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The Web site Info Adriatic is pubblished by Sprait company. Time, intellectual effort and material means were invested in its creating therefore, all rights regarding its content are reserved by the pubblisher.

On these sites you will find variety of texts and photographs. If it is not stated otherwise, they are originals by Sprait and its rights are exclusive. Any use of these web sites comply with these rights. It is not allowed to copy any part of the text, it can't be changed, reproduced or used in any other way without the pubblisher's permission. Unauthorized distribution or other illegal acts will be considered as a violation of the Copyright which will be prosecuted by Sprait.

The texts can be used for personal, non-profitable use in compliance with the copyright, other registered owner's rights and some limited rights stated below. For example, you can use Wallpapers only as a desktop. Pubblishing, distributing or altering the photographs in any way, is forbidden. But, if you like certain topics from the sites'content and you would like to use them in commercial purposes, we can allow you to use Royalty Free licence, for modest compensation, which entitles you to use certain parts for various purposes in unlimited number of copies. However, this applies only on the contents of accommodation capacities, that is advertisers. In order to maintain the exclusiveness, we do not sale the licence for general contents (e.g. photos and texts of destinations).

Info Adriatic, Info oglasnik, Sprait logo and Sprait registered figure - are authorial works and are a trade mark of the Sprait company. All other trade marks pubblished in these Web sites are property of the above mentioned companies and are used for marketing purposes.

Sprait makes great effort to keep the data on these sites accurate and up to date. Nevertheless, it is not responsible for their corectness or completeness. The users use the contents of these sites on their own responsibility. Sprait is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may result from using the sites, error or incompletness of their contents. Sprait is also not responsible for the information pubblished on the commercial part of the sites. The advertizer is reponsible for the authenticity of the adverts.

Sprait retains the right of content change any time and for any reason and is not responsible for any consequences resulting from it. E.g., if we determine that certain distances given by a renter are not presented according to real situation or if they have been changed in the meantime, we will change them in the presentation without consulting it first with the renter.

Sprait respects the privacy of the advertizers and visitors. The data given us by the advertizers (name, address, telephone, e-mail) will be used only to gather the necessary information as well as to promote this Web site. The exception are the commercial pages where the data need to be published to enable the visitors to contact the advertizers.

We would appreciate the users to advise us as soon as they notice any inaccuracy whether it is a spelling mistake, inaccurate or incomplete information up to the violation of Copyright.

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