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Did you know

  • that the first Children Festival was held from the 19th until 28th July 1958 on the Square of the Republic of Croatia in Sibenik

  • Once Yugoslav Children Festival, but since 1991 International Children Festival Sibenik - Croatia, was organized on the initiative of art educationist Josip Roca and several prominent artist from Zagreb, with the ardent support of Sibenik municipality and prominent cultural and public participants from Sibenik - prof. Ivo Livakovic, Josko Bujas, Tomislav Relje, Tonko Marotti, Milorad Alic and others. The Festival is held every year at the end of June and the beginning of July, and there are presented many theatre companies, individuals, different artist, educationists and children from all world continents. The performances are held on the Summer stage between the townhall and the Cathedral of Saint Jacob on the numerous town squares. The thing that is very special and interesting for this Festival is several of its children workshops.

  • that on the 9th April 1983 the players of basketball club 'Sibenka' became the champions of ex-Yugoslavia and wore that title for only 48 hours

  • Led by legendary Drazen Petrovic, the players of basketball club "Sibenka" became the champions of ex-Yugoslavia, winning the team of basketball club "Bosna" from Sarajevo. However, Sibenik team were the champions for only 48 hours, because the Yugoslav Basketball Federation, in spite of the protest by the Croatian Basketball Federation, nullified the game because of the allegedly mistakenly adjudged personal foul on Drazen Petrovic in the last seconds of the game. The Yugoslav Basketball Federation brought a decision that the game had to be repeated on the neutral terrain. Sibenik players didn't go to the repeated game in Novi Sad, and they didn't return their victory medals. On the 11th April, more than five thousand angry Sibenik citizens protested against the decision of Yugoslav Basketball Federation on the Sibenik's Poljana and in front of the town.

  • that Sibenik-Knin County has 806 kilometers of sea coast, five rivers, three big and 10 smaller lakes

  • It has 285 islands and rocks, rivers and lakes, five mountains, two national parks, 2 nature parks, 10 marines, eight waterfalls and twenty known tourist places. Its centre - Sibenik - is the only original Croatian town. The Sibenik area is under the influence of Mediterranean climate, characterised by hot and dry summers and mild, humid winters. The medium yearly temperature is 15,7°C, while the average yearly level of insulation a day is 7 hours. The average number of insulated hours is 2555, while 886 litres of rains falls on a square meter per year. The snow is very rare. The summer temperature of air is on average between 28 and 34°C, while the sea temperature is 22 up to 25°C.

  • that the islands of Sibenik's local waters, Tribunj and Krapanj are the lowest inhabited islands on the Adriatic

  • Island Kornati is the biggest island in Sibenik's local waters with the total surface of 32.525 square kilometres. With its 237 meters, it is also the highest Sibenik's island, while the lowest inhabited islands are Tribunj with only two and Krapanj with 1,5 meters above sea-level. The largest deserted island is Kakan with its surface of 312 square kilometres. The inhabited Sibenik's islands are: Kopara near Rogoznica, Gola glava near Primosten, Krapanj, Zlarin, Prvic, Tribunj, Kaprije, Zirje and Murter. Even island Visovac on Visovac lake, the part of National Park Krka is always inhabited. On these islands there are places like: Rogoznica, Primosten, Krapanj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Prvic Luka, Prvic Sepurina, Tribunj, Jezera, Betina, Murter, Tisno and Zirje (Selo and Muna).

  • that during the 30s of the 20th century even Paris itself drank wine and champagne from Sibenik area

  • From the 15th till the end of the 19th century, with inevitable ups and downs because of wars, deadly epidemics, wine growers and makers from the area of today's Sibenik-Knin County were European wine notables. In that time, Sibenik's wine were exported in great amounts in Italy, France and Austria. Sibenik was the Croatian and European wine major power and wines from the vineyards on Sibenik's islands and wine-growing districts of coastal area and Zagora drank even Vatican itself. During the second part of the 20th century, wine-growing on Sibenik area stepped aside for the preferred industry and brought to the edge of disaster. It is also important not to neglect the fact that wine-growing on Sibenik area, has its roots from the deep past even before the birth of Jesus Christ and that today's vineyards are on the same place where old Greeks and Romans used to grow wine grapes. The oldest archaeological proof of Croats' wine growing's from the 11th century and the sign of wine grape and grapes can be seen on the most worth storical and cultural monuments of Sibenik.

  • that Sibenik-Knin County had two National Parks - Krka and Kornati

  • National Park Krka is amongst youngest national parks in Croatia. It was founded in 1985 and it includes the upper and middle Krka and the lower Cikola. Visiting is possible throughout the whole year. Cruise ships can take you from Skradin up to Skradinski Buk and from Skradinski Buk to Visovac and Roski slap. The former water-mills were reconstructed on Skradinski Buk, in which you can see some old crafts. Since 1980, National Park Kornati has been protecting and guarding the most beautiful part of Croatian Adriatic Sea - open sea part of Kornati's archipelago. Within its frontiers, there are 89 of 152 islands and rocks known under common name Kornati. The National Park itself has the surface of 218,000.000 square meters. More than three quarters of this area is sea and one quarter are 73 islands and 16 rocks. Croatian laws and international conventions protect sea and islands, as well as all sea and land plant and animal life. To reach National Park Kornati, you can navigate your own ship or use cruise ships. All the visitors must pay ticket.

  • that more than 50 percent of total number of berths that belong to the marines on the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea is placed in Sibenik-Knin County

  • On the area of this County there are: a marina Kremik in Primosten, Frapa in Rogoznica, ACI Vodice, Danuvius in Tribunj, ACI Jezera in Jezera, Betina in Betina, Hramina and Vinici in Murter, ACI Skradin, ACI Piskera and ACI Zut in the National Park Kornati and marina Lucica in Solaris. Primosten's marina Kremik has at its disposal 250 berths in the sea and 150 places for boats on land. Rogoznica's marina Frapa can accept 300 boats on the sea berths and has 150 places on land. The marina in Vodice has at its disposal 415 berths in the sea and about hundred "dry" berths, while marina Danuvius in Tribunj has 260 berths in the sea and 150 places for boats on land. ACI marina in Jezera has 280 berths in the sea and 50 places for boats on land. Betina's marina is marked by 160 "sea" and 260 "dry" berths, while marina Hramina in Murter can secure quay for 450 boats and 250 places for boats on land. Marina Vinici in Murter is of service type, but has 50 berths in the sea. Marina Piskera, situated on the north-east side of the island Velika Panitula in the National Park Kornati, has at its disposal 150 berths in the sea, that can be used from March until October. In that same period it is possible to use another 120 berths in the sea of marina Zut on the island of the same name. Marina Skradin offers 220 berths in the sea throughout the whole year, while marina Lucica, which functions as a part of the hotel complex Solaris, at this moment has at its disposal 400 berths in the sea and 200 places for boats on land.

  • that krostule and fritule are one of the most favourite delicacies in Sibenik region and can be found on the tables of almost every household on Christmas

  • For the preparation of krostule you need 20 decagrames of flour, 3 yolks, salt, 1 spoon of sugar, 2 spoons of rum, 1 spoon of cream, dust sugar, 1 little bag of vanilla sugar and frying oil. The delicacy is prepared by adding yolks, sugar, cream, rum to flour and solid dough is kneaded. The dough is left covered for half an hour and then it is thinly rolled out flat. The long straps are cut with the help of decorative wheels, formed as desired and fried in hot oil. Fried and still hot krostule are dredged over with dust sugar mixed with vanilla sugar. For the preparation of fritule you need 4 little spoons of oil, 5 decagrames of sugar, 3 yolks, 50 decagrams of flour, 2 decilitres of milk, 2 decagrames of yeast, lemon crust, some salt and half a litre of frying oil. Fritule are prepared by beating all the ingredients in a bowl until we get a smooth mixture. The dough should be left on a warm spot until it is doubly risen. After that, it is taken with a small spoon and put into hot oil. It is fried until it becomes light brown coloured. (The oil shouldn't be too hot, because the middle of dough will be raw). The fried fritule are dredged over with dust sugar. Bon appetite!

  • that company Sprait d.o.o. from Sibenik, known for Info oglasnik and Web pages that you currently visit, is the winner of Sibenik Plaque for 2007

  • Sibenik Plaque Sibenik Plaque is given each year to all natural people and legal entities for permanent and universally acknowledged activity which remarkably contributes to the development of Sibenik. Sprait d.o.o. truly deserves this award, because it connects buyers and sellers of Sibenik-Knin County through Info oglasnik since 1995, and since 2003 it also connects tourists and tourist workers through Web site Info Adriatic. The other public awards given by town Sibenik are: Life Achievement Award of town Sibenik, Sibenik town arms and Award of Freeman of Sibenik town. The Town Council decided on the award presentation and its ceremony is regularly held on the session of Town Council, held on Town Sibenik's Day, the 29th September.

    that the islands of Sibenik's local waters, Tribunj and Krapanj are the lowest inhabited islands on the Adriatic...

    that Sibenik, in spite of its modern car-ferry landing, is not connected with direct ferry line with neighbouring Italy...

    that for sex on the beach, that is on any public place, there is a penalty - maximum of 30 days in prison or 100 EUR in Croatia...

    that true presentations of private accommodation and contact without mediator are the main reasons of popularity gained among tourists...



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