancic from Sibenik "Putovanje iz Budima u Drinopolje" (Travelling from Budim to Drinopolje), which was written by this notable inhabitant of Sibenik 1553.

  • that from the 20th August in Croatia there will be valid new provisions of Law on traffic security according to which a driver must not have more than 0,00 per mille of alcohol in blood

  • According to the new extremely rigorous provisions of Law on traffic security, a driver who would have up to 0,5 per mille of alcohol in blood will be fined up to 1500 HRK and one negative point. The quantity of 0,5 to 1,5 per mille of alcohol in blood will be penalized with fine of 2000 HRK and suspension of driving licence on three months. For bigger quantities of per mille of alcohol in blood the fine is 3000 HRK with longer suspension of driving license. There were also ordered other fines for speeding - from 300 to 3000 HRK. The drivers under the influence of drugs will also be penalized, as well as using mobile phones while driving, as well as for not using safety belt. The law restrictions on 0,00 per mille in blood has provoked wild protests especially among caterers and winemakers. Many of them feel that the tourist reputation of Croatia will be ruined, because e.g. the culture of wine drinking after lunch has been threatened.

  • that Kristijan Kike Curavic, present world record holder in diving underneath the ice, has been preparing to break world record in the discipline apnea static

  • It is a discipline in which the diver holds his/her breathes as long as possible underneath water surface. The record holder in this discipline is German Tom Sietas, who recently held his breath for eight minutes and 47 seconds. Kristijan Curavic, dolphin from Sibenik island Krapanj, plans to break his record in the Ocotber and November. He recently demonstrated this skill in Rogoznica's marina Frapa and achieved time of seven minutes and seven seconds, although so far his best time was 8 minutes and 25 seconds. Parallel with the attempt to break the record in the discipline apnea static, Curavic has also been preparing to break the record in a more challenging and known discipline constant weight. The world record in this discipline is 102 metres, while Kristijan's best result so far has been 90 metres. Although he still misses 12-13 metres, Kristijan hopes the more quality practice will help him catching up with this record or even breaking it in warm Egypt.

  • that on the 28th of August 1895 on the Krka Falls, one of the first multi-phase electricity grid in the world was put into operation

  • From the first Croatian and among the first in the world hydro-electric power plant Jaruga I, placed on the Krka Falls, the first light was sent to Sibenik through power-transmission lines. In that way, Sibenik got its electric energy before numerous world capitals, before Zagreb and seven years before Vienna, capital of Austria-Hungary, to whom Sibenik belonged in that time. Krka and Sibenik kept the series of priorities in the Croatian electric-power industry: the first three-phase electric wire and the first wire of 30kV between hydro-electric power plant Miljacka and Factory SUFID in Crnica, suburb of Sibenik, the first membership of a Croatian company "Ante Supuk and son" from Sibenik to the foundation of European electric power society UNIPEDE in Paris 1925 and the first remote control from a transformer station Bilice in 1901. The 28th of August is also known as the day of the HEP (Croatian electric-power industry).

  • that one of the oldest and still one of the most favourite food on Sibenik's area - salted pilchard in olive oil

  • The consumption of this food goes way back in old days and the interesting thing is that practically nothing has changed in its preparation. Indeed, even though there have been many culinary attempts to improve the traditional recipe with some new spices or supplements, the good food lovers insist only on the old way of preparation of this simple food. For its preparation you need 18 to 20 pieces of salted pilchards, six pieces of chalotte, six olives, lemon as desired and olive oil. Salted pilchards are washed, lightly grated from the outside and separated from bones so that we get a fillet of each pilchard. The fish prepared in such a way is placed on the meat plate with olive oil, in which the cut chalotte, olives and lemon slices are added. The food is served as a cold hors d'oeuvre, or a part of some fish snack, but always with wine and home-made bread.

  • that Info Adriatic, on the biggest national Internet contest was inserted in the list of Top 10 Croatian tourist Web sites in the year 2005

  • On the 6th national Internet contest Vidi Web Top 100, organized by the publishing house Vidi and Croatian Chamber of Economy, Info Adriatic was inserted among 100 best Croatian Web sites in 2005. It was the only Web site from the area of Sibenik-Knin County that, in the competition of 3000 Croatian Internet publications, inserted among the first hundred top sites. On the final ceremony of this biggest national Internet competition, held on the 16th December 2005 in the Emerald Hall of the hotel "The Regent Esplanade Zagreb", the professional prize-awarding committee (made up of: Jasna Krzanic, Dusica Madzarac and Don Markusic) inserted Info Adriatic in the list of Top 10 Croatian Web site in the category Tourism and Travelling. This is a valuable proof to all users of site Info Adriatic (advertisers, visitors and guests) of being in the right place.

    that the islands of Sibenik's local waters, Tribunj and Krapanj are the lowest inhabited islands on the Adriatic...

    that Sibenik, in spite of its modern car-ferry landing, is not connected with direct ferry line with neighbouring Italy...

    that for sex on the beach, that is on any public place, there is a penalty - maximum of 30 days in prison or 100 EUR in Croatia...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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