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The oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic which is unique because of its extraordinary location in a picturesque and wide bay at the mouth of the River Krka. It lies on the slopes of the hills in the northern part of the bay, surrounded by three fortresses: St.Michael's, St.John's and Subicevac. In the old part of the town the houses are made of stone and closely built and the streets are narrow and winding with lots of steps and vaults. Little squares Sibenik and numerous cultural and historical monuments testify the rich history of the town.
It was first mentioned in 1066 in a document issued by the Croatian king Petar Kresimir IV that's why it is sometimes mentioned as Kresimir's town. From the 12th ct. to the 15th ct. the town successfully resisted the repeated attacks of the Venetians but when in 1409 the King Ladislav of Neaples sold Dalmatia to the Venetians, Sibenik had to subdue.
In 1431 the foundations of St.Jacob's cathedral - by many things unique not only among the Croatian but in the European religious monuments too, were laid. It is not known who draw the blueprint of the cathedral. After the master Bonino from Milan, Juraj Matejev Dalmatinac takes over his work but his surname is not noted anywhere. With his lively personality he introduced new forms and decorations that embellished the structure. He builds the baptistry, sacristy, Peter's and Paul's figures, angels, two boys holding the inscription mentioning the building of the cathedral, Sibenik numerous decorations and a line of 34 lion's heads and 71 human heads. Each head is different because master Juraj wanted to immortalize the people of his time who came to Sibenik from everywhere. Unfortuantely, Juraj did not finish his masterpiece. On the cathedral's square a monument, a sculpure by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, was erected in his memory by the people of Sibenik. Nicholas from Florence continues the works designing the interior. The works were completed in 1536 and it was consacrated in 1555. It is entirely built of stone and marble and is still attractive to thousands of visitors.
From the end of the 15th ct. on, the Turks threatened very often, they even came under the town walls but they never entered it. For better protection from the sea front, in the 16th ct., at the entrance of St.Anthony's channel a fortress of St.Nicholas was built. When the Venetian Republic ceased its reign in 1797, Sibenik becomes a part of the Austrian Empire.
Sibenik At the beginning of the 19th ct. Sibenik was a small coastal town. In the nearby fertile valleys numerous farmers grew wine grapes in their own vineyards or in the vineyards belonging to the Church or to the noblemen. As a distinctive feature they wore small red caps embroidered in black thread. Till the beginning of the World War I, the theatre, comprehensive school, hospital, railway station, waterworks, power station, and small shipyard were built. The biggest farming community on the Adriatic becomes the industrial and maritime centre of this area. The World War II, the Italian and the German occupation cause great human and material losses but when the War was over the town developed quickly. After the fall of Communism and regaining of Croatian independency, on September 16, 1991 Sibenik was heavily attacked from the air, sea and land by the Yugoslav army. In spite of being insufficiently armed, the Croatian people and its army, stopped the enemy and in August, by brilliant operation called "Storm", defeated the Serbian occupators and liberated the teritory of the present Sibenik-Knin County and proceeded to liberate the rest of the Croatian teritory. Thus were the foundations for post-war development laid.
Besides the industry, commerce and traffic, the economy of Sibenik is significantly shaped by tourism. The sea, the biggest asset of this region, the Mediterranean climate, a picturesque coast with numerous islands, National Parks of Krka River and Kornati Islands have extraordinary tourist potential. Owing to the uniquely indented coastline a quality nautical tourism developed. Numerous marinas, of which we will mention only few ones: Hramina in Murter, Frapa in Rogoznica, ACI in Vodice, Kremik in Primosten can hold up to hundreds and thousands of smaller and bigger boats, yachts and sailing boats. The most important connection by road is the Adriatic tourist road from which the roads to Drnis, Knin and further on towards the hinterland depart. The railway connects Sibenik to Zagreb and Split and the air traffic operates through Split and Zadar airports. The town itself can accommodate its guests in only one hotel but the nearby Solaris hotel complex can accommodate a large number of guests. Besides the hotel rooms in Solaris you can find bungalows, camp site, small harbour and various sports equipment for the entertainment on the land and sea. Numerous restaurants and daily held cultural programmes among which the International Childrens' Festival and the Musical evenings of the Dalmatian songs, will add flavour to the tourist offer. Besides the fortresses, walls, towers and town gates, many other monuments are preserved. But to make your visit to Sibenik even more interesting, we shall let you discover everything by yourself and enjoy the harmony of the sun, sea and stone.

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Sibenik Boarding house Petricevic
The pension Petricevic is placed in the southern part of Sibenik, near the hotel complex Solaris. Apart from double and triple bedded rooms, there is a restaurant "Gastro Italiano" where the guests can enjoy ...

Sibenik Bilic, Kata
The apartments of family Bilic are placed in Bilice-Stubalj, near Sibenik. From a big terrace on the floor of the house there is a peaceful view on Prokljansko Lake and place. You can swim along the road (of ...

Sibenik Villa Adriana
Villa Adriana, in the propriety of Zdenka and Sime Mikulandra, is placed inside hotel complex Solaris, near Sibenik. The apartments are divided from gravel beach by a nice house-plot and shade of Mediterranean ...

Sibenik Validzic, Drago
The house of family Validzic is placed in Podsolarsko, on the border of Sibenik, on the road Brodarica-Zablace. The gravel and stone beach is 400 metres away, but if you continue walking along the sea, in less ...

Sibenik Radinkovic, Kata
The house of family Radinkovic is placed in Bilice Stubalj near Sibenik, only 150 metres from the beach. Four mini apartments on the floor and two one-roomed apartments in the high attic are destined for couples ...

Sibenik Villa Seka
Villa Seka is placed in Sibenik, only few minutes of walk from the first beaches of Solaris. The house can be easily recognized thanks to a nicely arranged house plot, flower garden and big grill. On the groundfloor ...

Sibenik Apartments Jole
The apartments Jole are placed in Danilo near Sibenik. An alley of olive trees divides them from the road Dubrava-Perkovic. In the first building on the groundfloor there is a comfortable double-roomed apartment ...

Sibenik Apartments Sandra
Apartments Sandra are placed in Podsolarsko - Sibenik's suburb. A modern building in a peaceful region, nice view, spacious parking lot, saloon with beverage vending machine and slot machine (with additional ...



Apartments Stela, Zablace 70m from the sea, parking lot, terrace, grill... what more do you need?

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