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Did you know

  • that Sibenik-Knin County has 806 kilometers of sea coast, five rivers, three big and 10 smaller lakes

It has 285 islands and rocks, rivers and lakes, five mountains, two national parks, 2 nature parks, 10 marines, eight waterfalls and twenty known tourist places. Its centre - Sibenik - is the only original Croatian town. The Sibenik area is under the influence of Mediterranean climate, characterised by hot and dry summers and mild, humid winters. The medium yearly temperature is 15,7°C, while the average yearly level of insulation a day is 7 hours. The average number of insulated hours is 2555, while 886 litres of rains falls on a square meter per year. The snow is very rare. The summer temperature of air is on average between 28 and 34°C, while the sea temperature is 22 up to 25°C.

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