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Prvic is only about a half mile far from the mainland which makes it the closest of all the islands in Sibenik archipelago, to the coast. It is a natural extension of the island Zlarin which is proved by numerous underwater shallows Prvic and the Razenik promontory as well as the islet of Lupac. It covers total of 2.37km2 spreading from the north point of St.Lucy's to the south point of St.Anthony's 3.1km in length.
It was populated in the early Middle Ages and it name, probably derives from Prvica or Prvina which is a name for the God of spring of the first Croats. It was more intensively populated in the 15th ct. when on this island many refugees from the mainland who fled from the Turkish invasions, found safety. First settlement they founded was Luka and soon after that Sepurine was founded.
Prvic Luka is situated on the eastern side of the island in a natural harbour of St.Luke's which is well sheltered from the winds. After the old Croatian friars came here in 1461, they started building St.Mary's church with the monastery.
Prvic Sepurine is situated on the southwest side of the island. Close to the seafront the church of St.Rock's was build and completed in 1620. Its wooden altar is richly decorated in baroque ornaments. A new parish church of Our Lady was built in 1878 and the oldest church is the one of Annunciation dated 1479 and renovated in 1878.
Former inhabitants of Prvic were agicultors and cattle breeders in spite of the fact that the fertile soil was on the mainland around Tribunj, Vodice and Srima and not on the island. Their cattle grazed on the nearby islands of Tijat and Zmajan. Today's inhabitants mainly work in Sibenik industry but they still cultivate the traditional plants like figs, olives and wine grapes and are skilled fishermen.
Prvic Lately Prvic has become a tourist destination. It is well connected with the nearby places by daily ship lines that connect Sibenik - Zlarin - Prvic and Vodice. Sunny beaches, shady Mediterranean pine forrests and old stone houses close to the seafront attract numerous visitors specially those who appreciate peaceful holidays and cosy atmosphere. From Prvic you can enjoy a beautiful view over the nearby archipelago, clear sea and picturesque bays and coves enabling you to relax.thoroughly. Accomodation can be found in private rooms and apartments.
More on this destination (Prvic) you can find by searching texts written in columns Did you know, News Archive, as well as in the descriptions of particular accommodations. Also, in the left column (under Google logo) you can put a requested notion (e.g. Prvic apartments), mark InfoAdriatic.com and with the click on button "Search!" you can search all site. In the column FAQ/Help you can find some extra advice on possibilities of page searching as well as the other answers on many other questions.
Further, if you wish to spend your holiday in one of 30 destinations that we describe, among whom there are original "Adriatic pearls", you can search our base of accommodation. It is placed in the end of any destination (unless there are no registered capacities for that destination). However, the search is possible according to other criteria. To make it easier, in the column Search Box we have predefined several types of offer as the criteria for search.
After you read the descriptions of all chosen accommodation and look at the photos that go with them, the next step is a direct contact with the property owners, and after that - summer vacation more favourable than ever. And that's not all. You can be sure that the mild Mediterranean climate will suit you even in spring and in autumn.
And finally in the end, don't forget to write down your impression, experiences or your wishes and regards in Message Box. It will only take a minute of your time, but it would mean a world to us and our visitors :-)

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Prvic Apartment Bruno
The apartment Bruno is located in Prvic Sepurine. From the sea and the first beach it is separated only by a large orchard/vegetable garden whose fruits the guests can taste (figs, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers) ...



Apartments Stela, Zablace 70m from the sea, parking lot, terrace, grill... what more do you need?

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