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Surely you have already noticed that destinations can be chosen through the list of destinations in the left column or with the help of the Sibenik-Knin County's map on the Homepage. You have also noticed that at the end of each destination there is a column "Accommodation" with the list of all accommodation's capacities (unless there are no registered capacities for that destination). That is also the best way to search through hotels, villas, camps and apartments published on the site Because you'll never miss a single accommodation, and each has its particular attractions and reasons why it is a good thing to choose that particular accommodation.
However, this way of search can last for a long time. That is why, exclusively to make your search easier, we have predefined several types of offer as the criteria for search.

If you wish to have an air-conditioned accommodation, with the help of this criterion you will get the list of accommodation capacities that have air conditioners. Take into account that some renters don't have air conditioners, but they have electric fans or accommodation in such place that extra cooling is not really necessary. Also, maybe they have heating. They are not going to be included in this criterion.

We suppose you prefer the accommodation which offers the possibility of eating, such as for example hotels and restaurants offer. In that case you will find the list of all accommodation capacities that have their own restaurants much interesting. But bear in mind that many renters don't have a restaurant (so they are not included on this list), but will gladly prepare you the meals.

The only thing that matters to you is - an immediate closeness to the sea. Under this criterion we consider the accommodation placed several metres away from the sea. However, the beach may be more distant. You can see that in the data of a particular renter. And don't forget that an accommodation only a kilometre away from the sea takes only ten minutes of your walk, which can be more than pleasant.

With you also arrives the person with special needs and you need a wheelchair ramp. With a click on this link you will separate the accommodation in which a person in wheelchair can move without any problem. It is not the accommodation specially designed for persons with disability, but the accommodation on the ground floors or with the lift.

Since the member of your family is also a house pet, you will get the list of all accommodation in which the pets are allowed. It is up to you to find out any restrictions as regards to which kind of pets is allowed or if their accommodation is also charged. You will find out these things in the data of a particular accommodation or through a direct contact with a renter.

You arrive at the seaside with your own ship and you are interested in the accommodations whose owner has a private berth for boats. If it is a smaller skimmer or rubber boat, the owners mostly offer a free mooring, but that needs to be checked first. However, if it is a bigger boat or owners don't have a private berth, you have numerous marinas at your disposal.

You are neither a snail nor tortoise, but you carry your house with you. With a click on this criterion Google will search all the pages of the site for you and offer those on which there is a possibility of camping. Another interesting thing: due to this concept, the owners published on our pages also have rooms or apartments at your disposal.

Rural tourism attracts bigger attention each day. If you wish to experience its attractions, with this criterion you will get the list of all rural households which will offer you the accommodation besides of delicious settings. But also vice versa - you will get the accommodation capacities whose owners have the estate on which, if agreed, they will prepare you a real rural setting.

You are impressed with this part of Croatia, the Adriatic, Dalmatia. You are pleased with people and culture, natural beauties and climate. If you think of investment in tourism, rent of catering premises or purchase of a building. As individual owners rent, sell or look for a partner, this list opens you the new investment possibilities.

If the predefined types of offer, as the criteria of search, don't satisfy your needs or wishes or you are not satisfied with the results of the search, then we direct you to write down a desired notion, mark and with a click on the "Search" button, the whole site will be searched. In the column FAQ/Help you will find the extra advice on the possibilities of site searching, as well as answers on many other questions.

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